Ref NoJHB/3/2/16
Extent202 prints
Creator NameBown; Jane Hope (1925-2014); photographer
Description Includes;
1. Two gamekeepers from Yorkshire - one in new boots have a quiet smoke whilst crowds surge to the Falcon display (nd) (2 vintage prints)
2. Man in cap with paddle in hands sitting in boat, A3 written on side [coracle?] (nd) (vintage)
3. Man and women chatting at an event, woman sitting on stick (nd) (vintage)
4. Woman in black hat wearing pearls eating cake/biscuit and holding tea cup in left hand facing another woman (vintage)
5. Small boy in suit and hat with hands in pockets lookign at camera - Derby Day, 1967 (vintage)
6. Shoe shining on Charing Cross Road, London, c.1960 (vintage)
7. Scouts (nd) (6 vintage prints)
8. Gypsies, hop-pickers, Bentley, Hampshire, 1955 (vintage)
9. Hop-pickers at dawn, 1956 (vintage)
10. Nurses at a [pay demonstration], c.1960 (2 vintage prints)(same shoot as no. 49)
11. Onion sellers, Battersea, London, 1961 (2 vintage prints *)
12. Yugoslavian workers, c.1964 (10 vintage prints)
13. Suffragette reunion, (nd) (vintage *)
14. Women sat in café (nd) (vintage *)
15. Eton Day, 1952 (vintage *)
16. Men painting lampposts (nd) (vintage)
17. Men relaxing in beach café, St Tropez, France, c.1957 (vintage)
18. Man at work, Potteries, Stoke-on-Trent, c.1960 (vintage)
19. Fuel Crisis, East End, London, women outside coal shop with prams, 1957 (vintage)
20. Cromwell Road extension, London, c.1960 - (2 vintage prints *)
21. Spectators, Wimbledon, London, 1952 (2 vintage prints, 1 mounted on card and oversize)
22. Circus performers, Farnham, Surrey, 1956 (vintage)
23. Woman with protest sign in street (nd) (vintage *)
24. Pensioners smoking in crowd, October, 1976 (vintage)
25. Policeman group in street in front of columned building (nd) (vintage)
26. Man carrying milk bottles across road, [Golders Green] (nd) 3 vintage prints
27. Two young women in large hats and sunglasses, Kings road, c1969
28. Man asleep in hay (nd) (vintage)
29. 2x - Onlooker at society wedding - man in cap leaning on brick wall looking over - Vanessa Jebb's wedding 1962
30. Fuel crisis, East End, London, 1957 (vintage *)
31. Old people - Old age pensioners of Bethnal Green (5 prints) (20 January 1974); Luxborough Lodge (5 prints) (13 October 1963); Travellers at London's Victoria Coach Station ready for Bank Holiday (1 print) (August 1972); Old people in Eastbourne (1 print) (May 1969); Old age pensioners (4 prints) (16 vintage prints total)
32. Car Boot sale (12 prints)
+ 47 prints
33. Sister from Bartholomews Hospital on carousel horse; fair to celebrate 850th anniversary of Barts (vintage; used 13 May 1973)
34. 4x - Sleeper and warden in park - sleeping rough in Green Park (vintage; nd)
