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TitlePicture Library subject files for subjects beginning with letter A
Extent33 boxes
Creator NameThe Guardian; Picture Desk; London Picture Library
DescriptionPrints by Guardian/Observer photographers

Box 1
Abbeys: Bolton
Abbeys: Buckfast (Frank Martin)
Abbeys: Calke
Abbeys: Crowland
Abbeys: Fountains
Abbeys: general
Abbeys: Rievaulx
Abbeys: Westminster
Abbeys: Whitby
Abortion: protests: anti-abortion: abroad
Abortion: protests: anti-abortion: GB
Abortion: protests: pro-abortion: GB
Accidents: aircraft: abroad
Accidents: aircraft: Coventry, Air Algerie 737 (December 1994)
Accidents: aircraft: GB: 1963-1976
Accidents: aircraft: GB: 1977-1980
Accidents: aircraft: GB: 1981-1983

Box 2
Accidents: aircraft: GB: 1984-
Accidents: aircraft: GB: M1 motorway Boeing 737 crash -1989
Accidents: aircraft: GB: Manchester (1985) and enquiry (1986)
Accidents: aircraft: GB: Trident crash at Staines -1972 (most by Kenneth Saunders)
Accidents: building industry
Accidents: climbing
Accidents: drowning: Stoke Poges schoolboys off landsend
Accidents: gas
Accidents: general
Accidents: marine: 1963-1970
Accidents: marine: 1973-1974
Accidents: marine: 1975-1976
Accidents: marine: 1977-1980
Accidents: marine: 1981-1989
Accidents: marine: 1990-
Accidents: marine: 'Marchioness' river boat tragedy -1989
Accidents: marine: European Gateway (1982)
Accidents: marine: Herald of Free Enterprise (1987) - trial
Accidents: marine: Herald of Free Enterprise: Zeebrugge - 1987
Accidents: marine: Herald of Free Enterprise: 1987- inquiry

Box 3
Accidents: Marine: Oil rigs: Piper alpha - 1988
Accidents: Marine: Oil Tankers: 1968- 1980 (only)
Accidents: Marine: Penlee lifeboat disaster (1981)
Accidents: Mining: G.B.: 1962-75
Accidents: Mining: G.B.: 1978-
Accidents: Nuclear
Accidents: Nuclear: Chernobyl
Accidents: Rail: Abroad: 1980-
Accidents: Rail: G.B.: 1971-75 (only)
Accidents: Rail: GB: 1976-79
Accidents: Rail: GB: 1980-83 (only)
Accidents: Rail: GB: Cannon Street - Jan 1991
Accidents: Rail: GB: Ealing - 1973
Accidents: Rail: GB: Hither Green - 1967
Accidents: Rail: GB: 1963-69 (only)
Accidents: Rail: GB: 1984-
Accidents: Rail: GB: Clapham Junction (1988)
Accidents: Rail: GB: Purley (1989)
Accidents: Rail: GB: Stafford (7/3/96)
Accidents: Rail: GB: Underground: Kings Cross (1987) - Inquiry
Accidents: Rail: GB: Underground: 1976
Accidents: Rail: GB: Southall train crash ( 19/9/97)

Box 4
Accidents: Rail: GB: Underground: Moorgate Tube disaster - 1975
Accidents: Rail: GB: Underground: Kings Cross (1987)
Accidents: Rail: GB: Watford Junction (Aug 1996)
Accidents: Abroad: 1966-
Accidents: Road: Joyriders - Winter 1991
Accidents: Road: GB: 1964-1970
Accidents: Road: GB: 1971-75
Accidents: Road: GB: M4 Motorway crash: March 1991
Accidents: Road: GB: 1980-1982 (only)
Accidents: Road: GB: 1976-79
Accidents: Road: GB: 1983-84 (only)
Accidents: To spectators
Accidents: To spectators: Hillsborough: Aftermath
Accidents to spectators: Hillsborough (1989)
Accidents To Spectators: Hillsborough: Inquiry

