Ref NoGUA/6/9/1/3/T
TitlePersonality files for people with surnames beginning with T
Extent3 Boxes
Creator NameManchester Guardian; Picture Desk; Manchester Picture Library
DescriptionPrints by Guardian/Observer photographers

Box 1
Tait, Moira: Designer
Tammes, Diane: Film Camerawoman
Tankerton, Helen: Good Food Guide
Tanner, Robin: Artist
Tarkovsky, Andre: Russian Film Director
Tarry, Helen: Vintner
Tatchell, Peter: labour party
Tatham, Amanda: Graphic Designer
Tavener, John: Composer**
Taylor, Cecil P: Dramatist
Taylor, Garry & Ivy
Taylor, Janet
Taylor, Sir John: Politician
Taylor, John: ASD
Taylor, John Edward (and related)
Taylor, Mrs Josie & Kathy
Taylor, Captain Laurie: BAPA
Taylor, Lord
Taylor, Lynda King
Taylor, Sharon: Oysters
Tchaikowsky, Andre: Pianist
Tebbit, Norman: MP
Temple De William: Archbishop of York
Templeton, John
Temp-Welsh, Jan
Tendeter, Stacey: Actress
Tennant, Emma
Tennant, Victoria
Tennenbaum, Silvia: Novelist
Terson, Peter: Theatre
Thatcher, Carol
Thatcher, Margaret: 1959- (see notes field)
Thear, David & Katie
Theroux, Paul: Writer
Thomas, Gerald: Films
Thomas, Heidi: Playwright
Thomas, Henna: Potter
Thomas, Jeremey
Thomas, Kathleen: Cook
Thomas, Leslie: Novelist
Thomas, Philip M: Co-Operative Wholesale Society

Box 2
Thomas, Thomas, RE: Alderman Manchester
Thomas, Rev RS: Welsh Poet
Thomas, Tim: Actor
Thomas, Trevor Cawdor: Liverpool University
Thompson, Cicely: Engineer
Thompson, Chief Superintendent: Police
Thompson, Donald: Politician
Thompson, Dorothy: Historian
Thompson, EP
Thompson, Francis: Prison Visitor
Thompson, Jack
Thompson, Linda
Thomson, Brenda (and family)
Thomson, AR: Artist
Thomson, David: Author
Thomson, George. M
Thomson, George Pirie
Thomson, John: Barclays Bank Ltd
Thorndike, Dame Sybil: Actress
Thorne, Henry
Thorneycroft, Peter: Politician
Thornley, CH: Uganda
Thornton, Andy & Kate: Architectual Antiques
Thornton, Clive: D.Mirror
Thornton, Robert: Debenhams
Thorpe, Donald: Cahirman: Tameside Exhibition Commitee
Thorpe, Herbert: Slogans
Thorpe, Jeremy: Politician
Thorpe, Kay: Author
Thorpe, William: British Rail
Thring, Prof Meredith: Inventor
Thwaites, Roy
Tilbe, Douglas: Shelter
Till, Dr Walter
Tilman, HW: Heard Island
Tilney, John: Politician
Tilney, Mrs John: B.B.C
Tilson, Joe: Artist
Timms, Peter: Governor of Maidstone Prison
Timney, Sue
Tinker, Mrs E: Liberal
Tinling, Col Teddy: Dress Designer
Tinniswood, Peter: Writer
Tippett, Sir Michael: Musician
Tizard, Jack Prof
Tocher, John: AUEW
Todd, Sir AR: University Professor
Todd, HE
Todd, Richard: Actor
Toft, Geoff: Horse Trainer
Tolstoy, Nicolai
Tomalin, Claire: Writer
Tomkins, Henry

Box 3
Tonks, Rosemary: Author
Toogood, Jean: Editor (Brides)
Torkington, PC. Michael: Bravery Award
Torode, AC.: Sign & Display T.U.
Totty, Audrey: Chairwoman Y.C.A
Toulson, Shirley
Touzel, Joshua Le: Boy Actor
Townsend, Sue
Toynbee, Philip: Journalist (Agency pictures only)
Toynbee, Polly: Book (A Working Life)
Trapido, Barbara
Trechikoff: Artist
Tress, Dr RC
Trevelyan, J: Film Censor
Trevor, William: Author
Tribe, Michael: Young Liberal
Trigg, Oliver: TMML.
Trinder, Sir Charles: Lord Mayor of London 1968/1969
Trippier, David: Politician
Trowell, Sue
Trowski, Laura: "Ikons"
Trubshaw, Brian: BAC Test Pilot
Trueman, Fred: Showman
Trumpington, Lady
Tryon, Lady Dale
Tucker, Anthony
Tuckwell, Barry: Musician
Tudhy, Frank: Novelist
Tudor, W.J.: Transport and G.W. Union
Tuffin, Sally: Designer
Tuke, Anthony: Barclay's
Tunesi, June
Tunnicliffe, C.P: Artist
Turnbull, William: Sculptor
Turner, Bob: Artist?
Turner, Elizabeth: BVSS
Turner, Eric: BSA. Co
Turner, Gertie: NUPE
Turner, Sir James: NUF.
Turner, Jean
Turner, Joan: Actress Etc
Turner, Laurance: Musician
Turner, Mary
Turner, Michael: Publisher
Turner, Mrs Muriel: Politician
Turner, Norman: Official Solicitor
Turner, Robin & Heather: Engraver & Writer
Turner, Vic: Docks Dispute
Turnock, Charles: NUR.
Turpie, Ian: GIAE
Turpin, James: Diplomat
Turpin, KC
Turton, Robert Hugh: Politician
Turton, Robin: Politician
Turvey, R: Prices & incomes Board
Tutin, Dorothy: Actress
Tuzo, Maj-Gen H
Twigg, Ena: Medium
Twisk, Russell: Editor - The Listener
Tyler, Paul: Politician
Tynan, Kathleen: Novelist
Tynan, Kennethn (& Wife): Author & Critic
Tyrrell, Anne
Tyndall, Nicholas: MGC
Tyson, Cathy: Actress
Tyzack, Margaret: Actress
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