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Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Picture Desk; Observer Picture Library
DescriptionBox 1:
Hairdressers: Todd's Men's groovy hair, dressing salon in Kings Road: 1969 (by Tony McGrath)
Hairdressers: Men's hairdressing salon in Soho: 1964 (by David Newell Smith)
Hairdressers: French Hairdress: Mon. Norbett: 1966 (by David Newell Smith)
Haunted House: 1966 (by David Newell Smith)
Health/Medical: Marie Stopes Clinic (family planning): 1970 (by Chris Smith)
Health: Allergies: Hayfever: Richard Hinchcliffe and fellow hayfever sufferers wearing Hicherton Hayfever Helmet invented by Hinchcliffe: 1986 (by Ben Gibson)
Health: Allergies: Hayfever: Car funnel to sample air for Hayfever sufferers: 1986
Health: Diseases: Spina Bifida: Association of Spina Bifida's 21st birthday: 1984 (by Sue Adler)
Health: Hospitals: Harvest Festival - Thanksgiving at Chelsea Hospital: 1975 (by Jane Bown)
Health: Community Medicine: 1980 (by Neil Libbert)
Health: 'G.P. Jog', Sports Council/Health Education Council: 1979 (by Tony Prime)
Health: Keep Fit: GP jog: 1981 (by Jane Bown)
Health: Hypnotherapy: 1981 (by John Hodder)
Health: Medicines at the bedside (model): 1973 (by Tony McGrath)
Health: Man who died of a coronary outside The Observer: 1971 (by Tony McGrath)
Health: London Dental Hospital: 1965 (by David Newell Smith)
Health/Medicine: Physicists graduates: 1968 (by David Newell Smith)
Health: Disease: Sufferer of Dupuytren's disease: 1986 (by John Wildgoose)
Health: Models pose as doctor and patient for story on General Practitioners: 1973 (by Tony McGrath)
Health: Drugs: 1982 (by John Hodder)
Health: Patent Medicines: 1970 (by Chris Smith)
Health: Glasgow Hospital, Nigel Potter, male nurse, lives in teepee: 1983 (by David Liddle)
Health: Birchill Hospital, Rochdale: 1987 (by Richard Mildenhall)
Health: Hospitals: Epsom District, Arnold Ward, Psychiatric Wing: 1987 (by Richard Mildenhall)
Health: Hospitals: Hammersmith: Cockroaches: 1987 (by Allan Titmuss)
Health: Hospitals: St Stephens Hospital, London: 1987 (by John Wildgoose)
Health: Hospitals: Worcester Royal Infirmary: 1985 (by Tony Prime)
Health: Hospitals: Hospital of Mrs Kim Cotton, surrogate mother, Victoria Maternity Hospital: 1985 (by David Mansell)
Health: Hospitals: Memory Room at Park Prewett Psychiatric Hospital, Basingstoke: 1984 (by John Hodder)
Health: Hospitals: Friern Barnet Mental Hospital, Halliwick Unit: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Health: Royal Infirmary Flying Squad ambulence men: 1982 (by [Derek Millard])
Health: Hospitals: Westminster children's Hospital, the Cornwell family: 1982 (by Sue Adler)
Health: Lung Function Unit of Brompton Hospital: 1982
Health: Hospitals: St Andrew's Mental Hospital, Northampton: 1982 (by Sue Adler)
Health: Hospitals: Great Ormond Street Hospital: 1984 (by Tony Prime)
Health: Hospitals: Guys, Heart Operations, children: 1984 (by Sue Adler)
Health: Hospitals: New hospital, Oakshott Hospital, Maidstone, Kent: 1982 (by Steve Macmillan)
Health: Keep Fit: Big Apple Health Studio: 1983 (by Tony Prime)
Health: Eye sight screening test: 1983 (by Eamonn McCabe)
Health: Hospitals: Clarendon wing of Leeds Hospital: 1983 (by Sue Adler)
Health: Hospitals: University Hospital Cardiff: 1984 (by Ben Gibson)
Health: Hospitals: Stanley Royd Psychiatric Hospital, Wakefield: 1984 (by Allan Glenwright)