Box 5
Advertising: Clothing: General
Advertising: Food/drink general
Advertising: Food/drink: Guinness
Advertising: General: File 1
Advertising: General: File 2
Advertising: Motor Vehicles
Aerosol sprays
Afghanistan: Civil War: Forces: General
Afghanistan: Civil War: 1978-80
Afghanistan: Civil War: Forces: Mojahedin
Afghanistan: General
Afghanistan: Russian Intervention: 1980 (only)
Afghanistan: Russian Internvention: 1981 (only)
Afghanistan: Russian Intervention: Protests and Demos: Abroad
Afghanistan: Russian Intervention: Refugees
Afghanistan: Russian Intervention: 1982-
Africa General
Africa South: Pictures by Don McPhee - 1994
Africa South: Pictures by Don McPhee 1994
Africa South: Pictures by Don McPhee 1994
Africa South: Pictures by Roger Omond

Box 6
Africa:South: Agriculture
Africa:South: Capetown
Africa:South: Education
Africa:South: General
Africa:South General: Colour
Africa:South: Gold Mining
Africa:South: Industry
Africa:South: Johannesburg
Africa:South: Labour
Africa:South: Labour: Strikes and Protests
Africa:South: Police
Africa: South: Politics
Africa: South: Politics - 1950 - Taken for J. Harker's Apartheid
Africa: South: Politics: 1994 Election
Africa: South: Politics - 1960s Taken for J Harker's Apartheid
Africa: South: Politics - 1970s Taken for J Harker's Apartheid
Africa: South: Politics - 1980s Taken for J Harker's Apartheid
Africa: South: Politics - 1990s Taken for J Harker's Apartheid
Afica: South: Politics: Afrikaanse Weestandse Beweging
Africa: South: Prisons
Africa: South: Racial Policy: General
Africa: South: Racial Policy: Homelands
Africa: South: Racial Policy: Protests and Demos: ABR: GB: 1964-1970
Africa: South: Racial Policy: Protests and demos: ABR: GB: 1971- 1975 (only)
Africa: South: Racial Policy: Protests and demos: ABR: GB: 1978- 1979 (only)
Africa: South: Racial Policy: Protests and demos: ABR: GB: 1976- 1977 (only)
Africa: South: Racial Policy: Protests and demos: ABR: GB: 1980- 1984 (only)
Africa: South: Racial Policy: Protests and demos: ABR: GB: 1985-

Box 7
Africa: South: Racial Policy: Protests and demos: Abroad: General
Africa: South: Racial Policy: Protests and demos: ABR: New Zealand
Africa: South: Racial Policy: Protests and demos: General: 1956-1984
Africa: South: Racial Policy: Protests and demos: General: 1986- 1989 (Only)
Africa: South: Racial Policy: Protests and demos: General: 1990- 1994 (Only)
Africa: South: Racial Policy: Protests and demos: General: 1985 (only)
Africa: South: Racial Policy: Protests and demos: Soweto: 1976
Africa: South: Racial Policy: Townships and camps: Crossroads
Africa: South: Racial Policy: Townships and camps: General
Africa: South: Racial Policy: Townships and camps: Soweto
Africa: South: Transkei
Agriculture: Displays
Agriculture: Crop Circles
Agriculture: Displays: Smithfield show
Agriculture: Farmers
Agriculture: Farmers: Protests and demonstrations
Agriculture: Farms: General

Box 8
Agriculture: Farms: Fruit
Agriculture: Farms: Urban
Agriculture: Fertilisers
Agriculture: General
Agriculture: Labour: Harvesting
Agriculture: Labour
Agriculture: Labour: Ploughing
Agriculture: Labour: Protests and demonstrations
Agriculture: Machinery
Agriculture: Organic farming
Agriculture: Research
Albania: Education
Albania: Pics by Sean Smith
Albania: General file 1
Albania: General file 1
Albania: Poverty and Destruction
Albania: Healthcare
Albania: Refugees

