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Extent32 black and white photographs
Creator NameGemini News Service; 1967-2002; news agency
DescriptionPhotographs selected from the Gemini Photograph Library related to Mozambique.
GP1334 Oxfam's director Brian Walker in Cam Phumo (Lourenco Marques), Mozambique with the Vie-President of Frelimo, Marcelino Dos Santos
GP1335 President Jimmy Carter addressing African officials at a luncheon at UN Headquarters in New York, from IPS, 4th October 1977

Photographs supplied by Abdulla A Suleiman, [c1970s]:
GP1336 Cristanto Kuombamwa, whose family had been massacred by the Portuguese army, accused of helping the Fremilo
GP1337 Committee of inquiry on massacre in Mozambique, in Dare es Salaam
GP1338 A patient being treated by a Frelimo male nurse at the Frelimo Hospital in Mtwara on the Tanzania side
GP1339 Serefine Joao, a young girl who saw women being attacked by the Portuguese army
GP1340 Antonio Mixoni, a boy who escaped at the Wariyamu massacres and informed the priests, and then gave evidence at the United Nations Commission
GP1341 Another witness, Joao Mwenyewe, injured by napalm
GP1342 Palmira dos Santos Manheira
GP1343 Governor Gerneral of Mozambique being greeted by the Tanzanian Head, with Mr [Siyaryelwa] at the International Airport in Lorenzo Marques in Mozambique

GP1345 Malnourished child in Vilanculos, Inhambare, March 1984. By Lindsey Hilsum, UNICEF
GP1346 Women responsible for food production in Mozambique. March 1984. By Lindsey Hilsum, UNICEF
GP1347 Children in Creche of Women's Cooperative in the Green zones surrounding Maputo. By Lindsey Hilsum
GP1348 Driver bringing a train through Chokwe at dusk. By Jeremy Harding
GP1349 Machel with Angola's Agostinho Neto, And Frelimo Vice President Marcelino dos Santos. Camerapix
GP1350 Mr Marcelino dos Santos, Vice president of Frelimo, addressing the Committee of Inquiry on Massacres in Mozambique. Abdulla A Suleiman
GP1351 Guarding the Beira Corridor, life line to coast repeatedly cut by Mozambique's Renamo guerillas. May 1990.
GP1352 British-trained troops leaving for Mozambique. May 1988
GP1353 Victims of war. Mozambican children with model of DC3 plane used to fly in aid to unsafe areas. 1990.
GP1354 Ill children due to war and drought, who have another chance at Casa Banana. by Jeremy Harding
GP1355 A woman with part of her leg missing. By Chris Johnson, Oxfam
GP1356 People gathering to get food, by Chris Johnson, Oxfam
GP1357 Frelimo marching
GP1358 Field Marsahall, President Samora Machel inspects Portuguese soldiers. Abdulla A. Suleiman
GP1359 Visitors from Guinea and Mozambique call on Senator Dudley Thompson. Official photograph from Agency for Public Information

Photographs supplied by Abdulla A Suleiman, [c1974]:
GP1360 Women carring arms captured from Portuguese soldiers who surrendered the Namitil barracks to the Frelimo
GP1361 Frelimo force displaying the light weapons used to fight Portuguese forces
GP1362 Gun from the surrendered barracks caputred by the Frelimos
GP1363 Hoisting of the Frelimo flag in Camp Namitil after the Portuguese soldiers have surrendered
GP1364 Frelimo fighters with guns
GP1365 Frelimo man in military dress teaching a group of young men and women

GP1366 Woman feeding her two year old son who suffers from Kwashiokor with the aid of a feeding scheme run by Marymount mission, Zimbabwe. The mission also feeds children living in refugee camps who fled war in Mozambique.
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