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TitlePersonality files for people with surnames beginning with R
Extent3 boxes
Creator NameManchester Guardian; Picture Desk; Manchester Picture Library
DescriptionPrints by Guardian/Observer photographers

Box 1
Rabbit, Paddy*
Race, Ernest: Designer
Radcliffe, of Werneth Lord Cyril J: Baron
Radcliffe Richards, Janet
Radice, Giles: Politician
Radio 3 Announcers
Radler, Alan
Radom, Jane
Rattle, Simon: Conductor
Raven, Simon: Novelist
Rawson, Miss
Randall, Paulette
Randle, Anne: Husband, Demonstrator (Serving Prison Sentance)
Ransley, Peter: Playwright
Raphael, Frederic: Television
Ray, Sheila : Lecturer and Author
Rayburn, Joyce : Playwright
Raymond, Paul : Theatre
Raymond, Santa
Rayne, Edward: HM Rayne Ltd
Read, John E: EMI
Read, John Kingsley: National Front
Reason, Dave :Wheelchair
Reckford, Barry
Redfarn, Robert :Theatre
Redcliffe-Maud, Baron
Redgrove, Peter: Poet
Redhead, Brian: Guardian
Redmond, Ann: Novelist
Reed, Angela: Author
Reed, Henry: Radio
Reed, Jane: Editor 'Woman's Own'
Reed, Les: Song Writer
Reed, Michael CB: Registar General
Reed, Nicholas: Euthanasia Soc
Reedy, Carlyle: Poet
Rees, Roger
Rees-Jones, Elizabeth: Magazines
Reeve, Rev. Donald
Reeves, Dr Ambrose
Reeves, James: Poet
Reger, Janet and Peter: Underwater Shop
Regis, Sister Mary
Rego, Paula :Portugese Artist
Reid, Alex (Dr): Managing Director. Prestel
Reid, Beryl: Actress
Reid, Graham
Reid, James: UCS
Reid, Jane: Agency
Reid, John: Theatre
Reid, Malcolm: Single-handed Sailor
Reid, William: National Army Museum
Reid-Banks, Lynne: Playwright, Actess, Etc
Reiss, JAE Sir
Reisz, Karel: Film Director
Rendell, Ruth: Writer
Rendlesham, Clare: Fashion Consultant
Resnik, Regina: Singer

Box 2
Retford, Margaret
Reynolds, Philip
Rhodes, Eric: Classic Cinema
Rhys, Tom: Asstn, Broadcasting Staff
Richard, Ivor: Politician**
Richards, Benjamin: Victimisation!
Richards, Ceri : Artist
Richards, Frederick: Salford Police?
Richards, Janet
Richardson, Anthony: Belgrade Coventry Theatre
Richardson, Jacqueline
Richardson, Henry: NUM
Richardson, Jo: Politician
Richardson, Paul: Education
Richardson, William: Artist
Richler, Mordecai: Author
Richmond, Earl: DJ
Richmond, Fiona: Actress
Richmond, Gillian
Richmond, Horace: Ex-Manchester & Northern Stock
Richmond, Robin
Richnell, Donovan: British Library
Rickards, Jocelyn
Rickett, Dr RMW: Polytechnics
Riddell, Malcolm
Riddington, Norma
Roadhouse, J: Musician
Robbins, Jane M: Actress
Robens, Alfred: Politician
Roberts, Alfred: Vehicle Builders Union
Roberts, Eirlys
Roberts, Jeannette: Foster Mother
Roberts, Michelle: Author
Roberts, Peris: Slate Quarrier
Roberts, Shelagh
Roberts, Archibishop Thomas
Roberts, Tony: Building Society
Robertson, Sir Brian: British Army
Robertson, Dr Family: Cruel Sea!
Robertson, Fyfe
Roberston, Colonel J.R.H.
Robertson, Prof Edward: Librarian
Roberston, James & Joyce: Film Portraits
Robertson, Mike
Robertson, Patrick: Writer
Robertson, Patrick: Theatre Designer
Robertson, Toby
Robins, David: Author
Robins, Joan
Robins, Susannah: Crafts
Robinson, Helen: Debenhams Director
Robinson, Jane: Accountant
Robinson, Jancis: Mag. Ed.
Robinson, Bishop John
Robinson, Eric
Robinson, KD: Bradford Grammar School
Robinson, Kenneth: Politician
Robinson, Major Hugh
Robinson, Smokey
Robinson, Tim
Robinson, Tom
Robinson, Dr Veronica
Robinson, Wright: Manchester
Robson, Bobby: Football
Robson, Flora: Actress
Robyns, Gwen: Biographer
Robson, Mrs Stina: women's Liberal Federation
Rodgers, Anton: Director
Rodger, Rev Patrick Campbell
Rodgers, RC: Aldermann Manchester City
Rodgers, Richard: Architect
Rodgers, William: Politician
Roe, Sir A Verdon: Aircraft Manufacturer
Roe, Marion
Roff, Harry: Management Selection
Rogers, Dr Katherine: Politician

Box 3
Roland, Anthony: Films Art
Roll, Michael: Pianist
Rollinson, Edward H: Journalist
Rollo, William
Rolls, Stan :BMC Worker
Roman, George: Theatre
Root, Hilary: Stock Exchange
Roper, John: Politician
Rose, Alec: Singlehanded-Yachtman
Rose, Barry: Organist Guildford Cathedral
Rose, Hinda: Letters
Rose, Paul: Politician
Rosebury, Annie: Epic
Roseman, John
Roseveare, Helen: Missionary
Rosenthal, Eric
Rosenthal, Jack: Script Writer
Rosenthal, Norman: Exh. Sec. Royal Academy
Ross, Alan: Poet Editor
Ross, Don: British Music Hall Society
Ross, Stephen: Politician
Rossi, Hugh: Politician
Rostron, F: Cotton Board
Roth, Tim
Rothermere, Lady
Rothenstein, Sir John: Painter
Rotheroe, Nora: Office Cleaning
Rowan, John: Author
Rowbotham, Sheila: Historian
Rowbottom, Jo
Rowe, Albert: Schoolmaster
Rowe, Bridget: 'Woman's Own'
Rowe, Dorothy
Rowe, Marsha: Magazine
Rowen, Simon
Rowland, 'Tiny' Rowland
Rowlinson, Stephen: TCK. Group
Rubens, Bernice: Films and Writing
Rubenstein, Gerry: Car Dealer
Rubenstein, Hilary
Ruddock, Joan: CND (1 print, 1986)
Rudolf, P: Bookseller
Rufus, Rod: Director Liverpool Airport
Rule, Margaret: Open Water Diver
Rumbold, Angela: Conservative Politician
Rumens, Carol: Poet
Runcie, Bishop
Rundle, Dr
Rusbridger, Rusty and Barbara
Rushdie, Salman
Rusholme, Lord Robert Alexander Palmer: 1st Baron
Russell, Annie: Film Producer
Russell, Beverley
Russell, Lord Bertrand
Russell, Ken: Film Director
Russell, Pat: Needlework
Russell, Willy: Playwright
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