Box 9
Algeria: General
Algeria: War of Independence
Amnesty international
Anatomy: eyes
Anatomy: Mouths
Anatomy: Ears
Anatomy: Feet
Anatomy: General
Anatomy: Hands
Anatomy: Noses
Ancient: Buildings and Monuments
Angola: Politics
Angola: General
Angola: South African Incursions
Angola: War of liberation

Box 10
Animals: Cruelty
Animals: Conservation
Animals: Individual: Antelopes
Animals: Individual: Apes
Animals: Individual: Baboons
Animals: Individual: Badgers
Animals: Individual: Bats
Animals: Individual: Bears
Animals: Individual: Bears: Koala bears
Animals: Individual: Bears: Polar Bears
Animals: Individual: Bison
Animals: Individual: Bongos
Animals: individual: Camels
Animals: Individual: Cats
Animals: Cattle
Animals: Individual:Cattle: BSE
Animals: Individual:Cattle: Protests and Demonstrations
Animals: Individual: Cheetahs

Box 11
Animals: Individuals: Chimpanzees
Animals: Individuals: Deer
Animals: Individuals: Dog Baiting
Animals: Individuals: Dogs: Battersy Dogs Home
Animals: Individuals: Dogs: Dangerous
Animals: Individuals: Dogs: General
Animals: Individuals: Dogs: Dog Racing
Animals: Individuals: Dogs: Shows
Animals: Individuals: Dogs: Shows - 1968-76
Animals: Individuals: Donkeys
Animals: Individuals: Duck billed Platypus
Animals: Individuals: Elephants
Animals: Individuals: Ferrets
Animals: Individuals: Foxes
Animals: Individuals: Frogs and toads

Box 12
Animals: General
Animals: Individuals: Giraffes
Animals: Individuals: Gnus
Animals: Individuals: Goats
Animals: Individuals:Gorillas
Animals: Individuals: Gorillas: Alfred
Animals: Individuals: Guinea pigs
Animals: Individuals: Hares
Animals: Individuals: Hedgehogs
Animals: Individuals: Horses: File 1
Animals: Individuals: Horses: File 2

Box 13
Animals: Individuals: Hippopotamus
Animals: Individual: Horses: Horse shows
Animals: Individuals: Jaguar
Animals: Individuals: Kangaroos
Animals: Individuals: Leopards
Animals: Individuals: Lions
Animals: Individuals: Llamas
Animals: Individuals: Lynx
Animals: Individuals: Mice
Animals: Individuals: Mongoose
Animals: Individuals: Monkeys
Animals: Individuals: Moose
Animals: Individuals: Okapi
Animals: Individuals: Orangutan
Animals: Individuals: Otters
Animals: Individuals: Pandas
Animals: Individuals: Pigs
Animals: Individuals: Ponies
Animals: Individuals: Rats
Animals: Individuals: Reindeers
Animals: Individuals: Rhinoceros
Animals: Individuals: Sea-lions

Box 14
Animals: Individuals: Seals
Animals: Individuals: Sheep: 1
Animals: Individuals: Sheep: 2
Animals: Individuals: Tapir
Animals: Individuals: Squirrels
Animals: Individuals: Tigers
Animals: Individuals: Wallabies
Animals: Individuals: Walrus
Animals: Individuals: Wildebeeste
Animals: Individuals: Wolves
Animals: Welfare
Animals: Individuals: Zebras
Anniversaries: D-Day (Normandy Landings - 1944)
Anniversaries: D-Day (Normandy Landings - 1944) 50 years

Box 15
Anniversaries: Verdun
Anniversaries: VJ day 1995
Anthropology: Boxgrove man
Antiques: General
Arabs: Bedouins
Arabs: General
Arabs: Guerrillas
Arabs: Guerrillas: Protests and demonstrations
Arabs: Summit conferences
Arabs: Terrorism: Abroad: Paris
Arabs: Terrorism: GB
Arabs: Terrorism: Abroad: General
Arabs: Terrorism: Abroad: Vienna
Archaeology: GB 1
Archaeology: GB 2
Archaeology: GB: London

