Ref NoGUA/9/1/1/15
Extent1 VHS, part of 2 VHS, part of 1 Umatic, 2 mp4 (14.5 and 162.4 MB) and part of 1 mov (1.73 GB)
Creator NameGuardian Newspapers Limited
Leagas Delaney
DescriptionFour versions of a colour advert, with sound, advertising the Daily Guardian Election Special supplement for the British general election. The adverts all feature the same clips of British and American politicians (David Lloyd George, Franklin D Roosevelt, Neville Chamberlain, Richard Nixon and Clement Atlee) making policy speeches overlaid onto photographs showing realities that contrast with their promises. Each advert has different strapline and commentary.

a). Commentary: "Politicians will never change, so this election read one newspaper that promises to look behind the promises". Strapline: "The Daily Election Section. The Guardian". The advert has a blue colouring. Duration: 43 seconds. The advert starts at 00.01 on the mp4 file.

b). Similar to a) but in mov format and with the different strapline 'The Daily Election Section' with a copy of the paper. This version also has a better picture and sound quality. Duration: 43 seconds. The advert starts at 01.33 on the mov file.

c). Similar to a) but with a sepia colouring and no commentary at the end. Duration: 42 seconds. The advert starts at 00.08 on the mp4 file.

d). Duplicate of b). Duration: 43 seconds. The advert starts at 01.22 on the mp4 file.
Access StatusOpen
Access ConditionsAccess via GNM Digital Repository.
Related Materiala). VHS also contains the following Guardian adverts: GUA/9/1/1/13a and GUA/9/1/1/14a.

b). Umatic and mov file also includes the following Guardian adverts: GUA/9/1/1/13b, GUA/9/1/1/14b, GUA/9/1/1/16/1b, GUA/9/1/1/17/1a, GUA/9/1/1/17/2a, GUA/9/1/1/18/1a, GUA/9/1/1/19a, GUA/9/1/1/20a, GUA/9/1/1/21/1a and GUA/9/1/1/21/2a.

d). VHS and mp4 file also include the following Guardian adverts: GUA/9/1/1/14d, GUA/9/1/1/13c, GUA/9/1/1/17/1d, GUA/9/1/1/16/3f, GUA/9/1/1/18/2f, GUA/9/1/1/19c, GUA/9/1/1/20c, GUA/9/1/1/21/1e, GUA/9/1/1/21/2e, GUA/9/1/1/26e, GUA/9/1/1/27b, GUA/9/1/1/28b, GUA/9/1/1/30b, GUA/9/1/1/31c, GUA/9/1/1/32f, GUA/9/1/1/34/1f, GUA/9/1/1/35c, GUA/9/1/1/36c, GUA/9/1/1/37d, GUA/9/1/1/38b, GUA/9/1/1/39c, GUA/9/1/1/40, GUA/9/1/1/41d, GUA/9/1/1/42f and GUA/9/1/1/43c.
FormatElectronic record
Video recording

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