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TitleAdvertising Agency records
Extent2 files
Creator NameManchester Guardian and Evening News Limited; Chairman's Office; Laurence Prestwich Scott
DescriptionFolder labelled 'Company Publicity' containing copies of correspondence, and meeting minutes with Cross-Courtnay Advertising (1949-1950), The London Press Exchange (1950-1964), and with SH Benson Ltd Advertising (1964-undated).

Contents include, report titled 'The Guardian as a Product', 30 April 1964, by The London Press Exchange, with comments by Kenneth Searle and Alastair Hetherington, and with reference made to newspaper contributors Neville Cardus and Alistair Cooke; 'A Report on the Advertising Covering the Election Period September/ October, 1964'; copies of advertising pulls published in The New Statesman, The Observer, Granta University Magazine, The Evening Standard, The Times Literary Supplement, The Times Educational Supplement and Advertisers Weekly, 5 September- 27 November 1964, with a printed 'Schedule of Advertising' (labelled appendix b), 'Tam Ratings' (appendix c), 'Press Releases' (appendix d) and 'Pamphlet' on From now Until Polling Day (appendix e); letter giving notice of a termination of the advertising arrangement made with The London Press Exchange, 3 July 1964, and letter confirming the services of SH Benson Ltd as a replacement, 16 July 1964; note on 'Guardian Promotion', made by Searle, 18 April 1963 and accompanying correspondence with Rex Hearn; arrangements for printing a 'Guardian Publicity Booklet', July 1964; section of correspondence labelled 'Notes used in discussions for the autumn 1963 campaign'; booklet entitled 'The Guardian 1963/4', concerning promotional plans; memo to the Guardian circulation department on 'Guardian Publicity and Promotion', 20 December 1962; report by The London Press Exchange titled 'Advertising Proposals 1962/1963'; note by WJ Lascelles, indicating that the contract made between the Guardian and The London Press Exchange should be severed, due to increased costs; papers concerning readership surveys, undertaken by Research Services Ltd; note to London Press Exchange on 'What does the Guardian offer of its own to the prospective reader?', by Hetherington, 5 March 1961; printed document titled 'London Printing, Progress Report', 8 March 1961; correspondence with the public, over specific advertising campaigns, 1959; survey on 'Cambridge 'Undergraduates, 1959' by Research Services Ltd; correspondence with The London Press Exchange on a report entitled 'The Mass Media and Social Class in Great Britain', September 1959; correspondence concerned with the advertising arrangement held with ABC television, 1959; general correspondence with The London Press Exchange concerning advertising campaigns and the use of straplines, 1957-1959; report titled 'Manchester Guardian, Advertising Proposals January- April 1955'; correspondence with the public concerning specific campaigns, 1952-1954, and correspondence with Cross-Courtenay Ltd. Advertising Agency, 1949-1950, including a table of press advertising for the Guardian, 19 March 1949- 21 May 1949.

Folder labelled 'Company Public Relations, 1960-65', containing miscellaneous correspondence, concerning company PR fuctions and organisation, and rearrangement of the marketing department, 31 October 1960- 7 January 1965, with some undated.
System Of ArrangementSubject and chronological
Access StatusOpen
Public Relations
Printed document

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