Ref NoGEM/4/1/5/1/117
TitleUnited Kingdom
Date[c.1969-c. 1980s]
Extent230 black and white photographs, 15 negatives, 1 coloured photograph, 1 telegram and 1 leaflet
Creator NameGemini News Service; 1967-2002; news agency
DescriptionPhotographs selected from the Gemini Photograph Library related to United Kingdom.
GP [no reference number] Milton Obote at Commonwealth Conference at Marlborough House with Messrs. Stewart and Wilson, 7/1/1969.
GP [no reference number] Two negatives: One showing The British Pavilion (12UK-3C70), the second contains a large Union Jack balloon which was to be suspended from a mast above the Pavilion (12UK-4C70).
GP19 Comic character, Leung Sing Po, performing during a Cantonese opera. He is seen on stage with three other actors, two of whom are playing the role of court officials.
GP20 Barbara Jefford in her role as Roxane in "Cyrano de Bergerac."
GP21 Ian Crichton (left) interviewing Emlyn Williams (right) in Manchester who was due to play Charles Dickens at the Hong Kong Arts Festival the following February.
GP22 Two members of the Mummesnschanz mime group from Switzerland, giving a performance which explores the theme of human relationships.
GP23 Ian Crichton (left) interviewing James Loughran, Conductor of the Halle Orchestra in Manchester.
GP24 Painting by Juan Mesa from Santo Domingo of a boat out at sea under the sun.
GP25 What appears to be a children's sketch, [possibly linked to the entry above]. The back of the image has "Australia" written on it.
GP26 Another child's picture, resembling an elephant. The back reads "Yugoslavia" in small writing and a potential name [Orusic].
GP27 Two young girls stand beside each other holding a canvas with two different paintings on it, which are repeated in a sequence. Behind them are many copies of similar looking canvases.
GP41 Event on insurance matters given at Farnham Castle
GP42 Photograph of Farnham Castle, with a small crowd of people standing outside.
GP260 Gaositwe Chiepe, politician and diplomat from Botswana, photographed in London.
GP261 Gaositwe Chiepe, pictured seated at her desk in her post as Botswana High Commissioner to Britain and Ambassador to France, West Germany and Scandinavia. Accompanied with a negative. Gemini News Service BT9-1F70.
GP316 Ugandan Evangelists observing a map of England. Left to right: Peter Thurston, Bishop Yustasi Ruhindi, Bishop Festo Kivengere, Mr. Zeb Kobozo. Thurston was the tour guide for the Ugandan men on their visit. Accompanied by a negative.
GP329 Pharoah Tembo (standing) and Pat Lainah Beta (wheelchair) of Zambia outside Buckingham Palace in conversation with a policeman.
GP349 Ugandan leader [Obote] in the centre.
GP355 Arthur Bottomley, Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations in the Wilson Government (left) c.1965-1966
GP433 Actress Siobhan Quinlan IW19 5/72.
GP448 Audrey Callaghan and the Commonwealth Conference, photographed with another attendee.
GP449 Commonwealth Conference photograph showing various members together shortly after their plane landed.
GP450 Commonwealth Conference 1977, showing Fiji representative Sir Kamisese Mara introducing himself.
GP451 Jim Callaghan [at a Commonwealth Conference] greeting an unidentifiable man.
GP452 Queen Elizabeth II's 1977 Silver Jubilee celebrations at Buckingham Palace's The White Drawing Room* (See notes for full list of attendees pictured).
GP453 See first entry in this description field. This is the pre-edited photo of Obote with Stewart and Wilson.
GP 464 Rick Throssall (His mother founded the Communist Party in Australia and his father was awarded the VC), Commonwealth Summit 1969, Marlborough House.
GP 465 - GP 466 Sir Hugh Springer of Barbados (Chairman), greeting people and speaking at the Commonwealth Summit in 1969, hosted at Marlborough House.
GP 484 London Boat Show, showing two members of the Hong Kong [Tourist] Association in traditional Hong Kong dress aboard a boat displayed at the show.
GP 489 Mrs Healy with Mrs Yar ar'dua (on left) & Miss Bunmi (the Commonwealth Secretary's wife).
GP 490 Jacques Penry, the Face Man at work with his 510 photograph sections of human faces. With this lot he can produce 5400 million different faces.UK5-5D70.
