Ref NoOBS/9/1/1/86
DateNovember 1996
Extent3 VHS and part of 3 mp4 files (82.6 MB, 8.7 MB, 127.3 MB)
Creator NameThe Observer Limited, 1917-1993
St Luke's
DescriptionColour advert with sound, promoting the feature 'The A-Z of our times' in The Observer.

a. Shows four people each holding up a red sign that reads 'P.F.A.' addressing the camera directly with their interpretation of what 'P.F.A.' is.

Commentary: "P.F.A. is a chromosome mutating drug, bought on the black market and used by transvestites."

"P.F.A. means 'Pre Family Adult', y'know young, free and single."

"P.F.A. means [adulterer]."

"Rubbish! P.F.A. stands for Post Football Agro"

The screen is then split to show all four people talking with their sign with the following commentary;

"The cultural trends that have shaped every one of us in the past two decades defined in 'The Encyclopedia of our Times', part one this Sunday in the Observer."

The advert shows a split-screen graphic in white and yellow and the following strap line: 'Exclusive. The A-Z of our times, 1979-1996. The Observer, Sunday 17 November 1996''.

The advert ends with one of the four characters removing an adhesive layer of the P.F.A sign she held up previously to reveal the word 'TRUE' and says "Still single".

The advert starts at 6.07 on the mp4 file. Duration: 30 seconds.

b. Duplicate of version (a).

The advert starts at 0.10 on the mp4 file. Duration: 30 seconds.

c. Duplicate of version (a) but with poorer sound and picture quality.

The advert starts at 8.32 on the mp4 file. Duration: 30 seconds.
Access StatusOpen
Access ConditionsAccess via GNM Digital Repository.
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FormatElectronic record
Video recording
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