Ref NoOBS/9/1/1/74
TitleMadame Figaro
DateOctober 1995
ExtentPart of 2 VHS, 1 DVD and 2 mp4 (47.6 MB & 82.6 MB)
Creator NameThe Observer Limited, 1917-1993
DescriptionTwo copies of a colour advert with sound promoting an English language version of the French women's magazine 'Madame Figaro', which was to be given away with the Observer on Sunday 29 October 1995:

a. The advert shows a young woman and her cat. She picks up the Observer from her doorstep, leafs through it, picks out the magazine and uses the newspaper as lining for the cat's litter tray, before sitting down to read the magazine.The advert is finished off with an animated spread of the paper and all its supplements.

Commentary: "The Observer thinks they are giving away a free copy of the magazine Madame Figaro this Sunday, At Madame Figaro, we prefer to think of this the other way around. Madame Figaro, 90p with a free copy of the Observer this Sunday.'

The advert starts at 03.15 on the mp4 file. Duration: 30 seconds.

b. Duplicate of version (a), but with the final line of the commmentary in French, with English subtitles. On a different VHS and mp4 file. The advert starts at 02.03 on the mp4. Duration: 22 seconds.
Access StatusOpen
Access ConditionsAccess via GNM Digital Repository.
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b. Also included on the VHS and mp4 file are Observer adverts OBS/9/1/1/71/1b; OBS/9/1/1/71/2b; OBS/9/1/1/71/6d; OBS/9/1/1/72d; OBS/9/1/1/78e; OBS/9/1/1/79b-c; OBS/9/1/1/80c; OBS/9/1/1/81b; OBS/9/1/1/83; OBS/9/1/1/84a; OBS/9/1/1/85b and OBS/9/1/1/86a.
FormatElectronic record
Video recording
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