Ref NoOBS/9/1/1/32
TitleThe Body Report
DateSeptember 1988
Extent1 VHS and 1 mp4 (10.8 MB) & part of 1 VHS, 1 DVD and 1 mp4 (248.4 MB)
Creator NameThe Observer Limited, 1917-1993
DescriptionTwo copies of a colour advert with sound, promoting The Observer's 7 part series "The Body Report".

a) Shows a miniature submarine labelled 'The Observer' being mechanically injected into a man's arm and travelling through an animated visualisation of the inside of his body, along with neon X-ray images highlighting its position. Ends with a shot of the newspaper and the revelant supplement and the tagline: "The Body Report. Free with the Observer this Sunday."

Commentary: "The Observer has been immersing itself in the human body. The results are being published over the next 7 weeks in the body report. The first part comes out this Sunday."

The advert starts at 05.42 on the 1985-1995 'historical reel' mp4 file. Duration: 30 seconds.

b. Duplicate of version (a) on a separate VHS and mp4, but with a longer final shot.

The advert starts at 0.17 on the mp4 file. Duration: 40 seconds.
Access StatusOpen
Access ConditionsAccess in the reading room at Kings Place via the GNM Digital Repository.
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FormatElectronic record
Video recording
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