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Extent64 Photographs
Creator NameGemini News Service; 1967-2002; news agency
DescriptionPhotographs selected from the Gemini Photograph Library related to Canada.
Expo 67, Montreal:
GP78 Australian Pavillion
GP79 Ethiopian Pavillion
GP80-88 Africa Place artworks, photos by Monica Mugan
GP89 Barbados/ Guyana Pavillion
GP90-91 Ceylon Pavillion
GP92 Cuban Pavillion
GP93 German Pavillion / Canadian Pavillion / French Pavillion / British Pavillion / US Pavillion
GP94 Moshe Safdie, designer of Expo's Habitat 67
GP95-98 Habitat 67
GP99-101 Indian Pavillion
GP102 Jamaican Pavillion
GP103 Plaza of the Americas
GP104 Mauritius Pavillion
GP105 Taiwan Pavillion
GP106-109 Man the Explorer Pavillion and Man the Producer Pavillion models
GP110 Trinidad and Tobago Pavillion
GP111 Thailand Pavillion
GP112 La Ronde model
GP113 Asbestos rock fountain model
GP114 Metro rails and vehicles
GP115 The Gyrotron model
GP116 The Expo stadium model
GP117 The village model
GP118 The Youth Pavilion model.
GP119 Mackay Pier, Habitat and Community and Health Pavillion models
GP120 International Trade Centre Pavilion
GP121 Christian Pavilion model
GP122 Pavilion model
GP123 Sculptures
GP124 Baule and Bini masks and Basonge figure
GP125 Bird mask
GP126 Jean Drapeau, Mayor of Montreal, is interviewed
GP127 Jewish community pavilion
GP128 UN pavilion model
GP129 Expo 67 photo brochure
Other photos:
GP 536 Maurice Strong: Director General of UN (1971)
GP 537 Flora McDonald, Foreign Minister of Canada circa 1969
GP 538 Joey Smallwood: District Prime Minister of Newfoundland
GP 539 Expo 70: Model of Canadian Pavillon
GP 540 Jester of city of Canada circa 1970
GP 574 Simplified keyboard for Arabic Script processor
GP 575 Dr Hyder with his Simplified keyboard for Arabic Script processor
GP 577 Dr Robert Baird McClure with the CBC crew in Ratlam Christian hospital
GP 578 Dr Robert Baird McClure
GP 579 Davidee Kagvik and Iyola discussing their carvings at the London Museum of Mankind Exhibiton
GP 580 John McKenzie, Commonwealth Arts Festival coordinator
GP 581 Eskimo women - North Western Territories
GP 656 Colour photograph of Mr Yogrsh Varhade, President of the Ambassador Centre for Justice and Peace, Toronto.
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NA150Canada/North and Central America
NA215Barbados/North and Central America
NA271Guyana/South America
NA179Sri Lanka/Asia
NA243Cuba/North and Central America
NA8United States/North and Central America
NA272Jamaica/North and Central America
NA298Trinidad and Tobago/North and Central America
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