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TitleCuttings book
DateJune 1998 - January 1999
Extent1 volume
Creator NameGuardian Newspapers Limited
DescriptionCuttings of each of the Guardian's leading articles with manuscript annotations of the author's initials, 12 June 1998 - 18 January 1999. Leading articles were published anonymously each day as the collective view of the newspaper. Researchers should note that leaders do not necessarily express the personal views of their writers.

The following leading articles have no author identified:
*new 18 July 1998: Designer wars
*new 11 August 1998: Shining cricket (identified as 'sport')
*new 17 August 1998: Testimony time
*new 22 August 1998: The urge to vengeance
*new 22 August 1998: The Spice of life
*new 27 August 1998: Summer movies (identified as G2 or GZ)
*new 4 November 1998: Malaysian stirfry (illegible entry Robin [Baneriji]
*new 19 November 1998: Malaysian subtext
*new 25 November 1998: Tea science
*new 28 November 1998: A nation of profiteers
16 December 1998: Clinton in Gaza (identified as 'MW?')
21 December 1998: Don't impeach him
22 December 1998: Not that funny
22 December 1998: The Santer clause (post it at the front of the volume identifies JF)
24 December 1998: A sudden departure (post it at the front of the volume identifies JF)
24 December 1998: Judgement in China.

Generally two leading articles were published on Monday and Saturday, and three from Tuesday to Friday.

The leading articles appear across the top third of the page under the heading 'The Guardian' with the date, edition number, address '119 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3ER', fax number '0171-837 4530', email address 'E-mail: letters@guardian.co.uk' and website 'http://www.guardian.co.uk'.

The leading article for Saturday 24 October 1998 is pasted at the back of the volume rather than in sequence.

The authors identified in this volume are (in alphabetical order):
VB - (17 September 1998)
S Bates - Stephen Bates
D Beresford - David Beresford
I Black/IB - Ian Black
Alex Brummer
M Buntg - Madeleine Bunting
DC - (25 January 1999)
J Cunningh - John Cunningham
MD - Malcolm Dean
C Denny - [Charlotte] Denny
L Elliott - Larry Elliott
Engel - Matthew Engel
J Ezard - John Ezard
G Foden - Giles Foden
JF - Jonathan Freedland
JG - [John Gittings]
D Glaister - Dan Glaister
Stuart Jeff[...] - Stuart [Jeffries]
VK - Vic Keegan
P Lennon - Peter Lennon
D McKie/D McK - David McKie
Seamus Milne
S Moss - Stephen Moss
R N-T - Richard Norton-Taylor
Tim Radford
AR - Alan Rusbridger
JS - [Jonathan Steele]
J Steele - Jonathan Steele
R Thomas - [Richard Thomas]
J Vidal/Vidal - John Vidal
DW - [David Ward]
MW - [Michael White]
M White - Michael White
M Wool/M Wolla/M Woolla/M Wo - Martin Woollacott
G Younge - Gary Younge
[GZ] - (27 August 1998)
System Of ArrangementChronological
Access StatusOpen
FormatPrinted document
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