Health: Hospice: St Joseph's Hospice, Mare Street, Hackney E8: 1982 (by Sue Adler)
Health: Hospitals: Gt Ormond Street: 1984 (by John Hodder)
Health: Tadworth Court - annex of Great Ormond Street Handicapped Hospital, Tadworth, Surrey: 1982 (by Sue Adler)
Health: Hospitals: Stanmore Spinal Unit, Anthony Tobias: 1983 (by Sue Adler)

Box 2:
Health: Solar panels at Torbay General Hospital: 1982 (by Nick Rogers)
Health: Hospitals: South London Hospital for Women: 1983 (by Sue Adler)
Health: Do-It-Yourself blood pressure: 1982 (by Chris Gregory)
Health: Surgical glove moulds, LRC Products: 1983 (by David Mansell)
Health: Chinese doctors in visit to UK: 1983 (by Nick Rogers)
Health: Drugs: Valium and Librium produced by Roche: 1975 (by Ian Cook)
Health: Keep fit: Nautilus machines, Covent Garden: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Health: Laxatives: 1982 (by Steve Macmillan)
Health: Limes Grove Health Collective: 1984 (by Tony Prime)
Health: Health Farm: 1967 (by Tony McGrath)
Health: Skin disease cut backs in Institute of Dermatology: 1980 (by Tony McGrath)
Health: Clinics: The Charter Clinic (drugs), 11 Fellows Rd NW3: 1986 (by Roger Hutchings)
Health: Muscular Dystrophy: Hazel and Dennis Evans and children, Lee and Damian, Camberwell: 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Health: Victorian operating theatre: 1973 (by Ian Cook)
Health: World Health Influenza Centre, Mill Hill, London: 1967 (by Chris Smith)
Health: Medicines (model): 1973 (by Tony McGrath)
Health: Hospitals: Middlesex, Broderp Ward, Britain's first AIDS ward: 1987 (by Sue Adler)
Health: Hospice for AIDS sufferers: 1986 (by Roger Hutchings)
Health: Durex and cough medicines: 1984 (by Sue Adler)
Health: Hospitals: Lewisham Hospital: 1986 (by Sue Adler)
Health: Operation (Bart's Hospital): 1967 (by Bryn Campbell)
Health: Dentist: High Risk Clinic, Community Dental Service, Edinburgh Dental Hospital: 1987 (by Murdo Macleod)
Health: Health workers facing eviction from residences: 1986 (by Judah Passow)
Health: AIDs: 1985 (by Michael Brennan)
Health: Breast implants: No date
Health: Sperm bank: 1984 (by Sue Adler)
Health: Bone marrow transplant patients: St Mary Abbots Hospital: 1982 (by Sue Adler)
Health: Occupational Therapists, Camden Road Rehabilitation Centre: 1968 (by Tony McGrath)
Health: Hospitals: nd
Health: Doctors Surgery: 1965 (by David N Smith)
Health: Thermovision: 1965 (by David N Smith)
Health: Leavesden Hospital for the Subnormal, Hertfordshire: 1969 (by Tony McGrath)
Health: Mentally handicapped workers, Stanley Grange: 1981 (by Ray Green)
Health: Care for Thalidomide children: 1965 (by R.L. Palmer)
Health: Henderson Psychiatric Hospital, Surrey: 1965 (by Colin Jones)
Health: Hallwick Psychiatric Hospital: 1971 (by Tony McGrath)
Health: Rehabilitation of disabled people: nd
Health: Dental care: nd
Health: Rehabilitation Centre: 1966 (by D.N. Smith)
Health: Keep fit - jogging: 1978 (by Nobby Clark)
Health: Novelty hats at a Stockport rehab centre: 1972 (by Tony McGrath)
Health: St Thomas' Hospital: 1965 (by Colin Jones)
Health: Keep fit - body building and weights: 1986 (by Sue Adler)
Health: AIDs victim support home: 1987 (by Richard Mildenhall)
Health: Teeth: 1985 (by Nigel Shelsey)
Health: Dental: Black children with gold fillings: 1965 (by Sue Adler)
Health: Operating theatre, Wigan. Hip joint operation: 1967 (by John Hodder)

Box 3:
Brook Advisory Centre (Family Planning Clinic): 8 July 1971 (by Tony McGrath).