35. Dancer (vintage; nd) [Rambert?]
36. Back of girls head with plaits (vintage; nd)
37. 2x French striker playing accordian, Boulogne (vintage; nd)
38. Two men drinking in the Denbigh Castle (vintage; nd)
39. Lady pushing pram and couple walking in Kensington Gardens, London (vintage; nd)
40. Gypsy playing guitar (vintage; May 1971)
41. Gypsy looking at baby in cot, East London Gypsy encampment (vintage; September 1976)
42. Bargewoman holding water-can on canal barge (vintage; nd)
43. Man in bowler hat at Bluebell railway (vintage; nd)
44. Backs of shoulders of two men wearing suits and bowlers (vintage; nd)
45. Gypsy council in conversation (vintage; May 1971)
46. Two topless male hippies reading newspapers in Picadilly (vintage; August 1969)
47. Punk couple holding hands in Waterloo Station (vintage; nd)
48. Nurse and child patient on verandah of orthopaedic hospital, Christmas (vintage; nd)
49. Nurses in protest on street holding banners (1 vintage print, nd)
50. 2x Figure with eyepiece & bow tie, walking with cane, Cambridge (vintage; nd)
51. Girl in hat with hockey stick and miseltoe (vintage; nd)
52. 4x Old man wearing war medals, sat on barrier, talking to children in park; facing shot and side shot; and 2x man by himself on bench one full shot one cropped (vintage; nd)
53. 3x - Postman's picnic, two postworkers sat eating on fallen tree with bikes in Norfolk (vintage; 1966)
54. Man and boy doing handstands on chairs in park (vintage; nd)
55. Elvis Presley fans at a march in Petticoat Lane as a tribute (vintage; 20 August 1977)
56. 3x Man in suit and top hat with umbrella bending over to read part of old newspaper on ground (vintage; nd)
57. Baby asleep in shawl-carrier on mother's back (vintage; nd)
58. Lady looking over shoulder amongst people queuing on street pavement (vintage; nd *)
59. Lady with glasses and feather bower/scarf in mid-conversation on busy street (recent print; nd)
60. Lady in dark coat and sunglasses waiting on street reading (recent print; nd)
61. Backs of two blonde women in dark dresses being photographed in front of memorial flowers during funeral, East End (vintage; nd)
62. Woman in fur coat and cap walking down street with others (recent print; nd)
63. Woman looking over shoulder amongst others waiting on street (recent print; nd)
64. Two young male travellers waiting on floor of Waterloo train station (recent print; nd)
65. Two young men lying waiting on floor of Waterloo train station (vintage; nd)
66. 3x Long-haired young man sat on floor of Waterloo train station next to suitcase, reading (3x recent prints; nd)
67. Male traveller in cap asleep on bag lying on stone bench at Waterloo train station (recent print; nd)
68. 2x Man in shorts and long socks walking past poster carrying safeway's bag with newspaper under arm (recent print; nd)
69. 3x Feet & briefcases of male city workers, waiting at Waterloo train station (recent prints; nd)
70. Young male traveller with bags and back of British Transport Policeman at Waterloo train station (recent print; nd)
71. Male and female members of British Transport Police at Waterloo train station (recent print; nd)
72. Young boy wearing sunglasses sat on bags waiting at Warerloo train station (recent print; nd)
73. Man in cap sat on bags near flower display, next to two mountain bikes, reading - Waterloo train station (recent print; nd)
74. Old lady in dark coat pushing trolley of luggage and plastic bags through Waterloo train station (recent print; nd)
75. Travellers filling out questionaire/survey at Waterloo train station (recent print; nd)
76. Young boy sitting on floor of Waterloo train station amongst other waiting travellers (recent print; nd)
77. Religious figure in hat drinking carton of Ribena at Waterloo train station (recent print; nd)
78. 2x Female students & female cyclist out walking through park (vintage; nd)
79. Female student making notes by window in library (vintage; nd)
80. 'Bulldogs' on patrol outside the Oxford University Trial (vintage) [1974]
81. Men sitting in deckchairs playing large game of chess on Bournemouth Pier (vintage; nd)
82. 2x - Young chef on break sitting on beer keg having cigarette by telephone box (vintage; nd)
83. Guy sat on wall showing the top of his backside (vintage; nd)
84. 2x - Old man in long dark coat, carrying four bottles of milk, waiting to cross road [Golders Green] (vintage; nd)
85. Figure sat on bench, leant over with head resting on their knees (vintage; nd)
86. Old lady looking at plants through glasses at Chelsea Flower Show (vintage; nd)
87. 2x - Young lady in black top smoking and laughing, sitting at outdoor table of cafe, waitress in white carrying tray with Coke can on it - 2x - Same young woman looking to her right, sitting with three men at a cafe table, one holding a newspaper 'Tax Scandal', man at another table drinking from a cup (recent print; nd)
88. Old lady dressed in black with glasses and hairclip, reading newspaper (recent print; nd)
