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TitleThompson/Times Negotiations
Extent1 file
Creator NameManchester Guardian and Evening News Limited; Chairman's Office; Laurence Prestwich Scott
DescriptionFolder containing correspondence on the negotiations between the Times and the Guardian, titled 'Negotiations with The Times- Pre-Thomson 1965/66'. Contents include memorandum by LPS to Alastair Hetherington, regarding his memorandum on the same, 19 November 1966; Letter from LPS to Richard Scott on the situation, suggesting that given its severity, he 'come over soon for another discussion' and attaching a report, composed by himself, on the paper's dismal prospects, 5 January 1967; 'Preparation notes for first full meeting' with the Times, composed by LPS, draft and typed copies, 9 November 1965; 'Extracts from Original Scott Trust Settlement Dated 10 June 1936'; the Times balance sheet, 31 December 1964; the Times balance sheet, 31 December 1963; 'Form of Annual Return of a Company having a Share Capital',the Times Publishing Company, 24 June 1965; 'New Building Policy' by LPS, 15 September 1965; summary of the present situation by LPS, May 1966; 'Note of a meeting with Sir William Haley', 3 sets of notes by Alastair Hetherington, dated 16 November, 25 November and 7 December 1965; file titled 'Chairman' containing correspondence with Gavin Astor and William Haley concerning the proposed merger with the Times, June 1965 - March 1966.

Folder titled 'Thomson/Times, Takeover October 1966 and Repercussions - General' , containing letter from LPS to Gavin Astor proposing that they meet again 'when the dust has settled', 12 December 1966; collection of newspaper sales comparisons and circulation figures, c. June 1965 - December 1965; note by Alastair Hetherington on 'The Guardian, the Trust, and the future', 17 November 1966; memorandum from Richard Scott to LPS and Alastair Hetherington, suggesting that if either resign, they will precipitate a dissolution of the company, and emphasising the need to find a resolution, 24 November 1966; letter to Gavin Astor, suggesting a cooling off of negotiations, 27 May 1966; estimate of the effects of printing the Guardian in a single centre, January 1967; 'Points from a meeting with Lord [Arnold] Goodman', 30 December 1966; correspondence with Lord Thomson regarding Thomson shares in North News Ltd, January 1967; correspondence and memos concerning economies and reducing costs, December 1966; 'The Guardian Today and Tomorrow', undated; letter from Alastair Hetherington, undated; letter from Richard Scott, discussing the situation, 22 October 1965.

Folder titled 'Thomson/Times, Monopolies Commission', with typewritten sheet at front of file, headed 'Correspondence from LPS's confidential files photocopied for PWG [Peter Gibbings] on 1 February 1971'. Contains correspondence with Lord Thomson of Fleet, regarding the printing of both the Guardian and the Times and Sunday Times at Thomson House, Gray's Inn Road, October - December 1966; correspondence, and minutes of meetings with the Monopolies Commission on the same, October - December 1966; list of members of the Monopolies Commission, undated; memorandums to and from AH on the same, October - December 1966; draft and actual copies of contract made between the Thomson Organisation Ltd and the Manchester Guardian and Evening News Ltd to renew a printing agreement, November 1966, and undated; report by LPS titled 'Manchester Guardian and Evening News Limited', August 1966, concerning their financial position; reports and correspondence exploring the cost of independent London printing, [November 1966]; balance sheets for the Daily Telegraph and its subsideries, 31st March 1964; envelope addressed 'Papers taken to top secret full meeting' containing annotated notes pages titled 'Points for Discussion', 'Appointment of an Editor', 'the Manchester Evening News', 'Comet', 'Personalities', 'The Character of the Paper', 'Company Arrangements' and 'Further Progress', 3 November 1965.

Folder titled 'Thomson/Times, Proposed Consortium', containing correspondence with Alastair Hetherington, Kenneth Searle, Claud Morris ( in his capacity as chairman of Voice Newspaper Investments) and others, on the financial implications and considerations of the proposed Times/ Guardian merger, November 1966; envelope containing minutes of a meeting of the Times Merger Group with Voice Newspaper Investments, 9th November 1966, and newspaper article on 'Press mergers and monopolies: Is this the answer to the trend of today?' by Claud Morris, July 1965; envelope titled 'complete set with attachments', containing 8 statements made to the Monopolies Commission, [November 1966].

Folder titled 'Thomson/Times, Readers Letters', containing letters from readers, with replies attached. Subject matter ranges from speculative job applications, to expressions of concern and solidarity for the fate of the Guardian (and remedative suggestions), and comments on individual articles printed, November 1966 - February 1967.

Also contains letter from Labour, Liberal and Conservative MPs David Marquand, Jo Grimond, Richard Wainwright, GR Strauss, John Mendleson, Kenneth Lewis, Roy Hattersley, Charles Pannell, and DET Luard, expressing support for 'all the efforts which you and your colleagues are making to ensure the survival of this essential and distinguished newspaper', 21 December 1966.
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