Ref NoGUA/6/9/1/3/F
TitlePersonality files for people with surnames beginning with F
Extent3 boxes
Creator NameManchester Guardian; Picture Desk; Manchester Picture Library
DescriptionPrints by Guardian/Observer photographers

Box 1
Fagg, Christine
Fainlight, Ruth: Poet
Fairbairn, Nicholas: Politician & Q.C.
Fairbanks, Zoe
Fairfax, John: Oarsman
Fallici, Oriana
Falshaw, Brian & Mark: Farmers
Faraday, Dr Ann
Farmer, Philippe: Writer
Farner, Peter: Fashion
Farquharson, Mrs Olive
Farrell, Charles: Equity
Farrell, J.G: Writer
Farren, Michael: Nasty Tales Case
Faulder, Carolyn: Writer
Faulkner, Brian
Faux, Susie: 'Wardrobe'
Fawkes, Sandy
Fay, Patricia: NADFAS
Fazan, Eleanor: Theatre
Feacham, Richard Dr
Feather, Victor: Trade Unionist
Fedro, Maria: R.A.D.A.
Feinstein, Elaine: Poetry
Feldman, Victor: Musician (Jazz)
Felix, Julie: Folk Singer
Fenner, Maurice: London Probation Officer
Fenner, Peggy: Politics
Fenten, Hilary
Fenton, John: Super-Salesman
Ferguson, Pam: Authoress
Ferman, James: British Board of Fil Classification
Ferranti, S: Industrialist
Ffransis, F: Welsh Language Sty
Figes, Mrs Eva L: Author
Figgures, Mr F.E. (C.M.G.): Civil Servant
Firbank, Ann: R.S.C.
Field, John: London Festival Ballet
Field, John
Field, Lesley
Fielding, Kay
Fields, Grace
Fieldhouse, John DE: Nato
Finch, Alex: Hilditch & Key
Finney, Patricia
Finney, Tom: Ex Footballer
Finucane, Marian: Editor of Status
Fish, Michael: Fashion
Fiske, Baron W.G.: GLC
Fiske, Trevor: N.U. of Students
Fisher, A: Nat Union of Public Employees
Fisher, Dorothea
Fisher, Florence
Fitt, Gerard: M.P.
Fitton, Barry: Poet, Etc
Fitton, Harvey: Writer
Fitton, Pamela
Fitzsimons, Father Jack
Flack, Bert: Groundsman
Flanders, Michael: Writer & Actor
Fletcher, Alexander: Politician
Fletcher, Louise
Fletcher, Peter: Music Chief, Inner London Education Authority
Floering, Ingrid: T.V. Producer
Florent, Josephine: Model
Flinders, Evelyn

Box 2
Foges, Wolfgang: Publishers
Foggitt, Bill: Weather Forecasts
Fonteyn, Margot: Ballet Dancer
Foot, Michael: Politician
Foot, Paul: Journalist
Foot, Professor: Manchester University
Folen, Jane Inspector: Brixton Police
Foley, M.A: Politician
Foley, Winifred: Writer
Forbes, Ainsley: Child Care SuperIntendant
Forbes, Sir Archibald: GBB
Forbes, Bryan: ABPC
Forbes, Sarah
Ford, Colin: National Portrait Gallery
Ford, Martha: Swapo's Women's Campaign
Ford, Sid: Trade Unionist
Ford, Vanessa: Casting
Ford, Veronica: "Working Wife"
Forden, Leonard: Trade Union
Fordham, John: 'City Limits'
Forman, Nigel: Politician
Forrest, Maryann: Novelist
Forrest, W: Selby Project
Forster, Elizabeth
Forster, Elizabeth
Forster, Margaret: Author
Forster, Pat: Ritzy Cinema
Forsyth, Frederick: Writer
Forte, Sir Charles: Forte and Co. Lta
Foster, Joanna: Oxford
Foster, Ruth: Education
Fothergill, Dorothy: Post Office
Fowler, Norman: Politician
Fowler, Peter: Inspector Manchester City Police
Fox, Robert: Producer
Foyle, Christina
Fozard, John: Chief Designer of the Harrier Jump Jet

Box 3
Frances, (Mother): Mother Superior
Francis, Clare: Sailor
Francis, Dai: South Wales Miner's
Francis, Juanta
Francis-Williams, Lord
Francois, Claude: French Pop Singer
Frandenburg, C: Feminist Campaigner
Franke, Lynne: Fashion P.R.
Frankenburg, C.A. Mrs
Franklin, Aretha
Franklin, Dr N.K: Atomic Energy Authority
Franklin, Ruth: Ceramics
Franks, Lynn: Fashion
Franks, Sir Oliver: Diplomat
Fraser, Antonia, Lady: Author
Fraser, Gilly: Playwright
Fraser, Sir Hugh: Harrods
Fraser, Jean: Sculptor
Fraser, John: Costume Designer
Fratini, Gina: Fashion Designer
Fraughan, Charles: Sculptor
Frayne, Michael: Novelist
Frazer, Lt. Col. Simon
Fredericks, Jean: Drag
Freedland, Michael*
Freedman, Harriet: Soft Sculptress
Freeling, Nicholas
Freely, Maureen
Freemantle, Brian: Writer
Freeman, John: Politician
Freeson, Reginald: MP
Frenais Le, Ian: TV Writer
French, Vic: Communist
Frere-Smith, C: Keep Britain Out
Freud, Clement: Politician
Friday, Nancy: Writer
Friedman, Yona: Architect
Friedrich, Gotz: Theatre
Friend, Rodney: Leader L.P.O
Frink, Elisabeth: Artist
Frisby, Terence: Playwright
Frith, Bob: Artist
Froshaug, Judy: Writer
Fry, Christopher: Playwright
Fry, Susanne: prospex 67
Fry, Tristan: Musician
Fuchs, Dr Vivian: Antarctica
Fuller, Dudley: Telescopes
Fuller, Pauline: Shotokan
Fuller, Roy: Poet
Furlong, Monica: Author
Furse, Maggie
Futcher, David: Playleader
Fyffe, Patrick: Drag
Fyson, Nancy Lu: Education
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