Ref NoGUA/9/1/1/38
TitleNeil Hamilton
ExtentPart of 1 betacam, part of 2 VHS, part of 1 QuickTime movie (354.8 MB) and part of 2 mp4 (127.3 MB and 162.4 MB)
Creator NameGuardian Newspapers Limited
Leagas Delaney
DescriptionThree versions of a colour advert with sound for the Guardian. The advert features black and white stills of Neil Hamilton, John Major and Michael Heseltine. The advert ends with a shot of the Guardian with a label featuring the words 'Exhibit A.'

Commentary: "Tomorrow, a former minister was due in court to sue the newspaper that named him in the cash for questions scandel. The prime minister and Michael Heseltine would've been called to the witness box, but tonight the case was dropped. The defendant is still going to give evidence. The Guardian. Tomorrow. Cash for answers. 45 pence."

a). Duration: 20 seconds. The advert starts at 00.01 on the mov file.

b). Duplicate of a). Duration: 20 seconds. The advert starts at 10.12 on the mp4 file.

c). Duplicate of a) but with poorer sound and picture quality. Duration: 20 seconds. The advert starts at 03.17 on the mp4 file.
Access StatusOpen
Access ConditionsAccess via GNM Digital Repository.
Related Materiala). Betacam and QuickTime movie file also include the following the Guardian adverts: GUA/9/1/1/41c and GUA/9/1/1/42e.

b). VHS and mp4 file also include the following Guardian adverts: GUA/9/1/1/14d, GUA/9/1/1/13c, GUA/9/1/1/15d, GUA/9/1/1/17/1d, GUA/9/1/1/16/3f, GUA/9/1/1/18/2f, GUA/9/1/1/19c, GUA/9/1/1/20c, GUA/9/1/1/21/1e, GUA/9/1/1/21/2e, GUA/9/1/1/26e, GUA/9/1/1/27b, GUA/9/1/1/28b, GUA/9/1/1/30b, GUA/9/1/1/31c, GUA/9/1/1/32f, GUA/9/1/1/34/1f, GUA/9/1/1/35c, GUA/9/1/1/36c, GUA/9/1/1/37d, GUA/9/1/1/39c, GUA/9/1/1/40, GUA/9/1/1/41d, GUA/9/1/1/42f and GUA/9/1/1/43c.

c). VHS and mp4 file also include the following Guardian adverts: GUA/9/1/1/34/1g, GUA/9/1/1/34/2c, GUA/9/1/1/34/2d, GUA/9/1/1/34/3c, GUA/9/1/1/34/3/d, GUA/9/1/1/34/4d, GUA/9/1/1/34/4e, GUA/9/1/1/34/5c, GUA/9/1/1/34/5d, GUA/9/1/1/36b, GUA/9/1/1/37c, GUA/9/1/1/39d and GUA/9/1/1/39e.
FormatElectronic record
Video recording

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