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TitleCuttings book
DateJanuary 1993 - June 1993
Extent1 volume
Creator NameGuardian Newspapers Limited
DescriptionCuttings of each of the Guardian's leading articles with manuscript annotations of the author's initials, 20 January 1993 - 12 June 1993. Leading articles were published anonymously each day as the collective view of the newspaper. Researchers should note that leaders do not necessarily express the personal views of their writers.

The following leading articles have no author identified:
*new: 19 April 1993: A fighting chance on a wider stage
*new: 19 April 1993: Unanimous verdict for majority rule
*new: 8 May 1993: Catalyst for a national alternative
*new: 22 May 1993: The mother of all battles
*new: 24 May 1993: Big mouths, but where's the teeth?
*new: 24 May 1993: Out of control in the spending bus
*new: 4 June 1993: Germany is falling over a cliff
*new: 4 June 1993: What kind of Spain?
*new: 4 June 1993: Oslo calamity!

Generally two leading articles were published on Mondays, three from Tueday to Friday and one on Saturday. From Monday to Friday the leading articles appear in column format on the left hand side of the page, under the heading 'Comment' rather than the traditional heading 'The Guardian'. From Tuesday 2 March 1993 the traditional practice is resumed with the weekday columns appear under the heading 'The Guardian' with the date. From Tuesday 9 March 1993 the heading is changed to 'The Guardian: comment' with the address '119 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3ER' and the date.

On Saturdays the leading article appears across the top third of the page, under the heading 'Comment and Analysis, The Guardian' with the date. From 13 March this is changed to 'The Leader Page, The Guardian' with the date.

The authors identified in this volume are (in alphabetical order):
MD - Malcolm Dean
JF - Jonathan Freedland
JG - [John Gittings]
VK - Vic Keegan
MK - Martin Kettle
DMcK - David McKie
PP - Peter Preston

The binding on this volume has completely disolved.
System Of ArrangementChronological
Access StatusOpen
FormatPrinted document
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