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TitlePicture Library subject files for subjects beginning with letter H
Extent18 boxes
Creator NameThe Guardian; Picture Desk; London Picture Library
DescriptionPrints by Guardian/Observer photographers

Box 1
Hairdressing: Men
Hairdressing: Women (Salons)
Hairdressing: Women (Styles)
Hats: Men
Hats: Women
Health: Community Care
Health: Eating Disorders
Health: General
Health: Health Centres
Health: Obesity
Health: Slimming
Hedgerows And Hedges
Hell's Angels

Box 2
Hippies: General
Hippies: Glastonbury
Hippies: New Age Travellers
Hippies: Stonehenge And Peace Convoy
Hippies: Stonehenge (Peace Convoy 1985 [Battle Of The Beanfield])
Hire Purchase
Historic Houses: Allerton Park
Historic Houses: Aspley House
Historic Houses: Audley End
Historic Houses: Avebury Manor
Historic Houses: Osborne House
Historic Houses: Penshurst Place
Historic Houses: Queen's House (Greenwich)
Historic Houses: Q-Z
Historic Houses: Renovation
Historic Houses: Sheringham Hall
Historic Houses: Sissinghurst
Historic Houses: Stratfield Saye
Historic Houses: Swakeleys
Historic Houses: Thurgarton Warehouse

Box 3
Historic Houses: Hampton Court
Historic Houses: Hardwick Hall
Historic Houses: Hatfield House
Historic Houses: Hevingham Hall
Historic Houses: Hill Hall
Historic Houses: Hollywood House
Historic Houses: Holyrood House
Historic Houses: Homes Of The Celebrated
Historic Houses: Houghton Hall
Historic Houses: I-P
Historic Houses: Kensington Palace
Historic Houses: Kenwood House
Historic Houses: Kingston Lacy
Historic Houses: Knebworth
Historic Houses: Leighton House
Historic Houses: Mentmore Towers

Box 4
Historic Houses: Biddulph Grange
Historic Houses: Bulwood Hall
Historic Houses: Bushey Hoe, Hertfordshire
Historic Houses: Bylaugh Hall
Historic Houses: Carlton Towers
Historic Houses: Cardinal Wharf
Historic Houses: Castle Howard
Historic Houses: Charleston Farm House
Historic Houses: Chartwell
Historic Houses: Chastleton
Historic Houses: Chevening
Historic Houses: Chiswick House
Historic Houses: Cliveden
Historic Houses: Croxteth Hall
Historic Houses: Danson Park
Historic Houses: Darwards Hall
Historic Houses: Denchworth Manor
Historic Houses: Dingley Hall
Historic Houses: Ditchley Park
Historic Houses: Downe Hall
Historic Houses: Ecton Hall
Historic Houses: Ellel Grange
Historic Houses: Erwarton Hall
Historic Houses: Frogmore
Historic Houses: Fulham Palace
Historic House: Gawthorpe Hall
Historic Houses: General
Historic Houses: Haddington House
Historic Houses: Hall I' Th' Wood, Bolton
Historic Houses: The Grange

Box 5
Historic Houses: Badmington House
Historic Houses: Wallington House, Northumberland
Historic Houses: Witley Court
Historic Houses: Woolton Hall
Holidays: Abroad
Holidays: Bank Holidays
Holidays: Beaches
Holidays: General
Holidays: Holiday Camps (Butlins)
Holidays: Holiday Camps (General)
Holidays: Timeshare
Holidays: Travel Agents
Holland: Amsterdam

Box 6
Holland: Amsterdam (Pictures By Denis Thorpe)
Holland: General
Holland: Maastricht
Holland: South Moluccan Community
Home Office
Homosexuality: Gay Pride
Homosexuality: Gay's The Word Bookshop
Homosexuality: General
Homosexuality: Protests And Demonstrations
Homosexuality: Protests And Demonstrations (Armed Forces Sackings)
Hong Kong (Pictures By Frank Martin)
Hong Kong: Education
Hong Kong: Finance
Hong Kong: Food And Drink

Box 7
Hong Kong: General
Hong Kong: General (Pictures By Denis Thorpe)
Hong Kong (Pictures By Don McPhee) (1)
Hong Kong (Pictures By Don McPhee) (2)
Hong Kong (Pictures By Martin Godwin) (March 1997)
Hong Kong (Pictures By Garry Weaser)
Hong Kong: Housing
Hong Kong: Industry
Hong Kong: Kowloon
Hong Kong: New Territories
Hong Kong: Police
Hong Kong: Politics

Box 8
Hong Kong: Politics (British Presence)
Hong Kong: Refugees And Illegal Immigrants
Hong Kong: Religion
Hop Picking
Horse Riding
Hospitals: Abbot Langley
Hospitals: Addenbrooks, Cambridgeshire
Hospitals: Alexandra, Redditch
Hospitals: Ambulance Men (Strikes And Protests)
Hospitals: Ambulances (Air Ambulances)
Hospitals: Ambulances And Ambulance Men
Hospitals: Ambulances (St John's Ambulance)
Hospitals: Amersham
Hospitals: Barnet
Hospitals: Bart's
Hospitals: Battle
Hospitals: Belgrave
Hospitals: Bethnal Green
Hospitals: Bradford Royal Infirmary
Hospitals: Brookward

Box 9
Hospitals: Brompton
Hospitals: Catering
Hospitals: Charing Cross Hospital
Hospitals: Chelsea And Westminster
Hospitals: Children's Hospitals (General)
Hospitals: Disputes And Strikes (1967-1974 only)
Hospitals: Disputes And Strikes (1975-1978 only)
Hospitals: Disputes And Strikes (1979 only)
Hospitals: Disputes And Strikes (1980-1984 only)
Hospitals: Disputes And Strikes (1985-)
Hospitals: Disputes And Strikes (Closures)
Hospitals: Doncaster Royal Infirmary
Hospitals: Dorothy Wilson, York
Hospitals: Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
Hospitals: Epson
Hospitals: Equipment
Hospitals: Fazakerley Isolation Unit
Hospitals: Frien Barnet