GP 491 A composite face of the "nameless man" constructed from five prices of Jacques Penry's revolutionary Foto Fix kit. UK5-4D70.
GP 492 Wally Baker: village blacksmith of Paddington UK9-18H70
GP 493 Basil D'Oliveria with his wife and children at the opening of Zebra House, Bristol. On the left, Jonathan Lewis, Director. UK9-6B70.
GP 494 Basil D'Oliveria [D'Oliveira] batting in a cricket match
GP 495 Basil D'Oliveria [at Zebra House, Bristol)
GP 496 Flying Doctor services, Austrailia [printed on same sheet as GP497]
GP 497 Flying Doctor services, New Zealand [printed on same sheet as GP497]
GP 498 - 499 Mick Jagger
GP 501 Johnny Magoo: the one man bandsman busking outside Charing Cross Station, London UK9-24N71.
GP 502 Ministry of Defence, London.
GP 503 APT-E train.
GP 504 Engineers at the central instrumentation console in the APT-E train.
GP 505 Robin Spiro planner of London's Craftown
GP 506 Artists impression of Craftown
GP 507 Two Hrishna devotees in prayer in London temple. 47UK4-3/72
GP 508 Meadowbank Sports Centre, Edinburgh. Five Commonwealth Games events will take place in this new £2.3 million complex UK3-3G70.
GP 509 The Royal Commonwealth Pool: newly equipped venue for the 1970 swimming events.UK3-2G70.
GP 510 The Royal Commonwealth Pool from the air.
GP 511 Last minute rehearsal in four parts for the re-opening of the Festival Hall at the Maltings, Aldeburgh.UK4-7E70.
GP 512 Striped for Spring shown at the London Fashion Fair in Chelsea, London. Blazer suit outfit by Peter Martin is in bold multi-colour stripes - the newest 1972 look. Picture by John Dixon (friend of Derek [Ingram]) 42UK4a-1/11.
GP 513 The nautical Look from London for Spring 1971. This Navy Lark outfit typical of Spring's most popualr new look is in navy and white cotton by Big Scene. Picture by John Dixon (Friend of Derek [Ingram]) 41UK4a-1/11.
GP 514 American Western Style with a difference - this time it is the American Cavalry taking over the fashion scene for Spring. Shown at London Fashion Fair a trouser outfit in printed hopsack leaves nobody guessing. Picture by John Dixon (Friend of Derek [Ingram]) 43UK4a-1/11.
GP 582 One of London's West Indian models: Valerie St Helene of Modelplan.
GP 586 Two models modelling the Martha Hill version of the 'Gypsy Look' for Spring/Summer 1970.
GP 587 One model modelling Martha Hill collection - sweater - dress outfit.
GP 588 Silver foil lungs breathe in and out on the end of air tubes - eye catching effect in Tutti Frutti shop
GP 589 Leather belts, fast bike and a girl in hippy girl, are part of Kensington Super Stores vast range of goods and girls.
GP 590 Indian (Rajan Ray) and Pakistani (Mohammed Islam) discuss a problem with George Wilkin, Principal, National & Grindlays Bank's Training School, London, where they are studying.
GP 591 Ugandans, Chris Katomukasa, William Okirima and Shadrach Angopa at the National and Grindlays Bank's Training School in London.
GP 592 Indians, Pradeep Saxena, Anya Gupta and Lambert Nazareth with staffer George Miller at the National and Grindlays Bank's Training School in London.
GP 593 Zambians, Matthew Chirambo and Ibraham Lunat at the National and Grindlays Bank's Training School in London.
GP 594 Francis Karuma of Kenya at his desk at the National and Grindlays Bank's Training School in London.
GP 595 The winners of the 1970 Music Festival Awards at the Royal Overseas League, London. Winners are Bryan Turley, Geoffrey Tozer, Andrew Hiagh and Melbon Mackie with Admiral Sir David Luce the Chairman of the Royal Overseas League.
GP 596 Lambeth Walk.
GP 597 Lady with Rat: Shot from Runnymede Trust film on race relations in Britain.
GP 598- GP 599 Advertising Racial Harmony: A poster in Camden, London.
GP 600 A man outside a cafe.
GP 601 Salesby Foods.
GP 602 Stornoway: Buta Mohammed and his son Asher plan their next sales campaign.
