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TitlePicture Library subject files for subjects beginning with letter B
Extent18 boxes
Creator NameThe Guardian; Picture Desk; London Picture Library
DescriptionPrints by Guardian/Observer photographers

Box 1
Babies: Abandoned
Babies: Birth Centre
Babies: Breastfeeding
Babies: General (1)
Babies: General (2)
Babies: Nannies
Babies: Quinns
Babies: Quads
Babies: Test tube Babies

Box 2
Babies: Twins
Babies: Triplets
Babies: Twins (Siamese Twins)
Bakery Trade
Bakery Trade: Strikes And Disputes
Ballet Companies: Birmingham Royal Ballet
Ballet Companies: Engish National Ballet (1989-)
Ballet: General: To 1988
Ballet: General: 1989-1992
Ballet: General: 1993-
Ballet: Abroad: Bolshoi Ballet
Ballet: Companies: International: New York City Ballet
Ballet: Companies: International: Paris Opera Ballet
Ballet: Companies: International: Stuttgart Ballet
Ballet: Companies: London City Ballet
Ballet: Companies: London Festival Ballet
Ballet: Companies: Northern Ballet

Box 3
Ballet: Ballet Rambert
Ballet: Companies: Royal Ballet: General
Ballet: Companies: Royal Ballet: 1967-1980
Ballet: Companies: Royal Ballet: 1981-83
Ballet: Companies: Royal Ballet: 1985
Ballet: Companies: International: General
Ballet: Companies: Royal Ballet: 1989
Ballet: Companies: Royal Ballet: 1991-1992
Ballet: Companies: Royal Ballet: 1993-1994
Ballet: Companies: Trochadero de Monte Carlo
Ballet: Costume and design
Ballet: Schools and classes

Box 4
Bangladesh: Politics
Bangladesh: General
Bangladesh: Industry
Bangladesh: Aid
Bangladesh: Agriculture
Bangladesh: Famine
Baltic States
Bangladesh: Politics: Protests and demonstrations abroad
Bangladesh: War with Pakistan: refugees
Bangladesh: War with Pakistan (1971)
Banks Abroad
Banks: Banks of England
Banks: Barings Bank
Banks: Barclays Bank
Banks: Coutts
Banks: European Banks
Banks: General
Banks: Historic
Banks: Midland Bank
Banks: National Westminster bank
Banks: Protests and Demonstrations

Box 5
Bare Knuckle fighting
Baths: Sauna
Battles: Re-enactements
Balloons: Air ballons: General
Balloons: Air ballons: Trans atlantic flights
Balloons: Air balloons: World championships
Balloons: Toy Balloons
Beards and moustaches
Beauty Contests: Children: Miss Pears
Beauty Contests: Children: General
Beauty Contests: Women: General
Beauty Contests: Women: Grandmothers
Beauty Contests: Women: Miss Beautiful eyes

Box 6
Beauty Treatment
Beds and Bedding
Beer: Festivals
Beer: Real ale
Beer: Brewing
Beer: General
Beer: Strikes and demonstrations
Bees: Beekeeping
Belgium: Antwerp
Belgium: General
Belgium: Brussels
Belgium: Bruges
Belgium: Politics (contains one image of members of the Flemish National Youth Brotherhood)
Belgium: Politics: Protests and demonstrations
Belize: Defence
Belize: General
Bicycles: Antique machines

Box 7
Bicycles 1
Bicycles 2
Bicycles: Demonstrations
Bicycles: Labour
Bicycles: Labour: Raleigh - Nottingham
Bicycles: Rallies
Biological and chemical warfare
Birds: Albatross
Birds: Blackbirds
Birds: Blue tit
Birds: Budgies
Birds: Buzzards
Birds: Crows
Birds: Doves
Birds: Ducks
Birds: Eagles
Birds: Falcons
Birds: Flamingoes

Box 8
Birds: Geese
Birds: General
Birds: Humming birds
Birds: Kites
Birds: Ospreys
Birds: Owls
Birds: Peacocks
Birds: Pelicans
Birds: Penguins
Birds: Pigeons
Birds: Poultry
Birds: Puffins
Birds: Sanctuaries
Birds: Seagulls
Birds: Shows
Birds: Sparrows
Birds: Starlings
Birds: Swans
Birds: Toucans

Box 9
Birds: Vultures
Black Market
Blind People: At Work
Blind People: Braille
Blind People: Children
Blind People: General
Blind People: Protests And Demonstrations
Blood And Blood Donation
Boats: General
Boats: Boat Shows

Box 10
Boats: Houseboats
Boats: Rowing Boats
Boats: Lifeboats
Boats: Models
Body Piercing
Bolivia: General
Bombs: Bomb Warnings
Bombs: Unexploded Bombs And Bomb Disposal
Bomb Explosions: Houses Of Parliament (1974)
Bomb Explosions: Regent's Park Bandstand (1982)
Bomb Explosions: Scotts Restaurant (1975)
Bomb Explosions: South Audley Street - Trattoria Fiori (1975)
Bomb Explosions: Southampton Bomb Factory Find (1976)
Bomb Explosions: Ternhill Barracks (Shrewsbury) (1989)
Bomb Explosions: West Ham Tube Bombing
Bomb Explosions: Whitehall (1991)
Bomb Explosions: Woolwich (1974 & 1981 & 1983)