Box 16
Archaeology: Abroad
Archaeology: Marine
Archaeology: GB: Hadrain's wall
Architecture: Drawings and models: File 1
Architecture: Drawings and models: File 2
Architecture: General: File 1
Architecture: General: File 2
Architecture: Poundbury
Architecture: RIBA awards
Argentina: Buenos Aires
Argentina: General
Argentina: Politics
Argentina: Politics: Protests and demonstrations
Argentina: Politics: Protests and demonstrations: abroad
Arms: Armour
Arms: Trade: Arms to Iran (BMARC)
Arms: Trade: Arms to Iraq scandal (Scott inquiry)
Arms: Trade: Iraqi gun affair (1990)
Arms: Trade: general
Arms: Trade: Protests: General

Box 17
Arms: Trade: Protests: 'Hawk Jet Four' Attack on British Aerospace (July 1996)
Army: Arsenals: Woolwich Arsenal
Army: BAOR
Army: Barracks and training camps
Army: Black servicemen
Army: Catering
Army: Equipment: File 1
Army: Equipment: File 2
Army: Exercises
Army: General
Army: Housing
Army: Recruitment
Army: Regiments: Guards
Army: Regiments: Gurkhas
Army: Regiments: Household Cavalry (lifeguards)

Box 18
Army: Regiments: Royal Horse Artillery
Army: Regiments: Paras
Army: Regiments: SAS
Army: Reserve
Army: Territorial Army
Army: Women
Art: African
Art: Artists' Studios
Art: Arts council
Art: Aborigine
Art: Assyrian
Art: Celtic
Art: Children's art
Art: Chinese
Art: Collage, Montage
Art: Conversation and Restoration
Art: Engravings
Art: Engravings by Eric Gill
Art: Etruscan
Art: Exhibitions: Abroad

Box 19
Art: Exhibitions: General
Art: Exhibitions: Great Britain
Art: Exhibitions: London: General: 1970-1981 (only)
Art: Exhibitions: London: General: 1982-1989
Art: Exhibitions: London: General 1990-1995
Art: Exhibitions: London: Hayward gallery
Art: Exhibitions: London: Royal Academy File 1
Art: Exhibitions: London: Royal Academy File 2
Art: Exhibitions: London: Royal Academy: Hanging Commitees
Art: Exhibitions: London: Tate Gallery
Art: Forgeries

Box 20
Art: General
Art: Galleries: Abroad
Art: Galleries: Barbican: Magnum exhibition - (Oversized)
Art: Galleries: Buckingham Palace
Art: Galleries: Dulwich
Art: Galleries: Hayward Gallery
Art: Galleries: London: General
Art: Galleries: National Gallery
Art: Galleries: National portrait gallery
Art: Galleries: Provincial
Art: Galleries: Provincial: Glasgow
Art: Galleries: Provincial: Tate, Liverpool
Art: Galleries: Royal Academy
Art: Galleries: Tate: Clore Gallery
Art: Galleries: Tate Gallery of modern art (Bankside)
Art: Galleries: Tate
Art: Galleries: Serpentine

