Ref NoGUA/6/9/1/3/L
TitlePersonality files for people with surnames beginning with L
Extent4 boxes
Creator NameManchester Guardian; Picture Desk; Manchester Picture Library
DescriptionPrints by Guardian/Observer photographers

Box 1
La Plante, Lynda
Labouisse, Henry: Unicef
Labour Party (Groups)
Labovitch, Carey: Editor - Blitz Mag
Lacey, Terry: Liberal Students Union
Ladell, John: Finace Group
Lagnado, Roberto: Story Teller
Laing, R.D: Psychiatrist
Laithwaite, Dr Eric: Manchester University
Lamb, Larry: Journalist
Lamb, Lynton
Lambert, Sub-Lieutenant Brian
Lambert, Verity: Television
Lambourn, H: Politician
Lambton, Prof A.K.S
Lancaster, Rev Ronald: Fireworks etc
Lang, Fritz: Director
Langford, 'Sam': Music Critic
Laker, F: Laker Airlines
Lakin, RB Lt C'm'd'r: Vickers-Armstrong (Newcastle-Upon -Tyne)
Lane, Brian: Dream Machine
Lane, Geoffrey Dawson: High Court Judge
Lane, Margaret: Writer
Lang, Tim: London Food Commission
Langley, Esme: Author
Langley, Lee: Author
Langley, Siddy: Glass Blower
Lanigan, John: Singer
Lannon, Judy: Advertising
Lansbury, Angela: Actress
Lanyon, Peter: Artist
Larie, Alison
Larkin, Jim: Politician
Laski, Audrey: Novelist
Lasky, Melvyn J
Latham, Sir Joseph: Coal Board
Latham, Julian: Politician
Lauder, Charles: Reporter
Laurie, Alison: Writer
Laurie, Dr
Laurie, John: Actor
Lawless, Stephen: Glyndebourne
Lawrence, Rev Guy
Lawrence, R.L.E: British Rail
Lawrence, Sharon: Haringey Women's Committee

Box 2
Lawton, Alistair: ACC
Layfield, Malcolm: Goldberg Ensemble
Layton, Chris: Politician
Lazaridis, Stefanos: Theatre
Leach, Penelope: Author
Lear, Amanda: People
Leather, E.H.C: Politician
Le Beau, Bettine
Lee, Anthony: Citibank
Lee, Christopher: Actor
Lee, Jennie: M.P
Lee, Laurie
Lee, Lesley: Employment Liason Officer
Lee, Peggy: Singer
Lee, Rosie: Painter
Lee, Stan: Marvel Comics
Lee, Tom
Lees, Diana: Social Worker
Legat, Michael: Publisher
Legh, Charles: Politician
Lehane, Reginald: Superintendant Registar
Lehmann, John Frederick
LeRoy, John: Communard
LeRoy, Mervyn
Leslie, Arthur: Jack Walker, Coronation Street
Leslie, Hazel
Lester, Anthony: Politician
Lester, Dick
Lestor, Joan: Politician
Letelier, Isabel
Leven, Jackie
Leventon, Annabel
Lever, N.H: Politician
Leverhulme, Lord
Levesley, L.C: Arnside Objection Committee
Levete, Gina
Levete, Michael: Broadcasting

Box 3
Lelyveld, E: Royal Dutch Shell
L'Engle, Madeline: Author
Lennon, Joan
Leonard, Dr Graham
Leonard, Hugh: Writer
Leigh, Adele
Leigh, Mike: Films & Theatre
Leigh, Richard: Contemporary Faiths
Leigh-Hunt, Barbara: Theatre
Leighton, Margaret: Actress
Levey, Michael: National Gallery
Levi, Primo: Author
Levin, Ira
Levin, Richard: Television
Levy, Sir Michael
Levy, Norma: Author
Lewis, Cecil
Lewin, Admiral T.T
Lewis, Brian 'Surefil'
Lewis, Henry: Conductor
Lewis, Ieuan: Welsh Farmer's
Lewis, Robert: Theatre Producer
Lewis, Tony
Lewsen, Charles: Music Hall
Leyland, David
Liberal Party
Liddell, Charlotte: Policewoman
Liddle, John: Politician
Liedloff, Jean
Lilley, Lian
Limer, Lily: Butcher's Shop
Lincoln, Frances
Lindins, Eleanora
Lindsey, Ill Treated Wife
Lippman, G
Lipset, Hal
Lipton, Thomas: Yachtsman (Agency prints only)
Lishman, John: Solicitor
Lister, Ruth: Child Poverty Action Group
Litchfield, Mark
Little, Anthony: Wallpaper Designer
Little, Bill: Text Carrier
Littlewood, Joan
Litvinoff, Emanuel
Litvinov, Ivy: Writer
Livemore, Reg
Livings, Henry: Playwright
Livings, Henry: Actor
Livingstone, Ken: G.L.C
Llewellyn-Smith, Elizabeth: Office of Fair Trading
Lloyd, Jim: English Folk dance
Lloyd, John: 'New Statesman'
Lloyd, Margaret
Lloyd-George, David: General
Lloyd-George, David: Portraits
Lloyd Webber, Andrew
Lloyd Webber, Julian

Box 4
Lockheart, Freda Alice: Author
Lockwood, Betty: Equal Opportunities Commision
Lockwood, Gaye
Lodge, David
Loftus, Simon: Wine
Logan, May: Journalist
Logan, Rosie: Playwright
Loghe, Christopher
Lombardi, Michael
Londra, Pat: Docker (Liverpool)
Long, Archie: Snail Expert
Longford, Lady
Longhurst, Peter: Politician
Longley, Michael
Longman, Mark: Publisher
Lord, Jon: Musician
Lord, Robert: Chairman - Burnley F.C
Lorrayne, Vyvyan: Ballerina
Losinka, Kate: Former President of Civil & Public Services Association
Loughlin, Charles: M.P
Loughran, James
Loveday, George A: Stock Exchange
Lovell, Sir A.C.B: University Professor
Low, Professor: Physicist & Engineer
Low, Erna
Lowe, Arthur: Actor
Lowe, Dennis: John Player Scholarship
Lowe, Nick: Musician
Lowe, R: Scottish Commercial Motormen
Lownes, Victor: Playboy Boss
Lowry, Laurence Stephen: Painter
Luard, Elizabeth & Family: Cooking
Lucan, 7th Earl & Countess
Lucas, F.L: Critic
Luce, J.D: Royal Navy
Luke, Peter: Playwright
Lunn, WM Makepeace: Inventor
Lusty, Robert: Publisher
Lutoslawski, Witold: Composer
Luxon, Benjamin: Singer
Lyall, Gavin: Author
Lyon, Alexander W: Politician
Lynch, F.J: Health Service Employees
Lynn, Vera: Singer
Lynne, Gillian: Theatre
Lynne, James Broom: Author
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