Ref NoOBS/9/1/1/82
TitleSpin Doctors
DateOctober 1996
Extent1 Umatic and part of 1 mov file (716.8 MB), 2 VHS and part of 2 mp4 files (97.8 MB, 127.3 MB)
Creator NameThe Observer Limited, 1917-1993
St Luke's
DescriptionColour advert with sound, promoting the feature 'The truth about spin doctors' about the British Labour Party politician Peter Mandelson.

a. Shows the words 'The Observer' in a variety of moving fonts and coloured backgrounds. The words and backgrounds change between one another in conjunction with the changing voices of the commentator.

Commentary: "As we approach the most important General Election for two decades, the political spin doctors are gearing up to manipulate the media circus, and this Sunday the Observer looks at Peter Mandelson, the greatest of them all. Is he, really that good? And can you, seriously, change, the perceptions, by like, adapting the image? ...Well? Can you?"

The advert ends with the written tag line 'Sunday 29th September', accompanied by a mocked-up cutting of the feature 'The truth about spin doctors' under The Observer masthead.

The adverts starts at 2.26 on the mov file. Duration: 30 seconds.

b. Duplicate of version (a).

The advert starts at 2.50 on the mp4 file.

c. Duplicate of version (a) but with poorer sound and picture quality.

The advert starts at 6.37 on the mp4 file. Duration: 30 seconds.
Access StatusOpen
Access ConditionsAccess via GNM Digital Repository.
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FormatElectronic record
Video recording
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