Ref NoOBS/9/1/1/84
TitleNigel Slater's sweet and steamy treats
DateNovember 1996
Extent2 VHS and part of 2 mp4 files (82.6 MB, 97.8 MB)
Creator NameThe Observer Limited, 1917-1993
St Luke's
DescriptionColour advert with sound, promoting the book 'Nigel Slater's sweet and steamy treats', given away free in The Observer.

a. Shows a female cookery presenter addressing the camera on the topic of making the 'perfect pudding'. Shows a pudding bowl with ingredients being added to it. As the presenter starts to stir, the mixture 'actively rises' at an alarming rate until the mixture is spilling over the bowl and counter onto the floor. The presenter then wipes her hand across the bowl in an attempt to stop it from overflowing and appears to signal 'cut' with a gesture to the camera crew who are out of shot.

Commentary: 'Hello, everybody loves a pudding, and here's how to make the perfect one. Put in some of those little bits and pieces that make it really tasty, and then all you have to do is simply stir, slowly as the mixture gradually thickens. And of course that is the, great joy of the British pudding. Don't worry if the mixture does, umm, actively rise, friends might pop round on the off-chance and you can say - 'Join us, wont you, have some pudding?'"

Camera pans in on a copy of The Observer with the supplement 'Nigel Slater's sweet and steamy treats' laying on top and a hand moving it twice closer to the camera. Closing commentary: "Don't make a pud without Nigel Slater's book of sweet and steamy treats, this Sunday with The Observer."

The advert starts at 4.31 on the mp4 file. Duration: 30 seconds.

b. Duplicate of version (a). The advert starts at 1.44 on the mp4 file.
Access StatusOpen
Access ConditionsAccess via GNM Digital Repository.
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FormatElectronic record
Video recording
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