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Creator NameThe Guardian; Picture Desk; London Picture Library
DescriptionPrints by Guardian/Observer photographers

Box 1
Ice Cream
Iceland: Pics by Don McPhee
Iceland: General
Identity Cards
Immigration: Arab Communities
Immigration: Asian Communities: Bangladeshis
Immigration: Asian Communities: General File 1
Immigration: Asian Communities: Genreal File 2
Immigration: Asian Communities: Small Businesses

Box 2
Immigration: Asian Communities: Ugandan Asians
Immigration: Cases
Immigration: Chinese Communities
Immigration: Earl William Detention Ship
Immigration: Filipino Community
Immigration: General
Immigration: Greek Cypriot Communities
Immigration: Harmondsworth Detention Centre
Immigration: Heathrow: Immigration Centre
Immigration: Heathrow: General
Immigration: Housing
Immigration: Irish Community
Immigration: Italian Community
Immigration: Japanese Community
Immigration: Jewish Community
Immigration: Protests and Demonstrations: Anti-Racist

Box 3
Immigration: Protests and Demonstrations: Racist
Immigration: Somali Community
Immigration: Turkish Community
Immigration: West Indian Community
Immigration: Yemeni Community
India: Agriculture
India: Agriculture: Village Life
India: Bombay
India: Bombay: Pics by Denis Thorpe
India: Calcutta
India: Calcutta: Pics by Denis Thorpe
India: Defense
India: Delhi
India: Education
India: Finance
India: Food and Drink
India: General File 1

Box 4
India: General File 2
India: General Pics by Don McPhee
India: Industry
India: Jaipur
India: Labour: Child Labour
India: Labour: General
India: Madras
India: Politics
India: Politics: Protests and Demonstrations
India: Politics: Protests and Demonstrations: Abroad
India: Rajasthan
India: Religion

Box 5
India: Sikhs
India: South India
India: Taj Mahal
India: Women
Indonesia: Bali
Indonesia: Politics: Riots and Demonstrations: Abroad
Indonesia: Travel Pics by A.K.C.
Industry: C.B.I
Industry: Co-operatives
Industry: Factories
Industry: General
Industry: Health and Safety
Industry: Machine Tools
Industry: National Enterprise Board
Industry: Privitization
Industry: Small Business
Industry: Strikes: General Strike 1926 [photographs probably by Walter Doughty]

Box 6
Insurance: Lloyds
Iran: Foreign Relations
Iran: General
Iran: Politics
Iran: Politics: Protests and Demonstrations: Abroad
Iran: Religions
Iran: Travel: A.K.C. pics
Iraq: Kurds
Iraq: Politics: Crisis over Weapons Inspectors (Winter '97/'98)
Iraq: War with Iran: 1980-81

Box 7
Iraq: War with Iran: Chemical Warfare Casulties
Iraq: War with Iran: Gulf: Shipping: General
Ireland: Co. Cork
Ireland: Defense: Border Patrols
Ireland: Dingle Peninsula
Ireland: Dublin: Pics by Denis Thorpe
Ireland: Dublin: Pics by Garry Weaser
Ireland: Dublin: Pics by Don McPhee
Ireland: Dublin: General
Ireland: General: Pics by Don McPhee
Ireland: General

Box 8
Ireland: Kerry
Ireland: Kilkenny
Ireland: Kinsale
Ireland: Knock
Ireland: Labour
Ireland: Politics
Ireland: Politics: I.R.A.
Ireland: Politics: I.R.A.: Funerals
Ireland: Politics: Sinn Fein
Ireland: Politics: Terrorism
Ireland: Travel
Ireland: Waterford
Iron Age Communities
Islands: Curacao
Islands: Falklands: Pics by Frank Martin
Islands: Falklands: Airport
Islands: Falklands: Agrentinian Reactions

Box 9
Islands: Falklands: Argentinian Troops
Islands: Falklands: British Task Force: Return Home
Islands: Falklands: General
Islands: Falklands: Port Stanley
Islands: Falklands: Royal Naval Task Force: Casualties
Islands: Falklands: Royal Naval Task Force: Embarkation
Islands: Falklands: Royal Naval Task Force: General
Islands: Falklands: Royal Naval Task Force: In Action
Islands: Falklands: Royal Naval Task Force: Protests and Demonstrations in G.B.
Islands: Farne Islands
Islands: Faroes
Islands: Faroes: Pics by Don McPhee
Islands: Flatholme
Islands: Jersey
Islands: Lindisfanre Holy Island
Islands: Lundy

Box 10
Islands: Pacific
Islands: St. Mary's
Islands: Scilly
Islands: Steep Holm
Islands: West Indies: General: Pics by Alex Hamilton
Isle of Man
Isle of Wight
Israel: Dead Sea
Israel: Defence: Army
Israel: Defence: Border Patrols
Israel: Defence: General
Israel: Druze: Pics by Denis Thorpe
Israel: Eilat
Israel: Jerusalem
Israel: Jerusalem: Pics by Denis Thorpe
Israel: General
Israel: General: Pics by Sean Smith
Israel: General: Pics by Denis Thorpe

Box 11
Israel: Jerusalem: Pics by A.K.C.
Israel: Labour
Israel: Occupied Territories: West Bank
Israel: Occupied Territories: West Bank: Bethlehem
Israel: Politics
Israel: Politics: Protests and Demonstrations
Israel: Politics: Protests and Demonstrations: Abroad
Israel: Politics: Terrorism: Arab
Israel: Religion
Israel: Tel Aviv
Israel: War with Arabs: 1967
Italy: Chioggia
Italy: Crime
Italy: Food and Drink
Italy: Florence
Italy: General
Italy: General: Pics by Don McPhee
Italy: Milan
Italy: Naples
Italy: Padua
Italy: Pisa

Box 12
Italy: Politics: General
Italy: Politics: Protests and Demonstrations
Italy: Rome: Ancient Rome
Italy: Sicily
Italy: Sienna
Italy: Sienna: "The Palio"
Italy: Sardina
Italy: Skiing
Italy: Travel Pics: General
Italy: Tuscany
Italy: Vatican City
Italy: Venice: Pics by Frank Martin
Ivory Coast
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