Ref NoGEM/4/1/5/1/78
Extent21 black and white photographs
Creator NameGemini News Service; 1967-2002; news agency
DescriptionPhotographs selected from the Gemini Photograph Library related to Namibia.
GP1367 A family in Namibia
GP1368 A mother and father together at a window in Namibia
GP1369 Namibian shanty [Woch Land Prek] Windhoek
GP1370 Windhoek City. Photographed by [June] Vol Wact
GP1371 At a meeting of the newly formed Namibian Allied Foodworkers Union a member talks about the problems she confronts. July 1981. Photographed by Ruth Massey/UNDP
GP1372 Unemployment in Nautilus township, as in the rest of Namibia was a major problem
GP1373 Namibian school children
GP1374 Untag military at Oshirango Namibia, on the Angolan border. Photographed by [June] Vol Wact
GP1375 The South African border and a sign for Walvis Bay Namibia. Photographed by [Tony Figueira/Sue C Montgomery]
GP1376 A sick Namibian child comforted. Photographed by Felix von Muralt in 1992
GP1377 Namibian men, women and children arriving at the Mohembo border. April 28th 1993. Photographed by Joseph Nekaya
GP1378 Namibian repatriates (hereros) arrive at the Mohembo border post. April 28th 1993. Photographed by Joseph Nekaya
GP1379 Namibian repatriates (hereros) building temporary settlement at Gam. April 29th 1993. Photographed by Joseph Nekaya
GP1380 Namibian school photograph of teacher lecturing class.
GP1381 Namibian school photograph students with teacher.
GP1382 Dr Zedekia Ngavirue giving the Namibia National Front salute.
GP1383 Children giving the victory sign in Southern Namibia.
GP1384 Families of white origin picnic on the banks of the Cunene river at Ruacana in nothern Ovamboland.There is an armoured Casspir truck and a crate filled with handgrenades. Photographed by John Liebenberg
GP1385 A mother and child walk along the Cunene River in Northern Namibia with an armoured Casspir next to them. Photographed by John Liebenberg
GP1386 A mother and two children in a doorway. May 1990
GP1387 Namibians holding slips of paper [possibly to vote]. Photographed by Hugo Dixon 1989
GP1388 Mother and child resting on a tree with a queue of people extending past them [waiting to vote] Photographed by Hugo Dixon 1989
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