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TitleCuttings book
DateSeptember 1999 - March 2000
Extent1 volume
Creator NameGuardian Newspapers Limited
DescriptionCuttings of each of the Guardian's leading articles with manuscript annotations of the author's initials,1 September 1999 - 22 March 2000. Leading articles were published anonymously each day as the collective view of the newspaper. Researchers should note that leaders do not necessarily express the personal views of their writers.

The following leading articles have no author identified:
17 September 1999: Who created Floyd?
17 September 1999: Shelve the big stick
17 September 1999: Not nominees, please
18 September 1999: Kennedy's task ahead
18 September 1999: All puff and wind
20 September 1999: Really existing spies
20 September 1999: Cashing in
*new 21 September 1999: Pre-emptive retaliation (identified as 'JF?')
21 September 1999: Tony Blair's rural rides
28 September 1999: A battle belatedly won
25 October 1999: Last laugh is on the house
25 October 1999: Getting schools online
*new 1 November 1999: Home truths [illegible entry 'J C[ingh] - possibly John Carvel? - possibly short for John Cunningham?]
2 November 1999: The mortgage ramp
5 November 1999: Saying no to injustice
5 November 1999: The battle of Burford
6 November 1999: Powerless to act? Not so
6 November 1999: Railtrack in the dock
6 November 1999: Deprivation at ten
*new 13 November 1999: Performance Pay (identified as 'MB?')
19 November 1999: Impasse in Istanbul
19 November 1999: He is in, after all
19 November 1999: A pother of pedants
*new 25 November 1999: Manchester's renewal (illegible entry H or M McIl or McK)
23 December 1999: In by a whisker
No leading articles for 1 January 2000 (loose - continuation from page one, We have the power. Do we have the wisdom?
*new 8 March 2000: Babbling of green fields
10 March 2000: As mean as it gets

Generally two leading articles were published on Monday and Saturday, and three from Tuesday to Friday. The leading articles appear as a column.

The authors identified in this volume are (in alphabetical order):
Mark Atki[ns] (20 September 1999)
AB - [Andrew Brown]
MB - Madeleine Bunting
MD - Malcolm Dean
L[E] - [Larry Elliot]
JF - Jonathan Freedland
VK - Vic Keegan
DMcK - David McKie
M McNay - Mike McNay
Tim Radford
AR - Alan Rusbridger
JS - [Jonathan Steele]
ST - [Simon Tisdall]
PT - [Polly Toynbee]
D Walker - David Walker
DW - [David Ward]
MW - [Michael White]
Michael White
System Of ArrangementChronological
Access StatusOpen
FormatPrinted document
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