GP 603 Stornoway: Church Street, where the islanders shop for bargains.
GP 604 Jean Johnson, machinist in a British shirt factory who earns 84 dollars a week.
GP 606 Britain's largest big pools winners - Mr and Mrs William Logan from Stirlingshire, Scotland hold up their cheque for £100.139.0s.0d.
GP 608 An over zealous street cleaner gets a sharpish piece of feminine mind.
GP 609 Voices and banner proclaim women's demands in Trafalgar Square.
GP 610 White girls swing into the rhythm of an African dance at Felix Cobbson's African village in England
GP 611 Ephriam Ezenwukwa greets the Queen at the new headquarters of the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind at Haywards Heath, Sussex.
GP 612 Benjamin Boateng - No regrets about his new found career.
GP 613 Miss Daphne Bache, a Surrey foster parent with four children whose parents study in the London area.
GP 614 London: Simon Doma, employment agency man extraordinary.
GP 617 The Prime Minister Shri Morarji Desai, the Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Malcolm Fraser and Dr SS Ramphal, Commonwealth Secretary General at the conference table.
GP 676-680 London: Photos showing barber Habib Ahmed tending to Carol Cleveland's hair, accompanied by Ken Morris and Mr. Peter. (see notes)**
GP905-908 Prince Charles at the Commonwealth Secretariat photographed greeting and speaking to a range of people. UK9-70.
GP909 On the day Prince Charles learned that he had a Bachelor of arts. He is photographed speaking to Dharani Rethnam (centre left) of India and Annie Johnson (centre right) of Ghana). UK9-14F7.
GP910 John Parker, Foreign News Editor.
GP911 Alva Clarke, Secretary-General, Commonwealth Broadcasting House, London W1A 1AA, England.
GP912 Miss Chave-Collisson, 84-year-old founder of the Commonwealth Countries League, stands in the sunshine outside her London home. Gemini News Service 25UK9-7/71.
GP913 Deziah Rostivo: planning to open up the English psychic scene to American tourists. Gemini News Service UK4-33P71.
GP914 Dr. Ronald Melville in his little bay in the herbarium at Kew. Picture by Ernie Godden (Gemini staff) Gemini News Service 27UK9-1/72.
GP915 Mr Bob George, the Cambridgeshire biologist, sucking some fleas from the glass trough. Gemini News Service 29UK 9 2/72. Photograph by Chris Andrews (Gemini staff).
GP916 Before they left for Kenya, six members of the Gold Medal award scheme expedition visited the [London] Zoo to get a bit of atmosphere. Left to right: Norman Pogson (Bermuda), Janet Hewitt (Cheshire, U.K.), Geoffrey Snell (Sussex, U.K.), Anne Peterson (Michigan), Richard Green (Trinidad) and Nigel Porter (Bahamas).
GP917 London: Anne Peterson, of Michigan, US, and Janet Hewitt, of Bramnhall, Cheshire, UK, visit the Zoo to get a bit of atomoshere before they go to Kenya. Gemini News Service UK9-8/71.
GP918 Jack Ashley, MP, Parliamentary champion of the cause of Britain's thalidomide children, outside his home at Epsom, Surrey. 33UK912/72.
GP919 Christopher Greene working on the astronomical clock at the office of the Financial Times in London. Gemini News Service 31UK9-11/72.
GP922 Reg Prentis [Minister for oversea aid] in a close up shot.
GP923 Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Princess Margaret at the Royal Film Performance in London, February 1967. Sir Michael Redgrave is also visible in the photo.
GP924 Gerald Silcock, the one-man army in his guard attire, with the Lord Mayor of Lonson Sir Peter Studd in Belfast. Gemini News Service UK9-23M71.
GP925 Kenneth Thompson Director Commonwealth Institute [one of the founders] sitting at his desk.
GP926 Close up shot of John Wells. One of the founders of Eton and Private Eye.
GP927 Mr GM Wilson, CMG, the new Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Overseas Development, who succeeds the late Sir Andrew Cohen. R.58743 July 1968. Photo covered with transparent paper sheet.
GP928 John Wilson, Director and founder of Royal Commonwealth Society for Blind now Sightsavers.
GP929 Canadian Prime Minister Mr Pierre Trudeau shakes hands with Mr Wilson on leaving No.10 Downing Street. 6th January 1969.
