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TitleCuttings book
DateOctober 1992 - January 1993
Extent1 volume
Creator NameGuardian Newspapers Limited
DescriptionCuttings of each of the Guardian's leading articles with manuscript annotations of the author's initials, 2 October 1992 - 19 January 1993. Many of the articles in this volume have no annotated, leaving the author anonymous. Leading articles were published anonymously each day as the collective view of the newspaper. Researchers should note that leaders do not necessarily express the personal views of their writers.

The following leading articles have no author identified:
*new: 2 October 1992: An attack, a retreat and a blunder
*new: 2 October 1992: A pardon or a reprieve?
*new: 2 October 1992: Gory in the garden
*new: 3 October 1992: An action state and actions stations
*new: 3 October 1992: Hello again, Perot again
*new: 5 October 1992: The agony of trial by peers
*new: 5 October 1992: To spend or not to spend
*new: 6 October 1992: Survival in the Brighton crucible
*new: 6 October 1992: Guns and ballots
*new: 6 October 1992: The Schiphol equation
*new: 7 October 1992: Floating in the drowning pool
*new: 7 October 1992: Education on the cheap
*new: 7 October 1992: No case for partition
*new: 8 October 1992: The lady of visions needs a miracle
*new: 8 October 1992: Half a pace to freedom
*new: 8 October 1992: Sinking the Jubilee?
*new: 9 October 1992: A shuffling of the monetary deckchairs
*new: 9 October 1992: Tories under the skin
*new: 10 October 1992: Traitors and the greater gate
*new: 10 October 1992: Beyond frontiers
*new: 12 October 1992: Those who are too weak to fight back
*new: 12 October 1992: The economic roaders
*new: 13 October 1992: The real piper and the real tune
*new: 13 October 1992: Ballots to bullets
*new: 13 October 1992: One for the birds
*new: 16 October 1992: A fine and an infernal mess
*new: 16 October 1992: Death and delay
*new: 16 October 1992: London's empty beds
*new: 17 October 1992: The big picture, the small print
*new: 17 October 1992: The point of one point
*new: 19 October 1992: Devil of a brew
*new: 20 October 1992: The lion retreats like a lamb
*new: 20 October 1992: Wanted: a real review
*new: 20 October 1992: Value for the adding
*new: 21 October 1992 (first edition): When the team at the top collapses
*new: 21 October 1992 (first edition): Themselves alone
*new: 21 October 1992: Written in the winds
*new: 21 October 1992 (final edition): The night of the turned turtles
*new: 21 October 1992 (final edition): Tough at the top
*new: 22 October 1992: Building blocks for return to growth
*new: 22 October 1992: The mane minus might
*new: 22 October 1992: The killing of Bosnia
*new: 23 October 1992: The world falls on its sword of trade
*new: 23 October 1992: The door still closes
*new: 23 October 1992: Eggs for the memory
*new: 24 October 1992: Closure, with a report behind it
*new: 24 October 1992: The last one left
*new: 26 October 1992: Unions rise from the canvas
*new: 26 October 1992: Patten touches the tiger's buttocks
*new: 28 October 1992: The voice of the true believer
*new: 29 October 1992: Wanted: a growth plan for Europe
*new: 29 October 1992: The Danish difference
*new: 29 October 1992: Boerish behaviour
*new: 30 October 1992: The ghost at Norman Lamont's banquet
*new: 30 October 1992: Peace in whose time?
*new: 30 October 1992: Preserving Mammon
*new: 31 October 1992: It's going to be tough at the top
*new: 2 November 1992: Naming names in Angola
*new: 2 November 1992: Looking after non-smokers
*new: 3 November 1992: What if the big vote is lost?
*new: 3 November 1992: Roads of desparation
*new: 3 November 1992: All boys together
*new: 4 November 1992 (early edition): The ebbing of the welfare state
*new: 4 November 1992: The trials of Yeltsin
*new: 4 November 1992: Crashing together
*new: 4 November 1992 (late edition); Clinton: the change and the challenge
*new: 6 November 1992: The oilseeds of recovery
*new: 6 November 1992: Throwing the book
*new: 9 November 1992: Maastricht after the trade wars
*new: 9 November 1992: Children come first
*new: 11 November 1992: The old tunes back in the hit parade
*new: 11 November 1992: Boris warm, Boris chilly
*new: 12 November 1992: The Synod casts the final vote
*new: 12 November 1992: Mr Kohl keeps calm
*new: 12 November 1992: Ulster is frozen
*new: 13 November 1992: Growth is the missing ingredient
*new: 13 November 1992: The benefit of the doubt
*new: 13 November 1992: Early to bed
*new: 14 November 1992: What can blow this house down?
*new: 14 November 1992: The wages of restraint
*new: 31 December 1992: The quangos keep coming
*new: 9 January 1992: The battle for young hearts and minds
*new: 9 January 1992: Killing in a corner

Generally two leading articles were published on Mondays, three from Tueday to Friday and one on Saturday. From Monday to Saturday the leading articles appear in column format on the left hand side of the page, under the heading 'Comment' rather than the traditional heading 'The Guardian'. On Saturdays they appear across the top third of the page, under the heading 'Comment and Analysis, The Guardian' with the date.

The authors identified in this volume are (in alphabetical order):
MD - Malcolm Dean
JG - [John Gittings]
MJ - (27 October 1992)
VK - Vic Keegan
MK - Martin Kettle
DMcK - David McKie
PP - Peter Preston
System Of ArrangementChronological
Access StatusOpen
FormatPrinted document
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