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Extent92 black and white photographs, 2 colour, 5 sets of negatives
Creator NameGemini News Service; 1967-2002; news agency
DescriptionPhotographs selected from the Gemini Photograph Library related to India.
GP239 Bangladesh, Dacca, University students walk among shell-shattered buildings, photo by Derek Ingram at end of Bangladesh war
GP240-43 Bangladesh, Refugees
GP244-48 Bangladesh, baiting birds with birds in traps
GP249-53 President of People's Republic of Bangladesh Major-General Ziaur Rahman
GP301-302 Ramas Nami Ventakataraman, Indian vice president
GP303 Mai Binari Vajpayee, photo sent by Delhi correspondent
GP446 Mrs Mary Francis wearing traditional Indian dress
GP607 Baynes Aubery - editor of the West Indian World
GP682 New Delhi, Dalai Lama giving public audience, 28 November 1956
GP683 Panchen Lama with Dalai Lama [1956]
GP684-685 Mrs Pandit, Indian High Commissioner in London (fell out with Mrs India Ghandi)
GP686 Mrs Pandit receives High Commissioner for Nigeria, H. E. Aljhaji Abdulmaliki, 25 July 1961
GP687 Muni Shree Chitrabhanu in London, staff photographer Ernie Godden
GP688 Mr S. Nijalingappa
GP689 Mrs Gandhi watching dancer
GP690 New Delhi: The Queen with Indian PM, Jawaharlal Nehru [1961]
GP691 Commonwealth expedition (Commex - Gemini expedition) headed by Col Lionel Gregory with Commex folder under his arm introducing Mrs Gandhi Commex students
GP692 Mrs Gandhi speaking to Commex students
GP693 Mrs Gandhi and Col Gregory's (Commex) assistant
GP694 Mrs Gandhi, Indian PM with Moraji Desai
GP695-698 Mrs Gandhi
GP699 Mrs Gandhi, used for Gemini drawing
GP700 Indian PM, Shrimati Indira Gandhi, arrives in New Delhi, 21 October 1967
GP701 Shrimati Indira Gandhi being sworn in as Indian prime minister for the last time a year before her assasination
GP702 Prime Minister Raja Ghandi launching nuclear submarine in Indian navy
GP703-704 Artist OP Taak, India (portrait and at work)
GP705 Khari Bawli, Old Delhi, India
GP706-707 Children of terrorists orphaned when their parents were killed by police,at the Buba Ajit Singh Academy, India
GP708 Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit, Melbourne, 1978, Indian PM Desai gives a press conference (extreme left is Atal Bihari Vajpayee, then foreign minister, later PM)
GP709 Gujarat, India, day centre for pre-school children, photo by Jean-Luc Ray
GP710 Items found in raid on Marg (rebel terrorist movement) HQ, India
GP711 Public meeting by the committee for central administration on Ladauh, India
GP712 Atal Bihari Vajpayee (head/soldiers portrait), India
GP713 Shri Y B. Chavan, Minister of Home Affairs, India, 16 November 1967
GP714-715 Jagjivan Ram, minister of food and agriculture, India (two different ages)
GP716 Charan Singh, short time prime minister of India
GP717 George Fernandez, defence minister, India
GP718 Dinesh Singh, Indian commerce minister
GP719 Shakuntala Davi, arithmetical genius who can beat computers, India
GP720 Nehru as a child with his father, Pandit Motilal Nehru (great campaigner), and mother Mrs Swarup Rani Nehru (mother died young)
GP721 Family planning poster on back of bus, India, taken at time of enforced male sterilisation
GP722 Bansi Lal chief minister, India, [1970]
GP723 Acharya Vinoba Bhave, India's 82 year old Sarvodaya leader who fasted to press his demand for a ban on the slaughter of cows. Famous Indian figure, often campaigned through fasting
GP724-726 Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, Indian presidential and congress candidate and later President of India (different stages of age). [Article by KK Duggal, 'Sanjiva Reddy - he keeps bouncing back, 1969]
GP727 Shri Swaran Singh, India's Minister of Defence, 16 November 1967
GP728 Dr Chinataman Dwarkanath Deshmukh, right wing opposition parties presidential election candidate [article 'Dr Deshmukh - a strange choice for the right wing' by Chetan Chadha, 1969]
GP729 Nehru on his wedding day with his wife, Kamala
GP730 Kundan Lal Restaurateur Delhi
GP731 Women at Work: Several thousand women work at the Tata steel plant in Jamshedpur, BBihar State, the largest in India. Picture: ILO, III-India-WW-12
GP732 BBC Eastern Service: Indian Section. Maharshi Mahesh Yog (right) on a world tour to start 25,000 Meditation Centres, being interviewed with Ratnakar Bhartiya, 21 December 1959
GP733 Charanjit Kaur: who won the first prize of RS 1.1 million in the Punjab State lottery. Gemini News Service IN9-2M71
GP734 Sambamurthy Thyagarajan: London's new Transport Planning Officer
GP735 India: Gopal Sharman, founder of India's first professional theatre company, and his wife.
GP 756 Annette Bingham slides (15) Concerning Bangladesh.
GP779 Schoolboy artist, a prize and pat of encouragement from India's Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi, herself the mother of two sons.
GP780 Mohar Singh, the "Robin Hood" of the Chambal Valley, with Sarvodaya worker Hemdev Sharma. Singh, wanted for nearly 100 murders, had a price of £10,000 on his head. Copyright Gemini News Service 2PK1 4/72
GP781 Lokman Singh, Mohar Singh and Tehsildar Singh - two generations of bandits
GP782 Family planning promotion on box of matches
GP784 General S.H.F.J. Manekshaw, Chief of Staff of the Indian Army. Gemini News Service IN6-1C70
GP446 Mrs May Francis (plus other negatives and contact prints)
GP1093 Last smallpox case in India, Assam, east India
GP1094 Street hawker, Bombay
GP1095 Festival of flowers, Delhi, 5 October 1967
GP1104 Gandhi with 'Lod Pathick Larence,' Secretary of State, April 1964
GP1105 Gandhi with Kasturba
GP1106 Gandhi with Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, Simla, 1945
GP1107 Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah
GP1108 Barefoot doctor
GP1140 Bengali volunteers rest with weapons, photo by Freer Spreckley, 1971
GP1228 'Vijay in action', photo by AC Pasricha
GP1229 Mrs Aroti Dutt
GP1230 'Mary McGrath,' woman in wheelchair with wreaths
GP1654 Photo and negative, family by river
GP1655 Photo and negatives, Mrs Mary Francis wearing Indian style dress
GP1656 Photo and negative, boarding plane and group of people
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