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TitleNew Zealand - general
Extent81 photographs
Creator NameGemini News Service; 1967-2002; news agency
DescriptionPhotographs selected from the Gemini Photograph Library related to New Zealand (General):
GP1407 - 50 ft high Pouihi( traditional totem pole like wood carving); rough montage of final appearance of Pouihi
GP1408 - Inia Te Wiata showing Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother his carving.
GP1409 - A detail from a traditional canoe prow which forms the wing of the Pouihi.
GP1410 - A man working on a carving.
GP1411 - 5th log of the Pouihi being positioned.
GP1412 - One of the prows of the Pouihi being fitted.
GP1413 - Jack Foster running a marathon.
GP1414 - Sir Edmund Hillary.
GP1415 - Graeme J. Caughley; New Zealand wildlife expert.
GP1416 - Mystery carved head recovered from site of Old Maori settlement.
GP1417 - 7 carvings.
GP1418 - Professor Ritchie examining 1827 Maori school book.
GP1419 - Maureen Kingi ( Miss New Zealand); 1962.
GP1420 - John Walker.
GP1421 - Kiri Te Kanawa.
GP1422 - Dr Anne Chapman.
GP1423 - Pilot Helen Schrafft.
GP1424 - Mrs Paddy Walker.
GP1425 - Nessa Robertson and cousins as children.
GP1426 - Beth Robertson and Nessa.
GP1427/ GP1428 - Tim Round (world wanderer).
GP1429 - John Pryde ( General Secretary Federated Farmers of New Zealand).
GP1430 - Mr and Mrs Edward Pohio and son Adrian on their North Island farm.
GP1431 - Peter Plummer ( Dominian President Federated Farmers of New Zealand); photographer: Greig Royle.
GP1432 - Peter Plummer admiring sunflower orchard with family.
GP1433 - Sir George and Lady Manning holding a lamp; photograph by: Max Wederell.
GP1434 - Sir George and Lady Manning holding a photograph.
GP1435 - Jan Kingsbury and daughter Brita; photograph by Max Wederell.
GP1436 - Beatrice Okai and Janet Koranteng in Christchurch, New Zealand; photograph by Max Wederell.
GP1437 - Lady Hillary.
GP1438 - Aerial view of Kaingaroa Forest; 1969.
GP1439 - Little Mangere Island; photographer : DV Merton.
GP1440 - Sherril Cooper and Gillian Francis dancing in "Charade"; [1967]; John Ashton photography.
GP1441 - John Hutton; New Zealand artist and engraver.
GP1442 - Crandal Parkinson and Para Matchitt with stone slabs for hotel in Rotorua.
GP1443 - Farmer Thomas and son on farm near Christchurch.
GP1444 - Sign saying " More Land" on Bastion Point( Auckland, New Zealand); photoghraph by: John Miller ( March 1982).
GP1445 - Dr H.P.B Harvey examining a Maori patient ( Rotorua, New Zealand).
GP1446 - Blood sample being taken from a young Maori women.
GP1447 - Maori from Ruatahuna blows into device to check lung capacity.
GP1448 - Duke Johnson ( Maori mining superintendent) holding a fistful of mined earth.
GP1449/GP 1450 - 2 photographs of Lake Manapouri.
GP1451/GP 1452 - Eroded landscape / Ross Annabel.
GP1453 - Roadside bank; East Coast North Island, man sitting in car with door open.
GP1454 - Morrinsville Dairy Factory; worker with Evaporator to produce skimmed milk.
GP1455 - Morrinsville Dairy Factory; worker with giant botter churns and huge mounds of butter.
GP1456 - Morrinsville Dairy Factory; worker examining stainless steel cream storage vats.
GP1457 - Morrinsville Dairy Factory; worker examining control panel in main process room.
GP1458 - Morrinsville Dairy Factory with milk tanker in the foreground.
GP1459 - Morrinsville Dairy Factory; worker watching huge vats.
GP1460 - Nigerian student ( Miss Abimola Nicol) amongst other students on teacher training course in Auckland.
GP1461 - 5 Malaysian female students pose under Mansfield memorial in Wellington, New Zealand;( February 1967).
GP1462 - Kenyan student ( Josgua Ouko Omar) coming down steps at Auckland Grammar School with 3 fellow students.
GP1463 - Graduates from Sabah, Thailand, Malaya and New Zealand on graduation day; (March 1967).
GP1464 - Safe Air officials trying out seating in capsule section; General manager Mr D P Lynskey; photograph by MS Griffiths.
GP1465 - Safe Air aircraft (Bristol Freighter) on runway at Wellington airport, workmen.
GP1466 - Bristol Freighter in the air near Blenheim coastline.
GP1467 - Communal living accommodation at Beevile.
G01468 - Ray Hansen in Beeville's extensive garden.
GP1469 - Ray Hansen working on a bee-hive.
GP1470/GP1471/GP1472 - 4 men aboard Hamilton jet barge prototype during trials( Tauranga Bay); photograph by Peter Hoggard. Car driving aboard the Hamilton jet barge prototype; photograph by Peter Hoggard. Mayor RA Owens.
GP1473 - Unidentified man; possibly Bruce Robinson.
GP1474 - Bruce Robinson (bath attendent at Queen Elizabeth Hospital) preparing hot mud pack.
GP1475 - Patients exercise in hot thermal pool (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Rotorua).
GP1476/GP1477 - Bryan Todd (Head of New Zealand's Oil Industry).
GP 1478/GP1479 - Peter J Lester (Inventor of the Revolving house)
GP1480/GP 1481 - Scientist checking the temperature of the volcanic crater lake Ruapehu.
GP1482 - Lieutenant Commander CV Harris (warden in one of new Zealand's paediatric detention centres).
GP1483 - Paediatric detention centre, Parnell, Auckland.
GP1484 - Lieutenant Commander CV Harris (warden in one of new Zealand's paediatric detention centres) and the centre at Parnell, Auckland.
GP1485 - Vice president Francis Sanford of Tahiti and Dick Ukeiwe of New Caledonia; photograph by David Robie.
GP1486 - Brigadier Brian Poananga.
GP1487 - Hiria Moffat.
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