Box 21
Art: Galleries: V&A
Art: Galleries: V&A: Boilerhouse
Art: Greek
Art: Guerrilla Girls
Art: Icons
Art: Indian
Art: Installations: General
Art: Japanese
Art: Miniatures
Art: Modern art: General
Art: Murals
Art: Paintings: by individual artists: 'A'
Art: Paintings: by Auerbach
Art: Paintings: by individual artists: 'B'
Art: Paintings: by Francis Bacon
Art: Paintings: by Bernini
Art: Paintings: by Bramwell Bronte
Art: Paintings: by Bratby
Art: Paintings: by Individual artists: 'C'
Art: Paintings: by Canaletto
Art: Paintings: by Cezanne
Art: Paintings: by Helen Chadwick
Art: Paintings: by Chagall
Art: Paintings: by Sir Winston Churchill
Art: Paintings: by Corot
Art: Paintings: by Individual artists: 'D'
Art: Paintings: by Dadd
Art: Paintings: by de Chirico
Art: Paintings: by Dubuffet
Art: Paintings: by Escher
Art: Paintings: by Freud
Art: Paintings: by Individual: 'G'
Art: Paintings: by Gainsborough
Art: Paintings: by Giacometti
Art: Paintings: by Gilbert and George
Art: Paintings: by Goya
Art: Paintings: by Individual artists: 'H'
Art: Paintings: by Hals

Box 22
Art: Paintings: by Hamilton
Art: Paintings: by Hockney
Art: Paintings: by Holbein
Art: Paintings: by Holman Hunt
Art: Paintings: by Anthony Howell
Art: Paintings: by Keane
Art: Paintings: by Kiefer
Art: Paintings: by Kimche
Art: Paintings: by RB Kitaj
Art: Paintings: by Individual artists: 'L'
Art: Paintings: by Leighton
Art: Paintings/drawings: by Lennon
Art: Paintings: by Lichtenstein
Art: Paintings: by Lowry
Art: Paintings: by Individual artists: 'M'
Art: Paintings: by Magritte
Art: Paintings: by Mantegna
Art: Paintings and drawings: by Michelangelo
Art: Paintings: by Mondrian
Art: Paintings/drawings: by Henry Moore
Art: Paintings: by Munch

Box 23
Art: Paintings by Patrick Heron
Art: Paintings by Picasso
Art: Paintings by Pissaro
Art: Paintings by Poussin
Art: Paintings by Individual artists: 'Q' + 'R'
Art: Paintings by Reynolds
Art: Paintings/drawings by David Rose
Art: Paintings by Rubens
Art: Paintings by Individual artists: 'S'
Art: Paintings by Harold Shapinsky
Art: Paintings by Stubbs
Art: Paintings by Sutherland
Art: Paintings by individual artists: 'T'
Art: Paintings by Turner
Art: Paintings by Van Dyck
Art: Paintings by individual artists: 'V'
Art: Paintings by Van Gogh
Art: Paintings Velazquez
Art: Paintings by individual artists: 'W'
Art: Paintings by individual artists: 'Y'
Art: Paintings: Nudes - General
Art: Pavement Art
Art: Posters: Abroad
Art: Posters: GB
Art: Prisoners art
Art: Religious art: General
Art: Roman
Art: Sales
Art: Schools
Art: Sculpture: General

Box 24
Art: Sculpture: Works by individual sculptures: A-D
Art: Sculpture by Algardi
Art: Sculpture by Andre (Carl)
Art: Sculptures: Bronze
Art: Sculptures by: Canova
Art: Sculptures by Caro
Art: Sculptures Judy Chicago
Art: Sculpture by Tony Cragg
Art: Sculptures: by Dodeigne
Art: Sculpture:Deacon
Art: Sculpture: Works by individual sculptors: E-H
Art: Sculpture: By Epstein
Art: Exhibitions: 1984-
Art: Sculpture by Frink
Art: Sculpture by Naum Gabo
Art: Sculpture by Giacometti
Art: Sculpture by Ken Gray
Art: Sculpture by Antony Gormley
Art: Sculpture by individual artists: I-L
Art: Sculpture by Manzu
Art: Sculpture by Michelangelo
Art: Sculpture by Moore

