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TitlePicture Library subject files for subjects beginning with letter E
Extent17 boxes
Creator NameThe Guardian; Picture Desk; London Picture Library
DescriptionPrints by Guardian/Observer photographers

Box 1
Earthquakes: Armenia - 1988
Earthquakes: Italy
Easter: Easter Parades: Battersea Park
Easter: Easter Parades: General
Easter: Easter Parades: Regents Park
Ecology: Findhorn Foundation
Ecology: Friends Of The Earth
Ecology: General
Ecology: Green Party
Education: Schools: Deeside High School
Education: Schools: Direct Grants: Protests
Education: Schools: Direct Grants: Mary Datchelor Girl's School
Education: Schools: Disputes
Education: Schools: Douglas House German School

Box 2
Education: School Collapses
Education: Schools: Belle Vue Girls School
Education: Schools: Bishops Castle Community College
Education: Schools: Blue Coat School, Liverpool
Education: Schools: Buildings
Education: Schools: Burntwood School, Tooting
Education: Schools: City Technology Colleges (C.T.C.'S)
Education: Schools: Colne Valley High School
Education: Schools: Community Schools
Education: Schools: Comprehensive
Education: Schools: Comprehensive: Langham School, Tottenham
Education: Schools: Comprehensive: Holyhead - Hansworth, B'Ham
Education: Schools: Comprehensive: Hackney Downs
Education: Schools: David Lister School, Hull
Education: Schools: Sixth Form Colleges

Box 3
Education: Academy: William Morris
Education: Adult Education
Education: Adult Education: Immigrants
Education: After-School Clubs
Education: Colleges: Bolton Institue of Higher Education
Education: Colleges: Cambridge Regional
Education: Colleges: Croydon
Education: Colleges: General
Education: Colleges: Huntingdonshire Regional
Education: Colleges: Stockport College
Education Cuts: Protests and Demonstrations
Education: Drama

Box 4
Education: General File 1
Education: General File 2
Education: Historic
Education: Home Teaching and Homework
Education: Immigrants File 1
Education: Immigrants File 2

Box 5
Education: Literacy
Education: Music Making
Education: Polytechnics
Education: Schools: Equipment and Aids
Education: Schools: Examinations: 'A' Levels
Education: Schools: Examinations: GCSE Levels

Box 6
Education: Schools (General) (1)
Education: Schools (General) (2)
Education: Schools: Examinations: General
Education: Schools: Finishing Schools
Education: Schools: Free Schools
Education: Schools: General
Education: Schools: General: Primary: Pix. By Christopher Thomond
Education: Schools: Grammar Schools: General
Education: Schools: Grammar Schools: St. Olave's
Education: Schools: High Schools: General
Education: Schools: High Schools: Shevington
Education: Schools: In The Classroom

Box 7
Education: Schools: Islamia School, Brent, North London
Education: Schools: Japanese Business School
Education: Schools: John Loughborough School
Education: Schools: Kings Manor
Education: Schools: London Oritory School
Education: Schools: Meals
Education: Schools: Middle Schools
Education: Schools: Middle Schools: Abbey Farm Middle School
Education: Schools: Middleton Park High, Leeds
Education: Schools: Needlework
Education: Schools: Nursery Schools File 1
Education: Schools: Nursery Schools File 2
Education: Schools: Old Swinford Hospital School, Stourbrdige
Education: Schools: Opting Out

Box 8
Education: Schools: Peper Harrow High School
Education: Schools: Phoenix High School
Education: Schools: Playgrounds
Education: Schools: Preparatory
Education: Schools: Primary: Barwell Infants School
Education: Schools: Primary: Bushey Manor
Education: Schools: Primary: Ennersdale
Education: Schools: Primary: Farthing
Education: Schools: Primary: General
Education: Schools: Primary: In The Classroom
Education: Schools: Primary: In The Classroom
Explosions: General

Box 9
Education: Schools (Public Schools)
Education: Schools: Primary: Honeywell Junior
Education: Schools: Primary: Kingsmead
Education: Schools: Primary: Meadows Primary School, Birmingham
Education: Schools: Primary: Sport and Recreation
Education: Schools: Primary: St. John's Primary, Wetley Rocks, Staffordshire
Education: Schools: Primary: Trinity
Education: Schools: Primary: Villiage Schools
Education: Schools: Public Schools: General
Education: Schools: Upholland College
Education: Schools: Wheatley
Education: Schools Transport
Education: School Uniforms
Education: Science
Education: Special Needs