GP930 Roy Jenkins applauds Bill Rodgers opening speech. Jenkins sports an SDP badge. Photograph by Denis Thorpe.
GP931 Close up shot of Arthur Bottomley as new Minister of overseas deveolpment in cabinet reshuffle of August 1966.
GP932 1977 Commonwealth Conf. [Conference] - Callaghan and Chief Jonathan, Prime Minister of Lesotho, greet each other and shake hands.
GP933 Commonwealth Conf. [Conference] 1977 LER Sonny Ramphal, archbishop Makarios, Jame Cailalhan and Zia ur Rawman from Bangledesh walk alongside each other through a street.
GP934 Close up shot of Robert Carr MP British Secretary of State for Employment and Productivity. Gemini News Service UK1-3G70.
GP935 Bernadett Devlin: Youngest MP in the British Parliament. Gemini News Service UK1-7P71. Copyright note on the back shows states origin from The Irish Times.
GP936 James Callaghan and Pierre Trudeau at a conference in 1977.
GP937-41 Harold Wilson at opening of Commonwealth conference 1977 (Marlborough House). Photo 937 shows him with Mr. George Lee.
GP942 Mrs Judith Hart New Minister of State, Commonwealth Relations. Photographed in April 1966. Appointed to this role following cabinet changes made after the general election held in that year.
GP943 Before the election battle. Premier Harold Wilson takes a round of golf. Beside his veteran Fleet Street photographer Ann Ward, who fought for Duncan Sandys' parliamentary seat at Streatham, London, for the Labour Party. Gemini News Service UK1-1F70.
GP944 Photo of Donald Woods, Gemini supplied to Daily Despatch newspaper and taken 9 December 1976. DW editor of Daily Despatch.
GP945-46 A mounted trooper in all his glory, standing next to a horse. The next photo shows him lying on a pavement, with three men aiding him. Gemini News Service. 1UK6-9/71.
GP947 Dr Rochi Hingorani, Harley Street eye surgeon and founder of International Cultural exchange. 1UK7-8/71.
GP948 Demonstration day in London recently for one of the two balloons being used on the Sahara Expedition.Here the inflated vehicle is kept under control by scores of men as it attempts to take off by itself in the strong breeze. Photograph by Rada Radovic. Gemini News Service 1UK8-11/1971.
GP949 Adrian Cox of London, crippled by a spinal disorder, sits in a Chairmobile which he thinks is great fun. He is going to save up for one. Gemini News Service 4UK7-6/72.
GP950 Peter Bostock, author of the Jumbo jet series Gem Corr 2.C70. Artist's impression of the Jumbo expansion of Terminal 3, London Airport. Gemini News Service UK2-2C70.
GP453 See first entry in this description field. This is the pre-edited photo of Obote with Stewart and Wilson.
GP454 Michael Stewart and Harold Wilson at 1969 Commonwealth Conference in London.
GP455 Stewart and Wilson at 1969, at Commonwealth Conference in London.
GP456 Stewart and Wilson, 1969 Commonwealth conference in conversation.
GP457 Stewart and Wilson, with the latter in conversation with a fellow statesman.
GP458 Stewart and Wilson, with Arnold Smith on the far left. Keith Holyoake, New Zealand PM, is on the far right.
GP459 Wilson shaking hands with another statesmen. In between them is a man with a badge that reads "Delegates and Officials Pass."
GP460 Smith, Stewart and Wilson socialise with another attendee at the Commonwealth Conference.
GP461 Pierre Trudeau and a fellow state official share pleasantries
GP1245 1969 Commonwealth Summit in London showing Arnold Smith, Michael Stewart, Harold Wilson and ERic Williams (PM of Trinidad)
GP1246 1969 Commonwealth Conf.[Conference] with Indira Gandhi, Arnold Smith, Michael Stewart and Harold Wilson
GP1247 Commonwealth Conference of 1969 showing Justin Trudeau exchanging pleasantries
GP1248 1969, Julius Nyerere, Tanzanian leader, attends the Commonwealth Conference of that year.
GP463 Three men seated at a conference table with a microphone.
GP447 1977 Commonwealth Conf. with a large number of representatives sat around a conference table.
GP462 John Chadwick, first Director of The Commonwealth Foundation
GP469 Lydia Parry and Yoshiaki Matsuoka at the "EXPO '70" Press Conference in London, 4 February 1970. Here they observe photos on a display board relating to the conference.