Box 25
Art: Sculpture: works by individual sculptors: M-P
Art: Sculpture by Opie
Art: Sculpture by Picasso
Art: Sculpture by William Pye
Art: Sculptures by individual sculptors: Q-T
Art: Sculptures by Rodin
Art: Sculptures by Richard Serra
Art: Sculpture Evelyn Williams
Art: Sculpture: Works by individual sculptors:U-Z
Art: Sculpture: Exhibitions1969 - 1979
Art: Sculpture Exhibitions: 1980 - 1983
Art: Sculpture: Parks
Art: Sculpture: Venus de Milo
Art: Surrealsim and Dada
Art: Thefts
Art: Turner prize
Astronomy: Mars
Astronmy: Comets
Astronomy: Jupiter
Astronomy: Sun

Box 26
Auctions: Christies: Pre 1990
Auctions: Christies: 1990 - 1991
Auctions: Christies:1992-93
Auctions: Christies: 1994
Auctions: Christies: 1995
Auctions: Christies: 1996
Auctions: Christies: 1997
Auctions: Christies: 1998
Auctions: General: File 1
Auctions: General: File 2
Auctions: Philips
Auctions: Sotheby's: Pre 1980
Auctions: Sotheby's: 1980 - 89
Auctions: Sotheby's: 1990
Auctions: Sotheby's:1991
Auctions: Sotheby's:1992
Auctions: Sotheby's:1993
Auctions: Sotheby's:1994
Auctions: Sotheby's:1995

Box 27
Auctions: Sotheby's: 1996
Auctions: Sotheby's: 1997
Auctions: Sotheby's: 1998
Auctions: Von Hirsh collection
Australia: Bi- Centenary
Australia: Brisbane
Australia: Drought Pics by Steven Stewart
Australia: General
Australia: Mining
Australia: Outback
Australia: Sydney
Austria: General
Austria: Salzburg
Austria: Skiing
Austria: Travel
Austria: Travel: Pics by A.K.C
Austria: Vienna
Avalanches: Aberfan (21/10/66)
Avalanches and landslides: general
Aviation: Aircraft: Agile Combat Aircraft
Aviation: Aircraft: Airbus
Aviation: Aircraft: AWACS
Aviation: Aircraft: B-1A
Aviation: Aircraft: B-1B
Aviation: Aircraft: B-52

Box 28
Aviation: Aircraft: BAe 146
Aviation: Aircraft: Boeing 707
Aviation: Aircraft: Boeing 737
Aviation: Aircraft: Boeing 747
Aviation: Aircraft: Boeing 767
Aviation: Aircraft: Boeing 777
Aviation: Aircraft: Boeing B176 - Flying fortress
Aviation: Aircraft: Boeing KC 135
Aviation: Aircraft: c-130
Aviation: Aircraft: Chipmunks
Aviation: Aircraft: Concorde
Aviation: Aircraft: Manufacture
Aviation: Aircraft: Dakota
Aviation: Aircraft: Dash 7 Airliner
Aviation: Aircraft: DC-9
Aviation: Aircraft: Defender
Aviation: Aircraft: Edgley Optica
Aviation: Aircraft: EAP (Eurofighter)
Aviation: Aircraft: F1A
Aviation: Aircraft: F17
Aviation: Aircraft: F-20 Tigersharks
Aviation: Aircraft: Fokker
Aviation: Aircraft: Galaxy
Aviation: Aircraft: General
Aviation: Aircraft: Hercules c - 130
Aviation: Aircraft: Harrier
Aviation: Aircraft: Hawk
Aviation: Aircraft: Hunter
Aviation: Aircraft: Hurricane
Aviation: Aircraft: Jaguar
Aviation: Aircraft: Lancaster
Aviation: Aircraft: Lavi
Aviation: Aircraft: Lear fan
Aviation: Aircraft: M.86
Aviation: Aircraft: Lighting
Aviation: Aircraft: Lockhead Tristar
Aviation: Aircraft: Microlight
Aviation: Aircraft: Mirage
Aviation: Aircraft: Mosquito
Aviation: Aircraft: Nimrod (Maritime)