89. Old lady with white hat having tea and cake in coffee shop - shot through cafe window (recent print; nd)
90. Old man in dark coat and bowler hat talking to policeman on steps (vintage; nd)
91. Street artist sketching portrait of lady sitter on pavement (vintage; nd)
92. Two old ladies wearing dark coats, bent over lifting shopping bags (vintage; nd)
93. Old lady dressed in dark clothing and hair-cover, collecting money for charity cause (vintage; nd)
94. Lady roller-skating with backpack and male jogger out on street, France (vintage; nd)
95. Public and policemen waiting outside on steps (vintage; nd)
96. Lady in heels, dark coat carrying Warehouse bag, walking along pavement in front of brick wall with white graffiti (recent print; nd)
97. Old man wearing dark coat and hat, asleep on grass with head resting on bag (recent print; nd)
98. Old lady with walking stick, coming out of local polling station (vintage; nd)
99. Young man in suit taking photo with camera on a tripod (vintage; nd)
100. Nigerian Independence, Westminster Abbey, c.1959 (2 vintage prints)
101. Dockers' Strike, Clydeside, 1971 (Man with bottle of milk)
102. 2x - People on a boat, [Sidmouth], c.1960 (vintage)
103. Young People at Piccadilly Circus, 1969
104. Bait Digging in the Thames, nd (includes technical details on reverse)
105. Mothers' Union Parade, 1976 (oversize)
106. Woman Reading a Newspaper in front of 'Jackpot' sign, nd (oversize)
107. Suffragettes Reunion, 15 July 1964 (oversize ****) [Two women in deck chairs facing away from each other]
108. Man in cloth cap with arms folded and woman in turban with purse in front of wall with 'LEO' written on it (nd)
109. Horse parade in background - foreground shows a 11L Traffic Patrol Car - BSA 3 wheeled (1931) [1970s]
110. Woman with bandanna on head holding wooden cross made out of two sticks, with crowd in background (nd)
111. Two men sitting - one in ceremonial coat holding sceptre? with medals and chains - other in suit and tie (nd)
112. Three men sitting in a two-wheel horse drawn carriage wearing striped prison outfits with numbers on chest (nd)
113. 3x CND marchers - 1 of man holding flag reading Herne Bay to Aldermaston and woman walking in front of two groups of policemen outside Burghfield; 1 of same man holding flag and woman with backs to camera walking past two young men, one dressed as a punk holding an umbrella, near Burghfield; 1 of same man and woman holding flag walking alone along road (nd)
114. Auxiliary worker in striped shirt, Ian Milcardo with pipe, Dr John Thomson in white coat and Sister Henrietta Cox at front; in front of sign 'Emergency - Save Bethnal Green From NHS ??' (nd)
115. Woman sitting in deck chair with Union Jack umbrella, hat, pants and rug, wearing shirt with 'Charles & Diana' written on it (nd)
116. 2x parade at War Memorial, Horseguards, London at night - 1 of guard standing on podium with men on horses in background - 1 of men on horses moving towards the memorial (nd)
117. Woman in black leather jacket and striped pants wearing sunglasses staning in front of a picture of an asian person lying on a mat (nd)
118. Person standing wearing fishnet stockings and black shoes with backside visible (nd)
119. Man in black suit sitting on grass with woman in a white dress with food and a case on ground beside them (nd)
120. Woman in knitted hat, jacket and jumper standingin a cage holding hand up to a black bird (nd)
121. Parade of military band along a street with drums and pipes in front of black gates (nd)
122. 2x men and women in ceremonial white robes and head coverings - smaller print in front of buildings - larger print at Stonehenge, moving away in single file (nd)
123. Two men walking across a wet pavement with a park and highrise buildings behind them - dressed in jackets with broad white collars and carrying coats and suitcases (nd)
124. 2x two men in ceremonial military uniforms leading a goat down the street in front of crowds behind barriers (nd)
125. Asian woman with patterned shirt standing in tall grass (nd)
126. Wedding - man with long hair holding his top hat - groom holding his top hat and holding bride's hand coming out of a church (nd)
127. Remembrance Day - three women and one man standing under an umbrella in front of crosses with poppies in the ground - one woman holding a white cross with a poppy (nd)
128. 2x people with a large metal wheel - 1 shows 4 people pushing wheel and 1 person walking in front - 1 shows 4 people pushing wheel (nd)
129. Old woman with bandanna on head and loop earring, holding right hand near face (nd)
130. Asian couple - old woman sitting on step in front of door with hands on knee, old man standing leaning against doorframe holding walking stick (nd)
131. 2x - Soldier in ceremonial uniform being brushed by another soldier in a yard with a third soldier standing nearby - Lieutenant Shaw who led the Kings Troop into their display - Royal Tournament (1980)
