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Extent2 boxes
Creator NameThe Observer Limited; Observer Colour Magazine; Picture Library
DescriptionBox 1
2 September:
'Billboard', mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Billboard - Virginia McKenna', by Tim Clinch. 120 transparencies.
'Pyramids', by Barry Lewis.
'Living Extra - Various' (includes; Binoculars, Close-Up Photography, Self Addressed Labels and Cameras. Mounted and unmounted 35mm transparencues.
'J.G. Ballard', by David Paterson. Mounted and unmounted 120 transparencies.
'Sophia Loren', mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Room - Christopher Hogwood', by Tim Mercer. 5x4" transparencies.
'Young Observer - Adrian Mole', by David Gamble. Mounted and unmounted 5x4" and 120 transparencies.
'Fashion - Synthetic Chic', mounted 120 and 35mm transparencies.
'Howard Raybould', 120 transparencies.

9 September:
'A day in the life of London', mounted and unmounted 35mm transparencies.
'Young Observer - Rocking the Box', 5x4" transparencies.

16 September:
'Raymond Briggs', 5x4" transparencies.
'Cold Comfort', by Dave Paterson. Mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Young Observer - America Football - Ealing Eagles vs Crawlwy Raiders', by John Starr. Mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Chartreuse', by Barry Lewis. Mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Fashion - Pearl and Paisley', by Kim Knott. 120 transparencies.
'Billboard', mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Frankie says Fun!', by Homer Sykes. Mounted 35mm transparencies.

Box 2
23 September:
'Quinlan Terry', mounted and unmounted 5x4" and 35mm transparencies.
'Ravi Shankar', mounted and unmounted 120 and 35mm transparencies.
'Billboard', mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Dolphins - Entertaining us to death', by Alain Le Garsmeur.
'Deep Sea Diva', mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Fashion - Tough Guise', by Chris Moore. Mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Britons Observed - The Permissive Society', 1 5x4" transparency.

30 September:
'Casualty Union', mounted and unmounted 35mm transparencies.
'Room - Rowan Atkinson', by Christopher Cormack. Mounted 35mm transparencies.
'Beryl Markham', mounted 35mm transparencies and 35mm black and white copy negatives.
'Lexington, Kentucky', by Alain le Garsmeur. Mounted 35mm transparencies.
System Of ArrangementChronological
Access StatusOpen
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