NameBerlin; Sir; Isaiah (1909-1997); knight, historian and philosopher
Epithetknight, historian and philosopher
PublishedWorksKarl Marx, 1939, 4th edn 1978; (trans.) First Love by I. S. Turgenev, 1950; The Hedgehog and the Fox, 1953, 4th edn 1979; Historical Inevitability, 1954; The Age of Enlightenment, 1956; Moses Hess, 1958; Two Concepts of Liberty, 1959; Mr Churchill in 1940, 1964; Four Essays on Liberty, 1969; Fathers and Children, 1972; Vico and Herder, 1976; Russian Thinkers, 1978; Concepts and Categories, 1978; Against the Current, 1979; Personal Impressions, 1980; (trans.) A Month in the Country by I. S. Turgenev, 1980; The Crooked Timber of Humanity, 1990; The Magus of the North, 1993; The Sense of Reality, 1996; The Proper Study of Mankind, 1997; relevant publication: Isaiah Berlin, by Michael Ignatieff, 1998.

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