Ref NoGEM/4/1/5/1/25
Extent28 black and white photographs and 2 negatives
Creator NameGemini News Service; 1967-2002; news agency
DescriptionPhotographs selected from the Gemini Photograph Library related to China.
GP233 [Sangey Yeshe]
GP237 Governer Youde in amongst a crowd
GP238 Richard Luce and Governer Youde
GP524:Chris Mullin, surrounded by children in a Peking suburb
GP525 Man by wooden hut, Photo by Chris Mullin
GP526 Primary school singing lesson. Photo by Chris Mullin
GP527 Street scene, Shanghai. Photo by Chris Mullin
GP528 Students at Peking University. Photo by Chris Mullin
GP 529 Jimmy Carter with Deng Xiaoping, Washington January 1979
GP530 Walter Mondale with Deng Xiaoping, August 1979.
GP531 2 copies of girl welder in Shanghai. Photo by Derek Ingram
GP532 Acupuncture classes in Shanghai,1972
GP533 Patient after Tubectomy by Acupuncture anesthethic, 1972
GP534 Tumour removed by acupuncture surgery
GP535 Doctors work on a patient for adominal surgery by acupuncture
GP542 Photograph and negative of acupuncture treatment at Deaf Mute School in Kwangchow - November 1972: Photo by Derek Ingram
GP543 School girls rehearsing for China's national day parade. Photo by Chris Mullin
GP544 2 copies of children
GP545 2 copies of men building a wall at Sha Shih-yu. Photo by Chris Mullins
GP546 Negative of Deaf mute school girl recieving acupuncture, Kwangchow.
GP547 A chinese market.
GP548 Chinese metrologists
GP549 Chinese scientists with organism specimens
GP550 Mr Rafael Salas (UNFPA)
GP551 Female welder in Shanghai. Photo by Derek Ingram
GP552 Derek Ingram with Chou En-lai in Beijing (first visit of journalists to china after cultural revolution)
GP1232 Chris Mullin, the author of the And Then Came Mao series surrounded by children in a Peking suburb
GP1233 A group of Chinese children
GP1234 A photo of two men resting on a bed
GP1235 Two Chinese men putting up a wall
GP1236 A brick-layer at work
GP1237 A group of people putting up a wall
GP1238 A group of Chinese lchildren pause to watch a foreigner taking a picture of them
GP1239 Cheng Ching-chu talks withe her fellow students at the University of Peking
GP1240 A street scene in Shanghai
GP1241 A street scene in Shanghai (as above)
GP1242 Sir Robert Hart's Chinese band
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Primary School Students
University Students

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