Ref NoGEM/4/1/5/1/124
Datend [c.1967-c.2002]
Extent29 black and white photos, 8 negatives, 5 sepia photos, 6 transparencies and 1 drawing
Creator NameGemini News Service; 1967-2002; news agency
DescriptionPhotographs selected from the Gemini Photograph Library related to Zambia.
GP348 Kay Sifuniso, the first black, female, Zambian, journalist posing in a dress in Lusaka. Black and white photo.
GP436 - GP439 Portraits of Zambian women showcasing and doing different Zambian hair styles. Black and white photos.
GP445 Ted Cunneen of Zambian Diary Produce Board with his 'magic' High Protein Milk Biscuits. ZA2-1F70 written on the description. 7617/1 written on back of photo. From the Zambia Information Service. Black and white photo.
GP441 Mporokoso, Northern Zambia: School in the Valley of the Blind run by Sisters of the Infant Jesus. The boys school band practice, playing their instruments. Photo from the Zambia Information Service. Black and white photo.
GP442 Young Charles Pascal [Mulenga] a blind boy part of the School in the Valley of the Blind run by Sisters of the Infant Jesus in Mporokoso, Northern Zambia, plays the piano for the first time with the help of Father Carriere. The piano was donated by the Lasaka Lions club and flown to the school by the Zambia Air Force. Photo from the Zambia Information Service. Black and white photo.
GP440 and GP371 (Identical negatives) 'Chinese Engineers of the Tanzam Railway being escorted to State House, Lusaka, for a talk with President Kaunda'. ZA2-2J70 written on negative GP440. Negatives. *Original black and white print photo on next page. *For copied photo see GP330.
GP345 President of Sri Lanka Junius Richard Jayewardene talking to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher beside President of Australia Robert Hawke and President of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda. Credit RCS written on back. Black and white photo.
GP443 Zambian star actor Edwin Manda as Othello next to woman co-star. Black and white photo and negative.
GP389 'A typical African herbalist displaying his herbs and tools for healing the sick in Lusaka'. Has a sign as well that says 'African Doctor'. Black and white photo.
GP392 'British wildlife artist David Shepherd, a member of Washington headquartered Wildlife Conservation International, next to a helicopter presented to the Zambian government to hunt poachers, with President Kaunda'. Women in the background. Zambia Information Services stamp on the back of the photo with 8174/6. Black and white photo.
GP391 Transparency of an image of a stack of books that says: URGENT: Ranfurly Library Service Round the World. 'Sheet says 'Campaign to save a sacred initiation camp'. PH 3 Zambia.
GP390 The Jackson family outside their Zambian home. Jamaican engine driver Wilston Jackson, once Britain's only black engine driver, gets handed a lunch bag by his Burmese (now Myanmar) wife Mrs. Jackson, while their three children Pauline, Maurine and Victor wave. Dog in the picture as well. Black and white photo.
GP393 The closing of the East and Central African heads of state summit conference. President Kaunda leading members in the singing of the UNIP (United National Independence Party) national anthem "Tiyende Pa Modzi" ("Let's March Together") in the conference hall. Dedicated before to the revolution in Zambia, and now to the revolution in Africa, said Kaunda. Stamp of Zambia Information Services on the back. Black and white photo.
GP394 Miss Gwen Konie with a model of Zambia's Pavilion. She was Zambia's first woman MP. 12ZA-1C70. Black and white photo.
GP380 A nutrition team gets a friendly welcome in a village. The teams took good care to explain exactly what they were up to. ZA5-2H70. Photographer: Edith Dahlschen. National Food and Nutrition Commission, Lusaka stamp. Black and white photo.
GP381 A little boy surrounded by kitchen pots, looks into a pot. 'Zambia's intensive food survey will supply the national nutrition programme with information vital to its success'. ZA5-1H70. Negative.
GP387 Portrait of Lombe Chibesakunda Zambia's High Commissioner to the UK. Black and white photo.
GP388 Portrait of Simon Kapwepwe, the former Vice-President of Zambia, now leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) also Minister of Local Government and Culture. Black and white photo. *For negitive, see the next page.
GP345 Kay Sifuniso Gemini correspondent for Zambia in 1960s - early 1970s. Black and white photo.
GP377 Dr. and Mrs. Kaunda. ZA1-3M71. Sepia photo.
GP331 Part of illustration of Tanzam Railway line (small). Transparency.
