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Extent75 [77] black and white photographs
Creator NameGemini News Service; 1967-2002; news agency
DescriptionPhotographs selected from the Gemini Photograph Library related to Tanzania.
GP307 - Hadzabe Tribesmen. Z. Ubwani. Copyright Tanganyika [Tanzania] Information services [early 1960s]
GP373 - Zanzibar children picking cloves. Copyright Camerapix, nd.
GP376 - Chairman for Commerce and Industry in Zanzibar presenting President Kaunda of Zambia with shoes, nd.
GP383 - Nyerere with Kaunda and other members of the African National Council (A.N.C), from Rhodesia and elsewhere [April 1975]
GP384 - Members of the ANC at a conference [1975] [Located beside GP307]
GP 584 - Traditional prints used in fashion: girls in outfits. Khanga and Kitenge. Copyright Malaika [1970].
GP 585 - Traditional prints used in fashion: children in outfits. Khanga and Kitenge. Copyright Malaika [1970].
GP 662 - 663 - Large crowds. Mwenge illuminates hope for the Tanzanians. Copyright Tanzania Information services, nd.
GP1069 - Margaret Mganga, Tanzania's only woman golfer. Kenya Ladies' Open. Camerapix photograph, nd.
GP1070-1073 - Tan-Zam railway track laying ceremony on the border of Tanzania and Zambia, attended by Kaunda and Nyerere. Project supervised by Chinese engineers. Copyright Camerapix, 1973.
GP1074 - Haji Konde, Gemini correspondent in Tanzania, nd. (Located beside GP376)
GP1075 - Nyerere with Cadu en Lai [c1960].
GP1076 - Sculptor Mwariko Omari with his artwork, nd.
GP1077 Sculpture by Omari - reverse of photograph contains a handwritten message by the artist on Ujamaa [resettlement] and art, nd. (Located beside GP376) Copyright Malaika [1970]
GP1161 Traditional prints used in fashion: boys. Kitenge.
GP1162 Traditional prints used in fashion: toddlers in playsuits. Kitenge and Khanga.
GP1163 Traditional prints used in fashion: woman in top and trousers. Kitenge.
GP1164 - Traditional prints used in fashion: girl in dress. Khanga.
GP1165 - Traditional prints used in fashion: woman in shorts and top.

GP1166 - One of Tanzania's first female doctors at work. Credit J. Abcede, nd.
GP1167-1169 - Building and rituals before opening of iron smelting. Credit B. Grimshaw, nd
GP1170 - Mr Lawi Sijaona, Minister for Health and Housing, samples grapes at Dodoma, nd.
GP1171 - Second Vice-President Mr Rashidi Kawawa donating blood for the Red Cross, January 1970

Copyright Tanzania Information Service
GP1172 - [Red Cross clinic] [1970].
GP1173 - Models of misonge [huts] in village museum [April 1971].
GP1174 - Dr L. S. B. Leakey and his zinjanthropus [skull], found in Olduvai Gorge [1971].
Plus written feature 'Preserving Tanzania's artifacts', April 1971
GP1175 - Gua Ujamaa village medical centre, nd.
GP1176-1177 - Nyerere with Sonny Ramphal, nd.

GP1178 - Nyerere inspecting the state farm at Ruvu (Chinese aided) [1970].
GP1179 - Nyerere visiting a building project in Ujama village near Dodoma. Copyright Camerapix, nd.
GP1180 - Salim Ahmed Salim, Prime Minister of Tanzania, at United Nations General Assembly. Copyright the UN, August 1979.

Photographs copyright Tanzania Information Service, nd.
GP1181 - Sign for 'Tanzania Peoples Defence Forces Officer Candidate School'.
GP1182 - Children exercising at school.
GP1183 - Villagers queuing to be given new places for settlements.
GP1184 - Doctor giving a health checks at a village.

GP1185 Sheikh Abeid Amani Karumem, first Vice-President of Tanzania. Copyright Camerapix, [1970]
GP1186 - Cardinal Laurian Rugambwa, Africa's first cardinal. Credit B. Grimshaw, nd.
GP1187 - Army cadets in field craft exercise. Copyright Tanzania Information Services [1970].
GP1188 - Cadets listening to instructor [1970].

Photographs by B. Grimshaw, nd:
GP1189 - Nyamwezi home.
GP1190 - Nyakusa home.
GP1191 - Haya house.
GP1192 - Cowdung igloo.
GP1193 - Chagga home.
GP1194 - Ufipa home.
GP1195 - Blind weaver at village 'museum'.
GP1196 - Wood carver at village 'museum'.
GP1197 - Illegal tin-hut brewery producing 'moshi'.
GP1198 - Serving at the 'moshi' shop.
GP1199 - Man drinking 'moshi' from a bowl.

[GP1200] - Oscar Kambona, former Foreign Minister, nd. [No original reference number on photograph]
GP1201 - Mr K Gevgev, detained dancer and cheerleader, nd.
GP1202 - Chief Adam Sapi, Speaker, nd.
GP1203 - Chinese rail workers arrive. Copyright Camerapix [1972].
GP1204 - Chinese rail workers crossing a bridge. Copyright Camerapix [1972].

Photographs by B. Grimshaw:
GP1205 - Collection of royal cows (figurines) discovered in the hut at Bweranyange, nd.
GP1206 - Fitting a new skin to the royal drum, nd.
GP1207 - Ex-king Daudi Rumanyika holding two of his ancestors' spears with the royal hammer at his feet at Tanzam, nd.

GP1208 - Derek Bryceson (Tanzanian Minister of Agriculture) with Nyerere. Copyright Camerapix, nd. [By Mohamed Amin]
GP1209 - Samora Machel (Mozambique President) with Nyerere. Copyright Camerapix, nd.
GP1210 - Samora Machel embraces Nyerere, 26 September 1974.
GP1211 - Nyerere with hands on his head [1972].
GP1212 - Nyerere wearing a medal for the preservation of wild life [1974].
GP1213 - Nyerere sitting, nd.
GP1214 - Nyerere and Mobutu Sese Seko (military leader of Congo) in March in Zaire
GP1215 - Nyerere signals the start of celebrations for the tenth anniversary of Tanzania's Independence by banging the 'Uhuru' (freedom) drum. [1971]
GP1216 - Nyerere and Kenneth Kaunda, President of Zambia. Copyright Tanzania Information Services, nd.
GP1217 - Philbert Bayi, champion runner. Copyright Camerapix, nd.
GP1219 - Eli Anangisye, former secretary-general of the TANU Youth League, nd.
GP1220 - Children taking part in a parade in celebrations of the tenth anniversary of mainland Tanzania's independence [1971].
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