Ref NoGUA/6/9/1/3/W
TitlePersonality files for people with surnames beginning with W
Extent6 boxes
Creator NameManchester Guardian; Picture Desk; Manchester Picture Library
DescriptionPrints by Guardian/Observer photographers

Box 1
Waddington, David: Politician
Waddington, Jeremy: Limehouse T.V
Waddington, Leslie
Wade, Lord Donald: Politician
Wade, Robin
Wade, Virginia
Wade, William: Tract Publisher
Wadsworth, APW: Editor 'The Guardian' (agency pictures kept, includes one oversized group portrait stored on V/2/d box P1785)
Wagner, Lady (Gillian)
Wain, John
Wainwright, Alfred
Wainwright, George
Wainwright, Janice
Wainwright, Penny
Wainwright, Richard: Politician
Waite, Robert, Prof
Wakeham, John: Politician
Walden, Brian
Walden, Sarah
Walker, Sir Alexander: Burnham Committee
Walker, Caroline
Walker, Fr. Dominic
Walker, Doreen: List Broker
Walker, Eric & Lydia: Educational Films
Walker, Henry: Seed Blower
Walker, Kanta
Walker, Patrick, G: Politician
Walker, Peter: Artist
Walker, Peter
Walker, Sebastian: Walker Books
Walker-Smith: Derek Colclough : Politician
Wall, Max
Wallace, Hugh: Convenor (Fords)
Wallace, Juliet: Actress
Wallace, William: Politician
Waller, Prof: Manchester University
Waller, Richard: Computers
Wallich-Clifford, Anton: Simon Community
Wallis, Geoffrey: Shops
Wallis, Pete
Walmsley, Joseph: Mountaineer
Walsh, Jenny
Walsh, John
Walsh, Peggy: Courier
Walston, Susan: Antique Restoration
Walton, Sir William: Composer
Walton, Sir William: TV
Ward, Dame Irene
Ward, Reg: London Docklands Development Corporation
Ward-Jouve, Nicole: Author
Warden, Charles: Aston Martin
Ware, Eileen: Media Project News

Box 2
Waring, Clive: Amnesia
Want, Tina
Warman, W: Sheet Metal Workers
Warmold, L: NUM
Warner, Deborah
Warner, Marina
Warnock, Mary DBE: Oxford Philosophy Don
Warr, Kenneth: Royal Photographic Society
Warren, Dennis: Flying Picket
Warren, Harry: Retirement
Watkin, Howard: Young Liberal
Waterstone, Tim: Bookshops
Watkins, Susan: Gardener
Watkinson, Mrs Eileen: Oldham Bird Sanctuary
Watkinson, Harold, Arthur MP, Lord
Watson, David: Yorkshire Rector
Watson, John: Game Keeper (Retro)
Waugh, Alex: Novelist
Waugh, Auberon: Writer
Way, Robert
Webb, Bob: Water Diviner
Webb, Kay: Puffin Books
Webber, WJP: Trade Unionist
Wedlake, Chief Superintendent Mary
Weighall, Sidney: NUR
Wein, George: Jazz Promoter
Weinstock, Arnold: Atkinson Lorries Holding
Weir, Gillian: Organist
Weiss, Gerry: Liquidator
Welch, Ann: Flyer
Welch, Robin: Potter
Weldon, Fay: Novelist
Weldon, Frank: Police
Weldon, Vic: Punchman
Wellbeloved, James; Politician
Wellings, Jack: George Cohen 600 Group
Wells, John
Wells, Neville: Tecfor
Welton, Peter: Butcher
De Wendfenton, Rose: Actress
Wertmuller, Lina
Wesker, Arnold: Playwright
West, Sir Frederick J: Engineer
West, Harry: Politician
West, Morris: Author
West, Nina: Housing Association
West, Rebecca: Novelist
Westall, Robert: Author
Westbrook, Mike
Westbrook, Neil. G: Lord Mayor Manchester 1969
Westminster, Duke Of
Weston, Margaret: Science Museum
Weston, Father Gerrard
Weymouth, Viscount: Artist
Whalley, George: Free Trade Hall
Wheare, Sir Kenneth
Wheatley, Doris
Whelan, Ann
Wheeler, Kim: Tenpin Bowling