Heart Machine in Intensive Care Unit, London Hospital: 16 Apri 1970 (by David Newell Smith)
Heart Transplant Operation. Conference given by team who performed Britain's first heartranspalnt operation on Mr. Frederick West at the London Heart Hospital. Surgeons include: Donald Longmore, Keith Ross, Donald Ross: 4 May 1968 (by David Newell Smith).
Home Care Unites: 23 September 1965 (by Tom Smith)
Hospitals - Behind the Scenes: 23 October 1968 (by Tony McGrath)
St Josephs Hospice: 9 March 1967 (by Tony McGrath)
St John Ambulance Brigade, First Aid Finals, Central Hall, Westminster: 4 July 1964 (by David Newell Smith).
Handicapped Children Concert at Royal Festival Hall: 25 April 1971 (by Homer Sykes)
Female Patient at the London Hospital: 9 May 1970 (by Bryn Campbell)
Hormone Replacement Therapy (Mrs Massey): 13 February 1975 (by David Newell Smith)
Mentally Handicapped Children at Maze Hill Training Centre: 12 December 1967 (by Tony McGrath)
Handicapped Children suffering from Spina-Bifida at Coney Hill School, Kent: 15 March 1968 (by Chris Smith)
Heart Transplant Patients: nd (by A. Murrell)
Contact lens going into eye: nd
Health: Childbirth, Baby in intensive care unit of Queen Charlotte's Hospital, London: 10 December 1976 (by Chris Smith)
Kidney Machine Patient: 7 August 1977 (by Tony McGrath)
Doctors Jogging at Crystal palace: nd (by Tony Prime
Health - Keep Fit: 7 June 1980 (by L[orrie] Graham
Health - Keep Fit: City Gym, London: 26 May 1976 (by Chris Smith)
Anti-Smoking: 8 January 1971 (by Chris Smith)
Medical: St Joseph's Hospital: 19 February 1978 (by Tony McGrath)
Medical: St. Mary's Hospital: 5 January 1979 (by Tony Benn)
London Hospital DSE for Cuts: 29 February 1980 (by Lorri Graham)
Royal Hampshire Hospital: 12 July 1974 (by David Newell Smith)
St Georges Hospital: nd (by John Hodder)
NUPE, Hammersmith Hospital Pickets: 7 August 1976 (Tony Prime)
Kings Hospital, London (Liver Unit): 19 September 1980 (by John Hodder)
Allergy Conference: Insitute for Nervous Diseases: 27 January 1982 (by Sue Adler)
Health - Anemia Research Protest: 5 March 1982 (by Ian Bradshaw)
Health - Clitoredomy. Dr Ghatak, 128 Harley Street: 9 October 1982 (by Matthew Harris) [FGM]
Health - Drugs - Opren: 7 August 1982 (by Tony Prince)
Drug Addicts: 22 July 1977 (by Neil Libbert)
Drug Addicts: 28 July 1977 (by Eamonn McCabe)
Drug Addicts in the North of England: 5 February 1983 (by Jed
Nuclear magnetic Resonance Scanner: 28 October 1983 (by Jed Murray)
Surgical Gloves: 31 March 1984 (by John Hodder)
Surgical Gloves & DHSS Building Suppliers Department: 29 March 1984 (by David Mansell)
Surgical Gloves: 31 March 1984 (by John Hodder)
Burton Road Maternity Hospital built alongsdie a cast iron mine, Dudley: 10 February 1968 (by Paul Hill)
Hospital Administration at Bury St. Edmunds Hospital: 29 November 1967 (by John Hodder)
Health Medicine - Hospitals 'M', Middlesex: 19 June 1979 (by Tony McGrath)
Health - Hospitals: 30 May 1987 (by Murdo Macleod)
Atkinson Morley Hospital, Machine for taking fluid from the brain: 27 April 1962 (by Peter Keen)
Barnet Hospital: 22 May 1987 (by Dod Miller)
Birmingham Brook Advisory Centre: 15 July 1971 (by Tony McGrath)