GP470 Prunella Tuff of the Royal Commonwealth Society dry cleaning a collection of 27 flags from Commonwealth countries.
GP471 Paddington Street, photo dated December 1969. Taken at the junction with 94 Baker Street, showing The Beatles' Apple Boutique, their retail shop.
GP472 Designers working at the Apple Boutique, left to right: Simon Posthuma, Marijke Koger, Barry Finch & Josje Leeger. They were part of the Dutch design group knows as "The Fool".
GP473 Two unidentifiable men at an Auto Show, standing beside an old-fashion wagon.
GP474 Dated 1963, three young women are pictured hop-picking.
GP475 9 October 1962, hop-picking process continued inside a factory, where an elderly lady oversees the remainder of the process.
GP487 Prince Charles after receiving his degree. See GP909.
GP482 Photo of Sir Dennis Greenhill by photographer Walter Bird, taken in 1967.
GP481 An exhibition in which two suited men observe various newspaper cuttings which have been stuck to the wall. One man has a large medallion around his neck, indicating he was a mayor of some sort. Illegible writing on back of photo.
GP477 A group of African and Asian children playing football. On the back of the photo the name "Jerome Mouse" is written.
GP476 Workers inside a factory carrying out their duties, [possibly a continuation of the hop-picking series noted earlier]
GP478 (Two photos) Schoolchildren at an airport, underneath a BOAC sign. According to the caption they are "Lollipop travellers at the start line." UK5-12I70. Second photo shows a lady holding a child on her knee, who is playing with a toy aeroplane.
GP479 Heathrow Airport. Photo showing unaccompanied children before departure at the beginning of their school holidays. Photography by BOAC.
GP488 Two files. Negative showing six people standing outside Blackfriars Tube Station. Five women are in conversation with each other while a man walks passed. In the distance The Black Friar pub is visible. Second file is the corresponding photograph in black and white.
GP2 Taken at Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, shows an antique saddle bag displayed at the Qashqai of Iran Exhibition, part of the World of Islam Festival of 1976.
GP3 Photo of mid-13th Century illustration shown at the Science and Technology of Islam Exhibition at above Festival. Located in National Library of Cairo.
GP4 Indian man plays the Kemayche in Taeselmer [Jaisalmer], Rajasthan. Photo by Jean Jenkins at the Horniman Museum, Music and Musical Instruments Exhibition.
GP5 13th Century mortar and pestle displayed at the Science and Technology of Islam Exhibition, Science Museum.
GP6 Pair of plane wooden doors with arabesque and kufic inscriptions. Arts of Islam Exhibition. Photo by Robert Harding.
GP7 House on the Road to the Na'Isa Gate, Kano City. Arts of the Hausa Exhibition. Photo by David Heathcote.
GP8 Drawing of cap designs from Zaria. Arts of the Hausa Exhibition. Photo by David Heathcote.
GP9 Picture of 14th Century jar in blue and black from the National Museum of Damascus, to be displayed at the Arts of islam Exhibition in Britain. Photo by Robert Harding.
GP28 London Antiques including a mirror, a clock and two candle-holding miniature statues. 39UK4-6/71. Photo by Ernie Godden.
GP1249 Unblocked view of St. Martin's in the Field church, from Trafalgar Square. 'When Nash opened up Trafalgar Square a century later after St. Martin's was built it became one of the most splendidly situated churches in London.' The National Gallery does not block the view of the church either. Possibly part of the book entitled Betwixt Heaven and Charing Cross by Carolyn Scott. Black and white photo.
GP1250 Men visiting, talking and eating soup in the soup kitchen within the crypt under St. Martin's in the Field on a Sunday. Possibly part of the book Betwixt Heaven and Charing Cross by Carolyn Scott. Black and White photo.
GP1251 'Two firends of St. Martin's.' Two men sitting on the front steps of St. Martin's in the Field church. 'The tradition of welcoming and helping all comers dates back to at least the seventeenth century.' Possibly part of the book Betwixt Heaven and Charing Cross by Carolyn Scott. Black and white photo.
GP1252 Portrait of Rev. Austen Williams, reverand at St. Martin's in the Field. Black and white photo.