Box 3
Whitaker, David & Salley: Whitaker's Almanack
Whitby, Anthony: Radio
Whitcombe, Caz
White, Edmund: Author
White, Mrs Eileen L: Politician
White, Fiona
White, Dr Gillian
White, Kate: Magistrate
White, Chief Supt Martin: Police
White, Norman: Manchester Business School
White, Norman: Manchester Business School
White, Phyllis: Novelist
White, Roger: Politician
White, Terence Hanbury: Writer
Whitehead, Bruce & Norman: Atlam International
Whitehead, Christine
Whitehead, Phillip: Producer / Labour M.P Derby
Whitehead, Edward
Whitehead, Ruth
Whitehouse, Mary Mrs: Clean-Up TV campaign
Whitelaw, Billie: Actress
Whitelaw, William: Politician
Whitelock, Dorothy
Whiteside, Kate
Whiting, Leslie (Rev)
Whitsey, John: Capitol Radio
Whitsey, Right Rev Hubert Victor
Whitty, Larry: Labour Party
Whitworth, Dr C: Salford University
Wiggin, Charles: Diplomat
Wiggins, Maurcice
Wiggins, Sally: Marathon Runner
Wiggs, Richard: Anti-Concorde
Wilbraham, John: Musician
Wilcox, Edna
Wild, David: Artist
Wilkins, Bill: Ultimate Equipment
Wilkinson, Capt: Politician
Wilkinson, Martin: Chairman-Stock Exchange
Willan, Ann
Willan, John
Willan, John: LPO
Willard, Barbara
Willcocks, David: Musician
Wilde, Frea: Painter
Wiley, Roland
William, David
William-Ellis, Amabel: Writer
Williams, Alan: Writer
Williams, Chief Inspector: Police
Williams, David: Sculptor
Williams, Don: Politician
Williams, Emlyn: Actor
Williams, Emlyn: South Wales Miners
Williams, Rev. F. Garfield Hodder: Dean of Manchester
Williams, Lady Gertrude
Williams, Gordon: Author
Williams, Harry: Trinity College Dean
Williams, Sir Leonard: Labour Party
Williams, Dr Peter: Guardian Young Businessman - 1986
Williams, Malcolm & Family: Homeless
Williams, Michael (Reverend): Industrial Chaplain
Williams, Raymond: Author
Williams, Serena: Bunny-Girl
Williams, Shirley: MP

Box 4
Wiliams, Stephen: Probation Officer
Williams, Ursula Vaughan
Williams-Ellis, Clough: Architect
Williamson, David
Williamson, Henry: Author
Williamson, John Reud: Moderator, Mersey Province
Williamson, Judy: Barclays Bank
Williamson, Malcolm: Giro Bank
Williamson, Malcolm: Composer
Williamson, Nicol: Actor
Williamson, Tom Sir
Williamson, Tony: Novelist
Willmer, Valerie: Photographer & Writer
Willmott, Phyllis
Willis, Lord: Sports Council
Willis, Norman: TUC
Wills, Henry
Windsor, Prince Edward Albert: 1st Duke (General)
Windsor, Prince Edward Albert: 1st Duke (1936) Accesion
Windsor, Prince Edward Albert: 1st Duke (1936) Abdication
Wilson, Alfred: CWS
Wilson, AN: Author
Wilson, Carol: WEA Records
Wilson, David Dr: British Museum
Wilson, Donald
Wilson, Elizabeth: Lecturer in Social Policy
Wilson, Harold - Portraits
Wilson, Harold: 1964
Wilson, Harold: 1966-1967
Wilson, Harold: 1968
Wilaon, Harold: 1969
Wilson, Harold: 1970-1973
Wilson, Harold: 1974
Wilson, Harold: 1975
Wilson, Harold: 1976
Wilson, Mrs

Box 5
Wilson, Howard
Wilson, John: Farmington Trust
Wilson, Commander John: Scotland Yard
Wilson, Marian
Wilson, Robert: Playwright
Wilson, Sandra
Wilson, Mrs Sylvia
Wilshaw, Harold
Winer, Stanley & Astrid
Winn, Denise: Writer
Wincott, Len: Invergordon Mutiny!
Windsor, Babara: Actress
Winship, Valerie: Knife Throwing Act
Winspear, Sammy: Cobble Fisherman
Winslanley, Michael Dr: MP
Winston, Robert: Hammersmith Hospital
Wint, Les
Winter, Right Rev Colin
Winterbottom, Walter
Winters, Shelley
Winterton, Nicholas
Wise, Mrs Audrey: USDAW
Wise, Valerie
Wistrich, Ernest: Politician
Wolfe, Charlotte (Dr): Psychiatrist
Wolfe, Peter: Publisher
Wolfe, Tom
Wolfendon, Sir John: Educationist
Wolfson, Isaac Sir: Industrialist
Wong, Dexter: Fashion Designer
Wontner, Sir Hugh: Lord Mayor
Wood, Charles: Playwright
Wood, Professor G: Corrosion
Wood, Shirley
Wood, Wee Georgie: Radio & Theatre
Wood, Victoria
Woodcock, George: TUC Official
Woodcock, George A: Atheist Evangelist
Woodcraft, Tess
Woodfield, Phillip: Assistant-Secretary Prisons Department
Woodham, Dai: Railway Engines
Woodhouse, Barbara: "Dogs"
Woodroffe, Gordon: Otters
Woods, Colin: Police CID
Woods, Rt Rev Frank: Archbishop
Woodward, Sarah: RSC
Woola, Phil: NUS
Wooley, Richard van der Rict: Astronomer
Woolff, Dr Charlotte
Wootton, Baroness of Abinger
Worlock, Derek: Archbishop
Wormald, Mrs Ethel: Lord Mayor Liverpool
Worsley, AD: Politician
Worsthorne, Peregrine: Sunday Telegraph
Worth, Irene: Actress

Box 6
Wrigglesworth, Ian: Politician
Wright, Mrs Ethel: Ministry of Transport
Wright, Hannah: Cook
Wright, Hazel: BBC
Wright, Dr Jules
Wright, Chief Inspector K: Police
Wright, Lord LT: Trade Unionist
Wright, Peter: Ballet
Wright, Robert: Connectair
Wyatt, Muriel: Red Cross
Wyatt, Woodrow: Politician
Wymark, Olwen: playwright
Wynne, Greville: Spy
Wynter, Dana: Actress
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