Hospitals - 'B' - Bristol Royal Sports Unit: 5 September 1980 (by Sue Adler)
Brook Advisory Centre, Birmingham: 15 July 1971 (by Tony McGrath)
Cavendish Bio-Medical Centre, London: 12 June 1969 (by David Newell Smith)
Charing Cross Hospital, St. Mungo Society take over: 12 September 1974 (by Chris Smith)
Medical Students, Charing Cross Hospital: nd
Untitled set (depicts man giving blood): 12 June 1969 (by David newell Smith)
Acupuncture Clinic in King Street, Manchester: 27 June 1963 (by Ray Green)
Evans Medical Limited: 11 March 1972 (by David Newell Smith)
Health - Foetus: nd
Health - Hospitals - Hackney: 15 January 1977 (by Tony Prime)
Mental Hospital Patients (Highland Court Hospital, nr Canterbury) wearing clothes designed and printed by themselves: 9 April 1976 (by Tony McGrath)
Ho[rsham] Hospital, Occupational Therapy: 27 January 1987 (by Sue Adler)

Box 4:
Casualty Department, Lewisham Hospital: 26 August 1966 (by David Newell Smith)
Christmas Eve (Accidents), Kingston General Hospital: 26 December 1964 (by Colin Jones)
Health - National Hospital, Queen Sq, Scanner: 19 June 1987 (by Dod Miller)
Lewisham Hospital Casualty Department: 8 March 1968 (by David Newell Smith)
Ely Hospital: 27 March 1971 (by Ieuan Davies)
Health - Hospitals - London Bridge Hospital: 25 April 1986 (by Sue Adler)
Middlewood Mental Hospital, Sheffield: 20 September 1975 (by Tony McGrath)
Health - Hospital - Nuffield and Newcastle: April 1986 (by Alan Glenwright)
Q,E Hospital Tower, Birmingham: 5 December 1981 (by Derek Millward)
Health - Medicine - Queen Mary's Hospital: 2 January 1980 (by Tony McGrath)
Health - Medicine - Queen Mary's Hospital: 8 February 1980 (by Tony McGrath)
Doctors at Queen Charlotte Hospital - who delivered the Hanson quins: 15 November 1969 (by David Newell Smith
Hospitals - Wellington - Private: 6 July 1979 (by Tony McGrath)
Hospitals - West London Hospital: 18 August 1979 (by Tony Prime)
Hospitals - St George's Hospital, London: 20 July 1972 (by David Newell Smith)
St John's Ambulance Brigade Show at RAH: 9 October 1982 (by Matthew Harris)
Heart Hospital, St. Marylebone, W.1: 11 June 1968 (by Tony McGrath)
StThomas' Hospital: 16 July 1971 (by Tony McGrath)
Health - Hospital - Stoke Mandeville Hospital: 30 january 1987 (by Sue Adler)
Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury: 1 October 1977 (by Tony McGrath)
Medical Ancillary Workers Dispute at W[ithington] Hospital, Manchester: 30 March 1973 (by Neil Libbert)
Common Cold Unit at Salisbury's Harvard Hospital a guinea pig is given the new 'live-virus' flu vaccine by nasal spray: 3 January 1970 (by Chris Smith.
Anti-Smoking: 9 January 1971 (by Tony McGrath)
Heart Patients exercising at Al Murray's Gym: 30 May 1969 (by David Newell Smith)
Health - Smoking Dangers: nd
Medical: 11 January 1973
Hospital, 2 unlabelled sets
Health - Medical - Kidney Machine [Sonia Rapson]: 7 January 1967 (by David Newell Smith)
Health - Sports Tunic for Stroke Victims, Longwell Green Community Centre, Curling: 24 April 1987 (by Sarah Brookesby)
Health - Nuffield Hospital, Newcastle - Patient Sheila Christie recovers in her private room after cartlidge operation.