GP1253 Rev. Austen Williams, reverand at St. Martin's in the Field on the steps of St. Martin's with a bible. 'Everyone is welcome in his church.' Possibly part of the book Betwixt Heaven and Charing Cross by Carolyn Scott. Black and white photo.
GP1254 'London 1970: Kipchoge Keino, Kenya's 3000 meters world record holder, heads a pack, including Britain's Ian Steweart (left) and Dave Bedford (right), in two-mile race at Crystal Palace, London.' Keino won the event. 8UK3-8/72. Black and white photo. Britain Sport.
GP1255 Scoreboard of a cricket match telling 'the story of the thirs Test Match at Manchester between England and the West Indies. 19 July 1952. Back of photo says No.39. Stamped on back with D.M. and various dates in May and June 1957. Black and white. Britain Sport.
GP1256 Portrait of young man. Back of the photo says Verona Bernard. (England, 400 Meters track). Also has a copyright stamp of London Newspaper Services LTD. Black and white photo. Britain Sport.
GP1257 Raceing driver Rupert Keegan pictured in his uniform after the Brands Hatch Race of Champions, flanked by two 'lovely ladies' They are 'two of the "fringe benefits" from his sponsors PENTHOUSE/ RIZLA+ RACING, two lovely Penthouse Pets, Joni Flynn and Anita Wicks.' Also has information on the back of where to contact if you need further information: Molly McKellar with phone and address. Black and white photo. Britain Sport.
GP1258 A racing driver mother, Mrs. L Shenton, pictured in a car with her two children. Daughter Derby and son Stephen. January. UK3 written on the back of the photo. Black and white photo.
GP1271 May 1984. Two men shaking hands. Andimba Toivo ya Toivo, a Namibian politician shaking hands with Chief Ameka [Emeka] Anyaoku, a Nigerian diplomat and later the Third Commonwealth Secretary General at Marborough House. Colour photo.
GP1259 Two participants, a man and a woman, doing a routine for the first world rock and roll championships back in 1961. Photographer: Iain Guest. Titled: Up - And Over? Black and white.
GP1259(2) Rupert Keegan and James Hunt racing drivers, sign autographs after Brands Hatch Race of Champions, where Hunt won and Keegan came in 8th. Keegan slowly gaining a large fan club. Also has information on the back of where to contact if you need further information: Molly McKellar with phone and address. Black and white photo. Britain Sport.
GP1260 'British athlete Bruce Tulloh with Josephine, one of his lively twin daughters. Tulloh is off to Kenya soon to teach at the Kenyatta College.' 5UK3-7/71. Black and white photo.
GP1261 K.R. Menon. 'He strings rackets for the tennis stars.' Black and white photo. 7UK3-7/72.
GP1262 Portrait of David Jenkins, olympic athlete, (Scotland 400 meters), Britain Sport. Black and white. Copyright on back of London Newspaper Services LTD.
GP1263, GP1265 and GP1266 Two photos, one of a volunteer, Mr. Norman Ingram-Smith of the 24 hour Openline telephone in the crypt under St. Martin's in the Field. He runs a Social Service Unit at St. Martin's. Part of the book Betwixt Heaven and Charing Cross by Carolyn Scott. The other is a picture of Carolyn Scott, the author of Betwixt Heaven and Charing Cross. Black and white photo.
GP1264 Portrait of Amy Johnson. She was one of the first female pilots who broke many records during the 1930s.
GP1267 'Delegates attending the First Meeting of Commonwealth Planners, held at the Town Planning Institute, 26 Portland Place, London W1, 21-24 September 1970', where 19 different countries were represented. People in the photo include: The President of the Institute, Mr Walter Bor, Professor Arthur Ling, Chairman of the Meeting, and Mr B D Kambo, President of the Institute of Town Planners, India. Copyright, Thr Town Planning Institute. Photograph by: Allen Charles Photographic. Black and white photo. GP1268 'Ameka [Emeka] Anyaoku, Deputy Commonwealth Secretary-General, greets the Naminian students (female pictured) in London on their way to Jamaica. October 1978. Shaking hands. Black and white photo. 17 written on the back.
GP1269 and GP1270 Namibian students and others standing in London, inside and outside Marborough House. The students are on their way to Jamaica in October 1978. Talked to by Ameka [Emeka] Anyaoku. 9 written on the back of GP1269 and 3 written on the back of GP1270. Black and white.
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