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TitleCuttings book
DateFebruary 1988 - October 1988
Extent1 volume
Creator NameGuardian Newspapers Limited
DescriptionCuttings of each of the Guardian's leading articles with manuscript annotations of the author's initials, 20 February 1988 - 1 October 1988. Researchers should note that leaders do not necessarily express the personal views of their writers.

The following leading articles have no author identified:
6 April 1988: A peace, a pity, and a sham
6 April 1988: The lot of losers
6 April 1988: Perils in a void
15 April 1988: Less and less
15 April 1988: Less of Moore
16 April 1988: The rebels still have a good cause
16 April 1988: Miss Budd is nobody's darling
18 April 1988: Now a real challenge for for Kinnock
23 April 1988: Bricks, mortar and straw
9 July 1988: Mexico's last stitch in time (identified as RG)
13 July 1988: A slow boat to tragic fatuity
13 July 1988: One saved Rover
13 July 1988: Poverty politics
22 July 1988: A strange way to choose Eurocrats
22 July 1988: A peace takes time
22 July 1988: Divided counsel
27 July 1988: Dear Ken: a memo for the new pad
27 July 1988: The first class Post
27 July 1988: May's daze
23 August 1988: Man pollutes, seals perish (identified as MP?)
24 August 1988: Public order and the carnival (identified as MP?)
25 August 1988: Good result for GCSE (identified as Mel?)
24 August 1988: Absence of dialogue (identified as MS?)
26 August 1988: Double seal talk (identified as M?)
27 August 1988: Coherence in criminal justice (identified as Mel?)
30 August 1988: Safety at air shows after Ramstein (identfied as Mel?)
31 August 1988: Britain's scandalous attitude to waste (identified as Mel?)
31 August 1988: Carnival spirit (identified as Mel?)
1 September 1988: Glass stump godparent (identified as Mel?)
3 September 1988: Homelessness and humbug (identified as Mel?)

Generally three leading articles were published Tuesday - Friday (across the top third of the page), with two leading articles published on Saturday and Monday (in a column on the left side of the page). Leading articles were published anonymously each day as the collective view of the newspaper. They were published under the heading 'Comment' rather than the traditional heading 'The Guardian'.

The authors identified in this volume are (in alphabetical order):
PC/P Cole - Peter Cole
MD/Malc - Malcolm Dean
JG - John Gittings
RG - richard Gott
VK - Vik Keegan
DMcK/DM - David McKie
MP/Mel - Melanie Phillips
PP - Peter Preston
RR - Randeep Ramesh
AR - Alan Rusbridger
DVV/Dan - Dan Van der Vat
System Of ArrangementChronological
Access Status Open
FormatPrinted document
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