132. Man in long black coat and black hat with hands in pockets walking past a stone building (nd)
133. Large group of policemen blocking road (nd)
134. Old man in black suit and bow tie with medal around neck sitting down next to woman in black and white dress reading with framed pictures in background - Royal Academy Dinner 1 June 1992
135. Man in gumboots and check hat sitting in folding chair next to woman in gumboots and white hat, at the entrance to the British Horse Society Tent (nd)
136. Shooting party near water - man and woman standing with walking sticks, man with shotgun, two dogs, and a man in a hat (nd)
137. 2x Man with flag, white gloves and medals - 'Standard-bearer with the Colours of the West Indian ex-servicemens' Association outside Westminster Cathedral' - (used 8 June 1986)
138. 2x Two women in nightclothes standing over a sink under a window with stained glass - Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital for Women (nd)
139. Old couple sitting on a log in a field, man with black cap and left arm around woman, woman with knitted jacket and hat, both with sticks (nd)
140. Woman in black and white gown and man in black suit and bow tie and cigarette sitting on stone bench with picnic between them and basket on ground (nd)
141. Number of people in evening wear standing around talking on the grass in front of a stately building (nd)
142. Man in top hat and spotted waistcoat with thumbs in pockets standing in the opening of a tent with sign on the left 'Private Dressing Room' (nd)
143. Woman wearing hat with flowers sitting on a folding chair with handbag, book and piece of paper in her lap, on cobbled stones with gravestone in background (nd)
144. 2x - Man in white hat, sunglasses and white apron with cigarette leaning against a wire fence (nd)
145. People sitting at tables outside cafe [Brasserie] left to right - woman standing, man and woman seated (all looking at camera), man and woman seated (nd)
146. Woman with scarf on head standing holding baby, woman seated with back against wall holding baby wrapped in white cloth, on footpath (nd)
147. Man in white shirt, hat and shorts with a cane in right hand and bag in left hand about to cross street in front of a pub [Horse?? and Groom Inn] (nd)
148. Woman with blonde hair and black and white patterned top looking up to her right, sitting with three men near water (nd)
149. 2x - Man in black coat, boots and top hat, sitting on bench with paper in his hand, market stall in background - Alec Gifford who performed his One-man Dickens show at Covent Garden yesterday - 20 July 1985
150. Man in dark jumper and light trousers and glasses lying on footpath, woman in light jacket walking past with back to camera (nd)
151. Two punks in studded jackets standing in front of a metal doorway, one holding bags in his left hand - 'Punk and Leering Punk' (nd)
152. Man in white overalls with P.C.L.S.U HT SQUAD 1980 RAG written on back, carrying a dummy dressed in white overalls, near shop with Action at Marjaday written on window - Students of London Polytechnic Rag in aid of various charities (1980)
153. Group of five women in front of a frame on the wall, second from right in black top and patterned jacket and skirt leaning along railing (nd)
154. Three men in black hats lining up with backs to camera in front of signs reading 4'-SELL4'- under betting (nd)
155. Woman with cloth wrapped around head and half painted face covering eyes and nose, looking to her right (nd)
156. Man with walking sticks and two dogs walking along lane in front of cottage - Martin Moss and dogs (nd)
157. 2x - Four men in military uniforms carrying metal boxes between them across a park - Queen's Birthday Salute (nd)
158. Four men standing over table, centre man in black shirt and glasses, left hand in pocket [Observer Composing Room] (nd)
159. Man with black hat and light coloured coat with papers in right hand, man behind with cap and glasses and both arms raised - (OBS 110796)
160. Two men in dark overcoats and cigarettes in their mouths, leaving The Greenhouse Champagne Bar (nd)
161. Man in dark suit, white scarf and dark hat juggling in front of a stone building (nd)
162. Man in dark shirt with one large stripe, cowboy hat, sunglasses and long sock, woman with white cap, balloons, and bag with Animal Crackers on it, standing in front of metal railing at water (nd)
163. 2x - Woman in striped shirt and white shorts, man in jeans with arm around cut-out figure of Ronal Reagan in a park (nd)
164. Man in hat sitting on rug with no shirt on, clothes and shoes on grass beside him - Sunbaking, The Lido, Serpentine (June 1973)
165. Woman in hat and glasses, eyes closed, child with her head on woman's lap looking at camera with book resting open on her head - Bible Way Tabernacle, Lewisham (nd)
166. Old woman in black skirt and shawl, umbrella in right hand, walking across grass - Glyndebourne (nd)