Box 10
Hospitals: General
Hospitals: General (Pictures By Martin Godwin)
Hospitals: General (Pictures By Jeffrey Wilkinson)
Hospitals: Great Ormond Street
Hospitals: Greenwich District Hospital
Hospitals: Guy's
Hospitals: Hammersmith
Hospitals: Hounslow Hospital
Hospitals: Huddersfield Royal Infirmary
Hospitals: Intensive Care (General)
Hospitals: John Radcliffe, Oxford
Hospitals: King's College
Hospitals: King's College (Pictures By Garry Weaser)
Hospitals: Lenham, Kent
Hospitals: Lewisham
Hospitals: Lister
Hospitals: London Bridge
Hospitals: London Hospital, Whitechapel
Hospitals: Long Grove
Hospitals: Luton And Dunstable
Hospitals: Maudsley
Hospitals: Middlesex
Hospitals: Mildmay
Hospitals: Oldham General
Hospitals: Papworth, Cambridge
Hospitals: Pontefract General
Hospitals: Prince Charles, Merthyr

Box 11
Hospitals: Prince Of Wales, Haringey
Hospitals: Queen Charlotte's And Chelsea
Hospitals: Reading Hospital
Hospitals: Royal Free
Hospitals: Royal Liverpool Hospital
Hospitals: Royal London
Hospitals: Royal National Orthopaedic
Hospitals: St. Bernard's, Ealing
Hospitals: St. Columba's, Hampstead
Hospitals: St. Edward's, Cheddleton
Hospitals: St. George's Hospitals
Hospitals: St. George's Hospital, Tooting
Hospitals: St. Helier's, Surrey
Hospitals: St. James's, Leeds
Hospitals: St. John's, Lincoln
Hospitals: St. Luke's, Muswell Hill
Hospitals: St. Mary's
Hospitals: St. Mary's, Manchester
Hospitals: Stroud
Hospitals: St. Stephen's, Fulham
Hospitals: St. Thomas's
Hospitals: Tadworth
Hospitals: Tameside
Hospitals: University College
Hospitals: Watford
Hospitals: Wellington
Hospitals: Westminster
Hospitals: Wexham Park
Hospitals: Whitlingham, Norwich
Hospitals: Whittington
Hospitals: Withington, Manchester
Hospitals: Yorkhill Children's Hospital
Hostels: Bruce House
Hostels: Girls' Hostels
Hostels: Marmite Hostel
Hostels: Rowton Houses

Box 12
Hostels: General
Hostels: Salvation Army
Hostels: St. Mungo's
Hotels: Connaught Hotel (London)
Hotels: Construction
Hotels: Doormen
Hotels: General
Hotels: Grand Hotel (Brighton)
Hotels: London (Claridge's)
Hotels: London (Dorchester)
Hotels: London (General)
Hotels: London (Great Eastern)
Hotels: London (Hilton)
Hotels: London (Inn On The Park)
Hotels: London (Marriott)
Hotels: London (Ritz)
Hotels: London (Royal Lancaster)
Hotels: Strikes And Disputes
Housing: Associations And Co-Ops
Housing: Bungalows
Housing: Construction

Box 13
Housing: Cottages
Housing: Council Estates
Housing: Council Flats
Housing: Council (Homes)
Housing: Council (Ronan Point Collapse)
Housing: Council (Rents)
Housing: Council (Sale Of Council Homes)

Box 14
Housing: Council (Seekers)
Housing: Demolition
Housing: Estate Agents
Housing: Eviction
Housing: Eviction (Islington Siege)
Housing: Farmhouses
Housing: General

Box 15
Housing: General (Pictures By Martin Godwin)
Housing: Homeless (Accommodation And Hostels)
Housing: Homeless (Begging)
Housing: Homeless (Big Issue)
Housing: Homeless (Crisis At Christmas)
Housing: Homeless (Day Centres)
Housing: Homeless (General) (1)
Housing: Homeless (General) (2)

Box 16
Housing: Homeless (Protests And Demonstrations)
Housing: House Removals
Housing: Housing Action Trusts
Housing: Improvements
Housing: Interiors
Housing: Pre-Fabs
Housing: Private (Estates)
Housing: Private (Flats)
Housing: Private (Flats [Key Flats])
Housing: Private (Homes)
Housing: Private (Rented Accommodation)
Housing: Protests And Demonstrations (General)
Housing: Purchase
Housing: Repossessions

Box 17
Housing: Restoration
Housing: Rooftops
Housing: Slums
Housing: Slums (Docklands)
Housing: Slums (Protests)
Housing: Slums (Tenements)
Housing: Squatters (Chepstow Villas)
Housing: Squatters (Cornwall Terrace)
Housing: Squatters (Elgin Avenue)
Housing: Squatters (Endell Street)
Housing: Squatters (General)
Housing: Squatters (144 Piccadilly)
Housing: Squatters (Southwark Squatters)
Housing: Squatters (Spitalfields)
Housing: Structural Problems
Housing: System Built
Housing: Terraced Houses
Hovercraft: General

Box 18
Hovercraft: Passenger
Hungary: Agriculture
Hungary: Budapest
Hungary: Politics
Hunting: Foxhunting and Beagling
Hunting: Pictures By Murdo Macleod
Hunting: Protests And Demonstrations (Anti-Hunting)
Hunting: Protests And Demonstrations (Pro-Hunting)
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Manor Houses
Palace Courts
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