GP347 Part of Tanzam Railway line illustration (large). Transparency.
GP379 Group of men in front of President Kaunda's Georgian-style palace. Millionaire [A.H.] Stauge (on the left), President Kaunda and Daivd Shepherd and other game-conservation enthusiasts, on the grounds in front of Kaunda's palace in Lusaka. Zambia Information Services stamp on the back with 817[A]/11. Black and white photo.
GP375 'Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting, Lusaka. January 1973. Leaders of delegation with President Kaunda centre and Secretary General Arnold Smith to his right'. 32 men (ministers) posed sitting in front of a building for the meeting. Zambia Information Services stamp with 8861/1 on the back. Black and white photo.
GP330 Two photographs. One repeat of 'Chinese engineers being escorted to State House, Lusaka, for a talk with President Kaunda'. ZA2-2J70. *For original print and negatives see GP440 and GP371. Second photo, portrait of Crown Prince Carl Gustaf of Sweden. SW9-1J70. Sepia photos.
GP328 Two Zambian women, one a Zambian herbalist serving medicine in a pitcher and glasses on a tray. Flowers in the background. Photographer: Tim Chigodo, correspondent in Lusaka. Black and white photo.
GP372 A picture of a man uncovering the blanket covered body of a victim of the April 1968 bombing of three villages in the Kalabor district, Western Zambia, near the Angolan frontier by the Portuguese. Zambia Information Services stamps on the back of phot with a number 1. Black and white photo.
GP342 Copy of portrait of President Kenneth Kaunda Peter Clarke (Gemini & later Guardian). Orignal portrait taken out to Kaunda and was on his wall. ZA2-17 I 70. Drawing
GP322 and GP323 Lusaka Summit, 1979. GP322 Summit Leaders, Presidents Kaunda of Zambia and Tito of Yugoslavia in Lusaka, ZA1-1H70. GP323Prime Minister Forbes Burnham of Guyana in London on his way to the Lusaka summit GU1-2I70 written on photo. Sepia photos.
GP326 'Zambian District Governor Hugh McEnery (a new type of administrator in Black Africa) chats to a widow who feeds and clothes 12 children from proceeds of vegetables grown at graddroots self-help scheme promoted by this Englishman'. Also pictured are two children and another woman along with a cattle animal. Chris Parker typed caption, lived in Zambia, Gemini correspondent in Zambia. Black and white photo.
GP327 Mr Metrication - Roger N'Gombe in information division of government, appeared on tv every morning when Zambia went metric (early 1970s). Three different graphic sheets explaining the changes to the metric system. One advertising the switch, one describing meters and one describing litres. Zambian Metrification Board. Transparencies.
GP324 and GP325 'The Rising Stars'. A performance of Zambian dance and music by young boys. On stage with their traditional dress, accordians, drums and other instruments. Zambian by musicians touring europe. All between the ages of 9 and 13. GP324 says 1ZA9-5/71. Black and white photos.
GP395 'President Kaunda of Zambia walks under a stilt dancer during his visit to Guyana earlier this year. This Christmas preview was staged to mark the president's visit'. People dressed up in the streets. Black and white photo.
GP346 Kapita Nguluwe (who once used his saving sto buy 3 bicycles for a fish transporting business), helped by a relative, Abiuti Nguluwe, checks over a stock of cycles in one of his two general stores. The two men are surrounded by cycles and clothing. Horizon RST Group Magazine #243 stamp on the back. Another stamp says 27 November 1967. Black and white photo.
[No Reference Number] Portrait of President Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, sitting in traditional dress at a desk. Negative.
GP374 'President Kaunda continually tours Zambia to urge his people to develop the land', in Mkushi district he was surrounded by people and presented with a eight-foot python's skin by Chief Mosha. 8356/9 written on the back of photo. Black and white photo.
[No Reference Number] 'In the Zambian CApital of Lusaka, support for the campaign to save a sacred initiation camp from demolition at Kitwe, came from a medicine man who, in full regalia, amrched into the Times of Zambia newspaper office to make known his strong feelings'. The medicine man in full dress inchluding a mask, by a table with fedora hats on it, with people watching behind him. Negative.
[No Reference Number] An ailing mother climbs aboard a light plane, with the words Zambia's Flying Doctor service on it, at Mushangashi, with three men waiting behind her, on the first air strip carved out of the bush for Zambia's flying doctor service. Negative.
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