Box 11
Bomb Explosions: Aldershot (1972)
Bomb Explosions: Birmingham (1974)
Bomb Explosions: Birmingham (1974) (Birmingham Six Appeal)
Bomb Explosions: Birmingham (1974) (Birmingham Six: Paddy Hill)
Bomb Explosions: Birmingham (1974) (Birmingham Six: Richard McIlkenny)
Bomb Explosions: Birmingham (1974) (Birmingham Six: Billy Power)
Bomb Explosions: Birmingham (1974) (Birmingham Six: Johnnie Walker)
Bomb Explosions: Birmingham (1974) (Detectives)
Bomb Explosions: Bomb Factories
Bomb Explosions: Brighton Tory Party Conference (1984)
Bomb Explosions: Brook's Club (1974)
Bomb Explosions: Carlton Club (1990)
Bomb Explosions: Caterham (1975)
Bomb Explosions: Chelsea Barracks (1981)
Bomb Explosions: Coach Bombing M62 Motorway (1974)
Bomb Explosions: Deal Royal Marines School Of Music (1989)
Bomb Explosions: General (1968-1972 only)
Bomb Explosions: General (1973 only)
Bomb Explosions: General (1974 only)
Bomb Explosions: General (1975 only)
Bomb Explosions: General (1976-1980 only)

Box 12
Bomb Explosions: Ideal Home Exhibition (1976)
Bomb Explosions: General (1981-)
Bomb Explosions: Guildford (1974)
Bomb Explosions: Great Scotland Yard (1973)
Bomb Explosions: Harrods (1974 and 1983)
Bomb Explosions: Harrods & Ramsgate Train (1993)
Bomb Explosions: Heathrow Airport (1994)
Bomb Explosions: Horseferry Road (1973)
Bomb Explosions: Hyde Park (1982)
Bomb Explosions: Israeli Embassy (1994)
Bomb Explosions: Letter Bombs
Bomb Explosions: Lockerbie Air Disaster (1988)
Bomb Explosions: London Bus Bombing (18th February 1996)
Bomb Explosions: London City (April 1993) (Bishopsgate)
Bomb Explosions: London General (1973 only)
Bomb Explosions: London General (1981-)
Bomb Explosions: London Isle Of Dogs (9th February 1996)*
Bomb Explosions: Manchester (16th June 1996)

Box 13
Bomb Explosions: Mill Hill Barracks (1988)
Bomb Explosions: New Scotland Yard (1973)
Bomb Explosions: Oxford Street (1973-1976)
Bomb Explosions: RAF Maintenance Depot Nr. Burton (28th November 1944)
Bombs: General
Books: Abroad
Books: Audiobooks
Books: Awards (Booker Prize)
Books: Awards (General)
Books: Awards (Whitbread Prize)
Books: Bookbinding
Books: Book Fairs
Books: Bookshops (Books etc.)
Books: Bookshops (Dillons)
Books: Bookshops (Foyles)
Books: Bookshops (General)
Books: Bookshops (Waterstones)
Books: Bookstalls

Box 14
Books: Children's Books (Alice)
Books: Children's Books (Beatrix Potter Books)
Books: Children's Books (General)
Books: Children's Books (Just William)
Books: Children's Books (Noddy)
Books: Children's Books (Paddington Bear)
Books: Children's Books (Wind In The Willows)
Books: Children's Books (Winnie The Pooh)
Books: Dictionaries, Encyclopaedia And Thesauruses
Books: Food And Cookery Books
Books: General
Books: Historic
Books: Illustrations (1)
Books: Illustrations (2)
Boots And Shoes: General

Box 15
Boots And Shoes: Manufacture
Boots And Shoes: Trainers
Borstals: Bullwood
Borstals: General
Borstals: Hollesley Bay
Boy Scouts And Girl Guides
Brazil: Indians
Brazil: Economy
Brazil: General
Brazil: Industry
Brazil: Politics
Brazil: Rio De Janeiro
Bricks And Bricklaying
Bridges: Abroad
Bridges: Albert Bridge
Bridges: Blackfriars Bridge
Bridges: Clifton Suspension
Bridges: Construction
Bridges: General (1)
Bridges: General (2)

Box 16
Bridges: Dartford Crossing
Bridges: Forth Bridge
Bridges: Humber Bridge
Bridges: London Bridge
Bridges: London Bridge (Original)
Bridges: Severn Bridge
Bridges: Skye
Bridges: Taggs Island Bridge
Bridges: Tower Bridge
Bridges: Vauxhall Bridge
Bridges: Westminster Bridge
British Legion
Building Industry: Cardington Building Research Establishment
Building Industry: Collapses

Box 17
Building Industry: Labour
Building Societies: General
Building Societies: Halifax
Building Societies: Nationwide
Building Societies: Woolwich
Bulgaria: General
Bulgaria: Politics
Buses: Bus Stops
Buses: General
Buses: Labour
Buses: Labour (Strikes And Demonstrations)
Buses: London Transport

Box 18
Buses: Vintage
Buses: Provincial Services
Butterflies And Moths
Building Industry: Labour (Shrewsbury Two)
Building Industry: Labour (Strikes And Demonstrations)
Building Societies: Alliance & Leicester
System Of ArrangementAlphabetical
Access StatusOpen
Beauty Contests
Childrens Books
Construction Industry
Building Societies
CopyrightGenerally Guardian where kept
NA242Bahamas/North and Central America
NA251Belize/North and Central America
NA235Bermuda/North and Central America
NA225Bolivia/South America
NA124Brazil/South America
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