Hospitals - 2 unlabelled sets
Hells Angels display their bikes - [Faredeal] Hall, Brixton: 11 September 1982 (by Tony Prime)
Hijacks - P, Pakistani Hostages: nd
Hijacked Hostages from Amman, returning to London Airport: 26 September 1970, (by David Newell Smith)
Subjects - People - Hijacks (See Pendennis 22 April 1973): 18 April 1973 (by Tony McGrath)
Subjects - People/Types - Hippies, 'Do It Yourself Hippy Kit': 14 March 1968 (by David Newell Smith)
[Hippies]: 26 August 1967 (by John Hodder)
Hippies - Peace Convoy from TV: nd
Hippies - Walk from [Lub]lee Gardens to Stonehenge for Summer Solstice: 15 June 1985 (by Tony Prime)
Travellers: nd
Hippies - Hippy Convoy, St Mary's, Kent: 28 November 1986 (by John Wildgoose)
Unlabelled set (depicts festival / gathering)
Hippies: 20 June 1987 (by Roger Hutchings)
Unlabelled set (depicts children / outdoor pursuits)
Hippies from Haverfordwest: 29 August 198[1] (by John Hodder)
Historical - Jousting Tournament in Canter[ley]: 10 August 1985 (by Judah Passow)
Holiday Brochures: 6 April 1977 (by Nobby Clark)
Holidaymakers - B - Butlins: 22 September 1979
Cruise Holidays: 15 July 1981 (by John Hodder)
Activity Holidays for Children, Somerset: 16 July 1986 (by Ben Gibson)
Budget Holiday: 27 October 1984 (by Sue Adsler)
Holidays - Calais Day Trippers: 11 December 1985 (by Neil Libbert)
[Calais] - One Day Trip [by Neil Libbert]

Box 5:
Health - Nurses: 24 April 1967 (by Ben Gibson)
Holidays - Club: nd
Holidays - London's Tent City - east Acton: 26 August 1982 (by Tony Prime)
Skiing Holidays: 24 December 1980 (by Nigel Lloyd)
Hippies: 15 July 1967 (by Tony McGrath)
Hippies in Trafalgar Square: 22 August 1970 (by Bryn Campbell)
Hippies - Love-in at Woburn Abbey: 26 August 1967 (by John Hodder)
Holiday - Advertising: 6 July 1984 (by Roger Hutchings)
Holograms at Piccadilly [arcade]
Horticulture - Penelope Hobhouse / Mrs Mal[ins] sitting in front of winter evergreen: 4 February 1986 (by Sue Adler)
Horticulture - Gardening - Stephen Lacey in his garden: 13 February 1986 (by Neil Libbert)
Plants - Hogweed on River Tweed
Horticulture - Leeks being grown for competition: 27 August 1976 (by Alan Glenwright
Flowers - Conservation volunteers planting weeds at Chelsea Flower Show: 10 May 1985 (by Sue Adler)
Household Goods - Detergent (Persil, Surf, Ariel, lenor): 24 June 1983 (by Steve[n] MacMillan
Homeless - Overcrowding in small Hotels used by some London Boroughs: 24 August 1979 (by L Graham)
Homeless - family threatened with eviction from house in Croydon. Gas and electriucity already cut off: 15 November 1968 (by David Newell Smith)
Homeless family living in hut: 10 September 1966 (by David Newell Smith)
Housing - Council Houses Hackney: 15 May 1981 (by John Hodder)
Housing - Isle of Dogs: 1 August 1981 (by Chris [G]
Housebreaking: 26 August 1981 (by Ian Bradshaw)
Hotels - The Winter Garden at the Midland Hotel, Manchester
Homeless - Bangladeshi family move out because of poltergeist, 1987 (by Dod Miller)
Housing - Hulme estate, Manchester 1985 (by Jed Murray)
Housing - Council flat development, South London, 1970 (by David Smith)