Box 29
Aviation: Aircraft: Phantom Jet
Aviation: Aircraft: Piper cherokee
Aviation: Aircraft: Short Belfast includes Skyvan and Skyliner
Aviation: Aircraft: Spitfire
Aviation: Aircraft: SR 71
Aviation: Aircraft: Stealthy Attack Aircraft
Aviation: Aircraft: Stealth bomber (B2)
Aviation: Aircraft: Sukhoi SU-31x
Aviation: Aircraft: Swordfish
Aviation: Aircraft: Tornado
Aviation: Aircraft: VC-10
Aviation: Aircraft: Valiant
Aviation: Aircraft: Vanguard
Aviation: Aircraft: Vicer's Viscount
Aviation: Aircraft: Vintage aircraft
Aviation: Aircraft: Voyager
Aviation: Aircraft: Vulcan Bombers
Aviation: Aircraft: YAK 50
Aviation: Airline Companies: Adria
Aviation: Airline Companies: Aeroflot
Aviation: Airline Companies: American airlines
Aviation: Airline Companies: British Airways
Aviation: Airline Companies: British Caledonian
Aviation: Airline Companies: Court Line
Aviation: Airline Companies: General
Aviation: Airline Companies: Laker airways
Aviation: Airline Companies: Loganair
Aviation: Airline Companies: Qantas
Aviation: Airline Companies: Virgin

Box 30
Aviation: Airports: Abroad
Aviation: Airports:Delays
Aviation: Airports: London Gatwick
Aviation: Airports: General
Aviation: Airports: London: Docklands
Aviation: Airports: Heathrow: Terminal 5 Inquiry (May 95)
Aviation: Airports: London: Heathrow

Box 31
Aviation: Airports: London: Stansted
Aviation: Airports: Third Airport (proposed) - Cublington
Aviation: Airports: London: Third Airport (Proposed) Maplin
Aviation: Airports: West London Air Terminal
Aviation: Airports: Manchester
Aviation: Airports: Manchester: Protests
Aviation: Airships
Aviation: Air Traffic Control
Aviation: Boeing
Aviation: British aerospace
Aviation: Catering
Aviation: Displays and shows: 1975-1980

Box 32
Aviation: Displays and shows: 1962-74
Aviation: Displays and shows: 1981
Aviation: Helicopter: Westland: General
Aviation: engines
Aviation: Equipment
Aviation: Freight
Aviation: General
Aviation: Gliding
Aviation: Helicopters - Chinook
Aviation: Helicopters: Civil
Aviation: Helicopters: Cobra Venom
Aviation: Helicopters: Gazelle
Aviation: Helicopters: General
Aviation: Helicopters: Wessex
Aviation: Helicopters: Westland: Sea King
Aviation: Helicopters: Westland: Lynx Helicopters
Aviation: Hi-Jacking: 1970 - Dawson's Field
Aviation: Hi-Jacking: 1970- 1975
Aviation: Hi-jacking: 1976-1979
Aviation: Hi-jacking:1980-

Box 33
Aviation: Hi-jacking: Beirut Airport (Via Athens, Algeria) - 1985
Aviation: Hi-jacking: Karachi Airport: 1986
Aviation: Hi-jacking: Kuwait Airliner (1988)
Aviation: Hi-jacking: Stansted Airport, Sudanese Airliner (27/8/96)
Aviation: Historic
Aviation: Labour: Stewardesses
Aviation: Labour: Strikes and disputes: 1968-1976
Aviation: Labour: Strikes and disputes:1977-79
Aviation: Man-powered flights
Aviation: Microlights
Aviation: Passengers
Aviation: Pilots
Aviation: Plane spotters
Aviation: Research
Aviation: Safety
Aviation: Security
Awards: Falklands
The Azores, Portugal
System Of ArrangementAlphabetical
Access StatusOpen
TermReligious Buildings
Air Accidents
Seaborne Disasters
Nuclear Accidents
Railway Accidents
Road Accidents
Wildlife Photography
Anniversary Celebrations
Works Of Art
Civil Aviation
Military Aviation
CopyrightGenerally Guardian where kept

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