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Creator NameGemini News Service; 1967-2002; news agency
DescriptionSelection of newspaper cuttings of Gemini News Service articles relating to Europe.

Subjects covered include: Europol faces legal, political obstacles, 1996; French presidency of the European Economic Community (EEC) and single market plan, 1990; Danish cancer patients, 1997; Saami people of Norway fight for land rights, 1997; formation of new French Commonwealth and its ramifications and aims, nd; John Major hanging on despite troubles, 1996; fall of the Berlin wall and changes in Europe, 1989; events that brought the second world war to Britain, 1990; negotiations for the Lome Convention 1990, 1989; fear of pollutant effects of Chernobyl disaster in Sweden, 1990; European banks to cut debts owed by Third World Countries, 1990; Malta's application for European Community (EC) membership, 1990; North Sea pollution, 1991; debate on the growth of EC membership, 1991; anti-immagration feeling in Europe, 1990-1991; change in relations between South Africa and the Soviet Union, 1990; homeless youths in Europe, 1991; acrimony between the KGB and former spy-catchers, 1990; muslim man (Sadik Ahmet) elected to Greek parliament, 1989; President Gorbachev's perestroika, 1989; exodus of ethnic Turks from Bulgaria, 1989; Commonwealth bid to stop European Community from lifting sanctions against South Africa, 1990-1991; religious freedom in The Soviet Union( USSR),1989; North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) faces up to end of Cold War, nd; Expo 1992 Sevilla(Seville), [1992]; effects of war on Dubrovnic, 1991; protectionism in world trade, 1993; future of the Maastricht Treaty, 1992; disposal of plastic waste produced in Europe, 1993; Azebaijanis fighting Armenians, 1993; recession in Europe, 1993; Turkey's attempts at westernization, 1993; Finns fear post cold war Russia, 1993; Eurotunnel, [1994]; EU presidency, 1994; Cold War arms for sale, 1994; multi culturalism in Bosnia, 1995; Seismic research in Greece, 1995; Polish empathy with Chechenia, 1995; Jonathan Edwards (British triple jumper) awarded MBE, nd; future of secularism in Turkey, 1996.
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