Housing - Council house owners in Wandsworth, 1984 (by John Wildgoose)
Housing - Rachmanism, 1966 (by David Smith)
Housing - 1979
Housing - Clowne, Derbyshire, 1986 (by Ged Murray)
Housing - Hyde Park estate, 1986 (by Richard Mildenhall)
Housing - Estate agent signs, 1982 (by Sue Adler)
Housing - Gentrification, 1986 (by John Wildgoose)
Housing - Homeless in London, 1983 (by John Hodder)
Housing - Homeless in London, 1983 (by Tony Prime)
Housing - Homeless - 300 Asian families living in a hotel, West London, 1985 (by Neil Libbert)
Housing - SPA Green estate, London, 1982 (by Sue Adler)
Housing - Holiday lets, nd
Housing - Ladbroke slums, London, 1982 (by Sue Adler)
Housing - Notting Hill, Portuguese ghetto, 1982 (by Sue Adler)
Housing - Squatting, 1978 (by Tony Prime)
Housing - Housing scheme in Liverpool, 1970 (by Tony McGrath)
Housing - Brighton Wharf, London, 1981 (by John Hodder)
Housing - High rise flats in Kensington, 1987 (by David Harden)
Housing - Glasgow tenements, 1984 (by David Liddle)
Housing - Woodchurch estate, Birkenhead, 1983 (by Tony Prime)
Housing - Old people's home, 1987, (by Roger Hutchings
Housing - DIY homebuilders, 1982 (by Tony Prime)
Housing - Mr Blake and friends on Broadwater Farm Estate, 1986 (by John Wildgoose)
Housing - Fulham Court Estate, 1986 (by Richard Mildenhall)
Housing - Duchy of Cornwall estate, South London, 1986 (by Richard Mildenhall)
Housing - Stonebridge housing association, Harrow flats, 1982 (by Sue Adler)
Housing - Homeless in cold weather, 1987 (by Roger Hutchings)
Housing - Council estate in Dulwich, 1985 (by Richard Mildenhall)
Housing - Broadwater estate, 1985 (by Roger Hutchings)
Housing - Teviot housing estate, Tower Hamlets, London, 1983 (by Mike McQueen)
Housing - High rise flats, 1984 (by Roger Hutchings)
Housing - Hackney Towers, 1985 (by Roger Hutchings)

Box 6:
Homelsss in Newcastle: July 1985 (by Alan Glenwright)
Housing - Hostels - Arlington House, Camden Town: 28 December 1984 (by Neil Libbert)
Housing - Stockbridge Housing in Liverpool: 19 July 1985 (by Roger Hutchings)
Homelessness - Squatting - Kilner House - Eviction: 3 January 1981 (by Ian Bradshaw)
Homeless - Destitutes at St. Botolph's Church: 5 January 1966 (by Tom Smith)
Housing - Slums - Parents and Children living in appaling conditions in London W2: 6 December 1984 (by Tony Prime)
Housing - Homeless - Camden: 21 February 1985 (by Neil Libbert)
Housing - Flats - Thurleigh Court, Balham: 12 November 1982 (by Steve McMillan)
Old People's Home (by [Mark Power]
Housing - High Rise Flats - Britain's tallest high rise flats ridden with asbestos - Trellick Tower, North Kensington W10: 26 April 1984 (by Sue Adler)
Housing - Squatters in South London: 1 August 1987 (by David Harden)
Housing - 1 unlabelled set. Depicts couple outside of their home
Humanists : 24 July 1971 (by David Newell Smith)
Hunkin 20 Footer: 2nd June 1973 (by Tony Prime) [includes cartoons and sculptures]*
Housing - Council Houses - Birmingham - Charles and Jane Wooton: 20 June 1986 (by John Wildgoose)
Housing - 1 unlabelled set of high rise houses
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