Ref NoGUA/9/1/1/36
TitleDamien Hirst
DateAugust 1996
Extent1 VHS, part of 2 VHS, 1 mp4 (4.5 MB) and part of 2 mp4 (127.3 MB and 162.4 MB)
Creator NameGuardian Newspapers Limited
Leagas Delaney
DescriptionThree versions of a colour advert with sound promoting a Guardian feature on artist Damien Hirst which appeared on 31 August 1996. The adverts show footage of Hirst and his art on a TV screen. The shot zooms out to reveal the TV to be encased in a glass display case in the style of some of Hirst's own artwork. A copy of the Guardian and Weekend Guardian is visible on the TV screen. The advert also features sinister music and voiceover explaining the feature.

Commentary: "Doctor death, the dead cow man, or supremely talanted? Whatever you think, Damien Hirst is the most controvertial living artist. His work sells for tens of thousands of pounds. But his latest creation is absolutely free on the cover of Weekend magazine with the Guardian tomorrow, part of an intimate portrait of his life and work taken from his forthcoming book. So to own a numbered, limited edition Damien Hirst, don't miss the Guardian, tomorrow."

Strapline: 'The Guardian.'

a). The voiceover artist is male with a British accent. Duration: 30 seconds. The advert starts at 00.10 on the mp4 file.

b). Similar to a). but the voiceover artist is male with an American accent and the commentary is slightly different. Duration: 30 seconds. The advert starts at 02.14 on the mp4 file.

c). Duplicate of b). Duration: 30 seconds. The advert starts at 09.04 on the mp4 file.
Access StatusOpen
Access ConditionsAccess via GNM Digital Repository.
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FormatElectronic record
Video recording

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