Box 10
Education: Schools: Primary Schools: Westoning Lower School
Education: Schools: Primary Schools: Woodhill Primary
Education: Schools: Public Schools: Bedales
Education: Schools: Public Schools: Darlington Hall
Education: Schools: Public Schools: Eton
Education: Schools: Public Schools: Harrow
Education: Schools: Public Schools: Rugby
Education: Schools: Public Schools: Summerfields
Education: Schools: Public Schools: Uppingham
Education: Schools: Pupil Power
Education: Schools: Secondary Modern
Education: Schools: Shenley Court Camp
Education: Schools: Stowe Public School
Education: Schools: Royal Military School Chatham
Education: Schools: St. Paul's Way Community School, E. London
Education: Sport
Education: Teachers: General File 1
Education: Teachers: General File 2
Education: Teachers: Training Colleges: Protests and Demonstrations

Box 11
Education: Teaching Aids
Education: Teachers: NUT Conferences
Education: Teachers: Strikes and Demonstrations 1982
Education: Teachers: Strikes and Demonstrations 1974-76
Education: Teachers: Strikes and Demonstrations 1961-73
Education: Teachers: Training Colleges and Student Teachers
Education: Teachers: Truancy
Education: Violence
Egypt: Agriculture
Egypt: Alexandria
Egypt: Archeology: Abu Simbel
Egypt: Archeology: General
Egypt: Aswan Dam
Egypt: Cairo
Egypt: Cairo: Pics by Denis Thorpe
Egypt: Defence
Egypt: General

Box 12
Egypt: Giza
Egypt: Ismailia
Egypt: Luxor
Egypt: Suez Canal: Pics by Denis Thorpe
Elections: Ballot Boxes
Elections: Bye-Elections: 1963-1993
Elections: Bye-Elections: 1994-
Elections: Europe '94
Elections: European Elections
Elections: General
Elections: General Election 1966
Elections: General Election 1974
Elections: General Election 1979
Elections: General Election 1981
Elections: General Election 1987
Elections: General Election 1992

Box 13
Elections: General Election 1997
Elections: Local Elections
Elections: Mayor of London
Elections: Polling Stattions
Electricity: C.E.G.B. Centres
Electricity: Hydroelectricity
Electricity: Labour
Electricity: Labour: Demonstrations
Electricity: Lamps
Electricity: Lighting
Electricity: General
Electricity: National Grid

Box 14
Electricity: Power Stations: Bankside
Electricity: Power Stations: Barking
Electricity: Power Stations: Didcot
Electricity: Power Stations: Eggborough
Electricity: Power Stations: General
Electricity: Privitisation
Electricity: Pylons
Electronics: General
Electronics: Video
Engineering: General
Engineering: Labour

Box 15
Espionage: Bletchley Park
Espionage: Cyprus Secrets Trail 1985
Espionage: Expulsion of Russian Diplomats from England
Espionage: G.C.H.Q. Cheltenham
Ethiopia: Civil War: Refugees
Ethiopia: Civil War: Tigray Liberation Front
Ethiopia: Famine
Ethiopia: General
Europe: EEC: Agriculture: Food Surpluses
Europe: EEC: Agriculture: Protests and Demonstrations
Europe: EEC: British Entry
Europe: EEC: British Entry: Protests and Demonstrations
Europe: EEC: Pictures by Garry Weaser
Europe: EEC: General
Europe: EEC: Headquarters in Brussels
Europe: EEC: Parliament/Assembly
Europe: EEC: Protests and Demonstrations: General
Europe: Nato: Exercises
Europe: Nato: General

Box 16
Europe: Nato: Protests and Demonstrations
Exhibitions: Age of Chivalry
Exhibitions: El Dorado
Exhibitions: General: 1969-1980
Exhibitions: General: 1980 -
Exhibitions: Ideal Home Exhibitions
Expeditions: All Women Expedition to S.America
Expeditions: Atacama
Expeditions: Green Howards in Norway
Expeditions: General
Expeditions: Guardian Bhutan Expedition 1988

Box 17
Expeditions: "In The Footsteps of Scott"
Expeditions: K2
Expeditions: Transglobe
Expeditions: Transpolar
Expeditions: Vineland 1966
Expeditions: Zaire River
Explosions: Gas: Abbeystead
Explosions: Gas: General
Explosions: Gas: Putney 1985

Outsize sleeve
Exhibitions: Magnum Exhibition (Henri Cartier-Bresson) (Pictures By Nobby Clark)
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Cultural Exhibitions
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