Ref NoGUA/9/1/1/26
TitleNew Republic
Extent1 umatic, 1 VHS, part of 1 VHS, 1 mov (473.9 MB), 1 mp4 (8.8 MB) and part of 1 mp4 (162.4 MB)
Creator NameGuardian Newspapers Limited
Leagas Delaney
DescriptionFive versions of a colour advert, with sound, for the Guardian newspaper's supplement on the Royal Family titled 'New Republic'. The versions each have a similar voiceover which questions what would happen if the monarchy was abolished. It is unclear which of the versions, if any, were broadcast.

a). Features footage of the Sex Pistols, the Houses of Parliament and the Royal Family with the word 'Banned' superimposed in large letters over the top. The advert features 'Land of Hope and Glory' by Elgar playing over the commentary. The advert has very poor sound and picture quality.

The advert ends with a shot of the Guardian and G2 but the commentary continues for several seconds after the screen has gone black. Duration: 37 seconds. The advert starts at 00.10 on the mov file.

b). Similar to a) but features 'I vow to thee, my country' by Holst playing over the commentary. Duration: 37 seconds. The advert starts at 00.51 on the mov file.

c). Similar to a) but has no music. The recording is cut off slightly before the commentary ends. Duration: 35 seconds. The advert starts at 01.29 on the mov file.

d). Similar to a) but with slightly different images and a Union Flag superimposed over the top. There is also a slightly different voiceover and the advert features the 'Last Post' playing over the commentary.

The advert ends with a shot of the Guardian and Weekend Guardian. Duration 40 seconds. The advert starts at 00.05 on the mp4 file.

e). Duplicate of d). Duration 33 seconds. The advert starts at 05.13 on the mp4 file.
Access StatusOpen
Access ConditionsAccess via GNM Digital Repository.
Related Materiale). VHS and mp4 file also include the following Guardian adverts: GUA/9/1/1/14d, GUA/9/1/1/13c, GUA/9/1/1/15d, GUA/9/1/1/17/1d, GUA/9/1/1/16/3f, GUA/9/1/1/18/2f, GUA/9/1/1/19c, GUA/9/1/1/20c, GUA/9/1/1/21/1e, GUA/9/1/1/21/2e, GUA/9/1/1/27b, GUA/9/1/1/28b, GUA/9/1/1/30b, GUA/9/1/1/31c, GUA/9/1/1/32f, GUA/9/1/1/34/1f, GUA/9/1/1/35c, GUA/9/1/1/36c, GUA/9/1/1/37d, GUA/9/1/1/38b, GUA/9/1/1/39c, GUA/9/1/1/40, GUA/9/1/1/41d, GUA/9/1/1/42f and GUA/9/1/1/43c.
FormatElectronic record
Video recording

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