Ref NoGEM/4/1/5/1/86
Date[c1960-c late 1980s]
Extent3 colour and 28 black and white photographs
Creator NameGemini News Service; 1967-2002; news agency
DescriptionPhotographs selected from the Gemini Photograph Library related to Pakistan.
GP305 Small boy on rubbish area in Peshwar's Lamabad suburbs, Photo by Len McCrane
GP306 Street sweeper clears rubbish, Photo by Len McCrane
GP951 [Former editor] Maleeha Lodi Pakistan's ambassador to US
GP952 Rawalpindi Mr Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was sworn in as the first directly elected Pres. on April 21 under an interium constitut adopted by the National Assembly on April 17.
GP953 It was the first time that a head of state in Pakistan took oath of office in full public view outside the precincts of the President House. A croud of over half a million watched the ceremony.
GP954 With their rifles near them, young Bengali volunteers pause for rest on their 100-mile trek to the Faridpur District to link up with the main Mukti Bahini forces in the area. In the bundles are parts of other weapon, including mortars. Picture by Freer Spreckley. Gemini News Service 1PK6-10/71
GP955 Lt. Col. N.D Ahmad, Principal of Faujdarhat Cadet College in East Pakistan, in front of dining hall as boys queue for lunch.
GP956 A close up of the upper jaw of 9 1/2 million year old Sivapithecus discovered by an internal scientific team in Potwar region, Southern Punijab, Pakistan recently.
GP957 Khan Abdul Wali Khan Leader of the National Awami Party 1PK1 4/72 Gemini News Service
GP958 Press Conference by Ambassador Muhammad Zafrulla Khan United Nations, New York, 29 January 1962
GP959 Animal driven carts carrying [straw]
GP960-62 Parrots carrying mail (GP960-61 negatives)
GP963 Air Marshal Asshar Khan
GP964 Vice-Admiral A. R. Khan, Defence Minister of Pakistan
GP965 Gen. A. M. Yahya Khan President.
GP966 First Military President Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub, N. PK., H.J., President of Pakistan.
GP967 Mr Duncan Sands, a former British Commonwealth Secretary (left) called on the Foreign Minister, Mr Zulfikar Ali Bhutto this morning June 10 1965 F.2. 372
GP968 A Mukti Bahani patrol lines up for orders at the Faridpur base before setting out to attack a radio station twenty miles away. They killed eight Pakistani soldiers, ten auxiliaries, and silenced the radio station. Gemini News Service picture by Freer Spreckley. 25-10-71
GP969 Freedom fighters in the Jessore District, Picture by Freer Spreckley
GP970-79 Freedom fighters trick to Bangladesh Picture by Freer Spreckley
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