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TitleSubject files for subjects beginning with A
Extent9 boxes
Creator NameManchester Guardian; Picture Desk; Manchester Picture Library
DescriptionPrints by Guardian/Observer photographers

Box 1
Advertisements (1)
Advertisements (2)
Afghanistan: General
Africa: South Africa (Demonstrations, Protests, Riots, Etc.)
Africa: South Africa (Johannesburg)
Africa: South Africa (Memorials)
Africa: South Africa (1) (by Don McPhee)
Africa: South Africa (2) (by Don McPhee)
Agriculture: General (1)
Agriculture: General (2)
Agriculture: Harvesting
Agriculture: Haymaking
Agriculture: Mechanisation
Agriculture: Ploughing
Agriculture: Shows (1)

Box 2
Agriculture: Shows (2)
Agriculture: Workers
Air Force: Exercises
Air Force: General
Air Force: Parades
Air Force: Training
Air Force: War 1939-1945 (General)
Aircraft: Accidents (1970)
Aircraft: Accidents (1971)
Aircraft: Accidents (Munich 1958)

Box 3
Aircraft: Air Sea Rescue
Aircraft Industry
Aircraft: Types C
Aircraft: Types Concorde
Aircraft: Construction
Aircraft: Displays
Aircraft: Early Flights (Includes 1926 Helvellyn flight)
Aircraft: Early Types
Aircrafts: Early Types (2)
Aircraft: Types General
Aircraft: Types Gliders
Aircraft: Types Helicopter
Aircraft: Types I
Aircraft: Types J
Aircraft: Types L
Aircraft: Types N
Aircraft: Types T
Aircraft: Wind Tunnels

Box 4
Air Races
Air Raids: War 1939-1945 (Air Raid Shelters) (1)
Air Raids: War 1939-1945 (Air Raid Shelters) (2)
Air Raids: War 1939-1945 (Liverpool)
Air Raids: War 1939-1945 (Manchester)
Airlines: Personnel
Airports: Abroad General
Airports: Birmingham
Airports: General
Airports: London - 1968
Airports: London 1969
Airports: Liverpool
Airports: Manchester - 1968
Aluminium Industry
Amsterdam (1)
Amsterdam (2)
Angling: -1969
Angling: -1970
Animals: B
Animals: C

Box 5
Animals: D
Animals: E
Animals: G
Animals: H
Animals: I-J
Animals: L
Animals: M
Animals: O
Animals: P
Animals: R
Animals: S
Animals: T
Animals: W
Animals: Z

Box 6
Archaeology: Abroad General: 1960
Archaeology - Egypt
Archaeology G.B - 1959
Archaeology G.B. - 1960-1969
Archaeology - G.B - 1970
Architecture - G.B (1)
Architecture - G.B (2)
Armour & Arnaments - Antiques
Army - Artillery
Army - Exercises
Army - General (1)

Box 7
Army - Parades
Army - Uniforms
Art - Galleries 1958-1971
Art - Galleries 1972
Art - General

Box 8
Art - General (3)
Art - Oriental
Astronomy - Jodrell Bank
Atomic Energy
Atomic Energy: Calder Hall
Atomic Energy: Heysham
Atomic Energy: Hinkley Point

Box 9
Atomic Energy: Hunterston
Atomic Energy: Power Stations (General)
Atomic Energy: Radioactivity
Atomic Energy: Sellafield
Atomic Energy: Trawsfynydd
Atomic Energy: Winfrith
Atomic Energy: Wylfa
Atomic Weapons: Protests
Auctions - 1958-1969
Auctions - 1970-1972
Auctions - 1973
Austria - General
Autumn Scenes
Aviation - Man Powered Flight
Aviators ((Includes pictures of; Bert Hinkler, Alan J Coblam, Major H Hemming, Captain Courtney, W H Longton)
System Of ArrangementAlphabetical
Access StatusOpen
Political Demonstrations
Nuclear Energy
Military Aviation
Civil Aviation
Aerial Bombardment
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