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TitleConversations 1969-1976
Date5 November 1969 - 18 November 1976
Extent1 file
Creator NameYoung; Hugo John Smelter (1938-2003) journalist
DescriptionTyped and handwritten notes written by Hugo Young to record political conversations and informal interviews held with individuals from 1969-1976.

The conversations are with the following people:

Douglas Hurd, 5 November 1969

Willam Whitelaw, 20 January 1970

Michael Fraser, 10 March 1970
John Biffen, 24 March 1970

Notes of talk with Reginald Maudling, 28 May 1970
Notes of an off-the-record conversation with Douglas Hurd on Heath's staff, 29 May 1970

Memorandum from F.T.R Giles to Hugo Young detailing discussion over lunch with Donald Maitland, 24 September 1970
Labour 'Post Mortem', 25 September 1970
Douglas Hurd, 29 September 1970

Robin Balniel, 4 November 1970
John Biffen, 12 November 1970
Lunch with MacDonnell ('MJB') 17 November 1970

'Off the record' with Lord Robens, 1 December 1970

Notes on [Harold] Wilson memoirs, 31 March 1971

Notes on lunch with Reginald Maudling, 1 February 1972

Douglas Hurd, 7 November 1973
Terry Pitt, 20 November 1973
Tony Benn, 30 November 1973

'BRW' (Conservative MP) 6 December 1973
Michael Wolff, 18 December 1973
Notes on Michael Wolff, 18 December 1973
Talk with Prime Minister, 20 December 1973*

Copy of letter from Edward Heath to Joseph Gormley, concerning the restrictions on use of electricity in industry due to the world energy crisis, 23 January 1974
Len Murray, 24 January 1974
Memorandum from the Editor of the Sunday Times to Hugo Young, detailing a confidential conversation with James Prior, about 'The Crisis', 30 January 1974

Memorandum from the Editor of the Sunday Times to Hugo Young, about Labour party opinion on the miner's strike, 7 February 1974
Notes taken from Richard Rose conversation, Feb-Mar 1974

Alexander Lyon, 24 May 1974

Lord Windlesham, 5 June 1974
Report from Foreign Office, 6 June 1974
Report from Cabinet Office, 6 June 1974
[Michael] Oakeshott, 6 June 1974
Memorandum from the Deputy Editor of the Sunday Times to Hugo Young, detailing a talk with George Thomson, 6 June 1974

[Lord] Hailsham, July 1974
Norman Atkinson, 10 July 1974
Shirley Williams, 12 July 1974

Perceptions of Roy Jenkins, 1 August 1974

'JL' [Labour MP] 30 November 1974

Memorandum from Ronald Butt, Deputy Editor of the Sunday Times to Hugo Young, to give a summary of lunch with Sir John Hunt, 5 December 1974
Memorandum from Ronald Butt, Deputy Editor of the Sunday Times to Hugo Young, to give a summary of lunch with Tony Benn, 5 December 1974
Comments to Bruce Page, about the Prevention of Terrorism Bill, 6 December 1974
Chris Patten, 11 December 1974
Gwyn Morgan, 12 December 1974
Alexander Lyon, 13 December 1974
Memorandum from the Editor of the Sunday Times, to Hugo Young, concerning notes of a lunch with a 'non-political source', dated 'late' 1974

[Anthony]Crosland, 14 January 1975
Douglas Hurd, 22 January 1975

Transcript of conversation between Denys Scott, former vice-chairman of Lexington International, Michael Jones and Peter Dunn about the Barnet Campaign, 6 March 1975
Martin Wright, 12 March 1975

Ian Gilmour, 9 April 1975
David Marquand, 15 April 1975

Tom McCaffrey, 21 May 1975
Dipak Nandy, 22 May 1975

Joe Haines, 25 June 1975

[John] Lyttle, 10 September 1975

Harold Wilson, 29 October 1975

Lunch with Harold Wilson and Roy Thomson, 26 November 1975
Notes on Defence cuts, November 1975

Memorandum from Deputy Editor of the Sunday Times to Hugo Young, detailing a talk with Henry Kissinger at Claridges, 16 December 1975

Douglas Hurd, 18 January 1976
Lord Robens, 22 January 1976
Letter from Edward Heath to Hugo Young, declining invitation to discuss events of 1973-74, 28 January 1976
'HE' notes, 29 January 1976

Letter from Edward Heath to Harold Evans, 11 February 1976
Michael Wolff, 12 February 1976

Letter from Nigel Lawson to Hugo Young, concerning published material written by Hugo, 12 March 1976

Jim Prior, 3 June 1976
John Biffen, 3 June 1976
Gordon Wilson, 3 June 1976
William Whitelaw, 9 June 1976
John Biffen, 17 June 1976

'JP' (Conservative MP) 21 July 1976
Conservations entitled 'Pound notes' with Edmund Dell, Shirley Williams, David Owen, Bill Rodgers, and Jack Straw, all commenting on economic policy 28-29 September 1976

Burke Trend, 14 October 1976

Notes sent to Hugo Young about immigration, 28 October 1976

David Owen, 18 November 1976

'Note on the Left from moderate Whitehall advisor', undated
Note to 'Peter' containing relevant statistics that he may wish to use, undated
Mick McGahey, undated
'DB', undated
R Darlington, undated
Harris, undated
[Lord] Merlyn, undated
K Spears, undated
Tam Dalyell, undated
Francis Pym, undated
Leon Brittan, undated
Notes on Hattersley and Benn, undated*
[Frank] Soskice, undated

Significant subjects covered in conversation discussions include:

General Election 1970
General Election(s) 1974
Harold Wilson and his leadership of the Labour Party
Edward Heath and his leadership of the Conservative Party
Government foreign policy
Government defence policy
Campaign for leader of the Conservative Party
World energy crisis
The economy
Political situation in Ireland
UK European referendum
Prevention of Terrorism Act
South African Arms
System Of ArrangementChronological
Access StatusOpen(part)
Political Parties
Foreign Policy
Economic Policy
Parliamentary Elections
Political Leadership
Internal Politics
Energy Crisis
Prevention Of Terrorism (temporary Provisions) Act 1974 C56

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