Ref NoCSA/1/1/42
TitleSR Land Reform NR [e]pafmecsa ADDIS BSA Feb '62
Date[January - February] 1962
Extent1 notebook and 1 pdf
Creator NameSanger; Clyde (1928-2022); journalist
DescriptionNotebook, written mostly in shorthand, containing notes on: the LAA [Land Apportionment Act] and land reform in Southern Rhodesia; racially segregated education; BSA investments, March 1961; Northern Rhodesian politics; land reform in Kenya; the formation of an East African federation; the future of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland; Fed. Scholarships Committee; Zanzibar Nationalist Party; PAFMECSA [Pan-African Freedom Movement of East, Central and Southern Africa]; AAPC [All-African Peoples' Conference] and PAC [Pan Africanist Congress]. The book also contains notes which were possibly taken by Sanger at [the PAFMECSA conference in Addis Ababa, February 1962] including notes on MANU [Mozambique African National Union] and Portuguese colonial rule; independence movements across Africa; Mandela on strikes, the use of violence and apartheid in South Africa; Odinga on Kenyan independence, the British army in Kenya, JK [Jomo Kenyatta], KANU policies and African unity; Mugabe on amendments to LAA in Southern Rhodesia; cotton, beef, pharmaceutical trades in Ethiopia; and calls for sanctions against South Africa. A list of Sanger's expences in Addis appears on page 80.

Names featured include: Blair Ewing, EW [Edgar Whitehead], RW [Roy Welensky], Sikota Wina, Mainza Chona, John Moffat, James Skinner, Jomo Kenyatta, KK [Kenneth kaunda], Reginald Maudling, Othman Sharif, [Peter Hlaole] Molotsi, Nelson Mandela, [Jaramogi Oginga] Odinga and [Robert] Mugabe.

Transcribed in 2021 as part of the Clyde Sanger shorthand transcription project with funding from The National Archives' Collaborate and Innovate Testbed Fund. The pdf transcription document also contains a digitised copy of the notebook.
Access StatusOpen
FormatElectronic record
CopyrightClyde Sanger

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