167. Woman asleep on bench, white hat, left leg up on bench, striped bag on ground at right of photo (nd)
168. Two women walking down street, both in skirts, right hand woman with arm around the other, left hand woman with handbag in left hand (nd)
169. Man in dark suit and tie with pipe in mouth, carrying helmet and jacket, standing in front of motorbike waiting to cross street, second motorbike on the right (nd)
170. Man in dress kilt sitting down tying up laces, bag on ground next to him reads Moss Bros (nd)
171. Back of man crouched on ground, black jacket has picture and word Jesus written on it, camera lense hanging from waist (nd)
172. Man in black and white striped shirt and white shorts lifting a bag onto his shoulder with his back to the camera, another man walking past on his right (nd)
173. Man with one leg and crutches in long black overcoat, looking in shop window at hampers - Christmas shoppers (nd)
174. Doorman with back to camera with top hat and white gloves standing in street in front of open umbrella (nd)
175. Man in shorts, no shirt, running across park looking at camera, trees in background (nd)
176. Woman sitting in chair kissing forehead of baby standing on her lap (nd)
177. Young man lying on large inflatable pillow with boy in striped shirt climbing on (nd)
178. Old woman in hat and flowery dress playing violin with music stand in street, busking (nd)
179. Bearded man in black polo neck jumper and beret seated looking at camera with man in dark overcoat with two fingers against his face seated behind (nd)
180. 2x - Woman in black and white check jacket, glasses and white hat looking at camera, man in hat with video camera, woman in white hat holding film camera to her face (nd)
181. Two women in street with handbags looking at woman in doorway in flowered housecoat (nd)
182. Old lady with flowery hat bending over to smell flowers at Chelsea Flower Show (nd)
183. Two young boys with backs to camera standing at railway station platform with man behind them pointing to the right (nd)
184. Elderly man in wheelchair with cane and bag with Barclaycard written on it, woman in white singlet top and sunglasses standing behind (nd)
185. Old woman in white dress, black gloves, white hat and cane standing infront of a stone bench seat and urn (nd)
186. Couple sitting on floor at Waterloo Train Station hugging, man sitting on Umbro bag (nd)
187. Three old women sitting at a table with cutler and cups set out (nd)
188. Man in white shirt with arms folded across chest, child playing near window, kitchen in background (nd)
189. Two men without shirts sitting at a folding tables in the trees [Sicily] (nd)
190. Boat on water with one person and umbrella in it [Sicily] (nd)
191. Sign on a coast reads 'Muff's Bar' with Union Jack flag and two umbrella's (nd)
192. Woman in shorts and hat with bag slung over her shoulder and glasses near her mouth, looking to the right of the photo (nd)
193. Three men in flat caps leaning against a wall with wooden crates in front and two umbrellas against the wall (nd)
194. Man with cap that says Gulf States and holding video camera leaning down to old man in military uniform - tourists (16 July 1992)
195. Group of people looking up at a building - one man in black and white striped shirt, a woman in cap holding video camera - tourists (16 July 1992)
196. Three men lying on ground in front of a large number of backpacks piled against a building - tourists (16 July 1992)
197. Asian woman in glasses standing next to a Queen's Guard on duty - Buckingham Palace or St James's Palace - tourists (16 July 1992)
198. Group of people walking away from the entrance to an old building [church?] with a square tower, some people sitting on the grass (nd)
199. Showing a building with a number of metal balconies with an old couple standing looking out from centre balcony (nd)
200. Dog sitting under an umbrella with a bucket on a beach (nd)
201. Man in beret sitting on deckchair reading a newspaper next to a woman sitting on a deckchair - Nice, France (nd)
202. Man in rowboat with dog in bow - Regent's Park (nd)
203. Man in striped pants and overcoat looking in glass jewellry case with woman reaching in to case - shopping in South Molton Stree (nd)
204. Man in suit walking with woman in black top and pants and feathery hat - Alastair Forbes - (nd)
205. Nun in white robes with baggage standing against wall next to two men in black suits with caps - sign says Hotel bookings British Rail [March 1977]
206. Man with eyepatch playing accordian with dog at his feet and a stand with a statue of an angel on it (nd)
207. Woman with short hair wearing striped shorts and with a black bag sitting on step next to another woman with beret reading (nd)
208. Man in dark suit next to older man in greatcoat with glasses and woman in dark glasses and white coat, other people looking at them (nd)
209. Old man with backpack pulling another bag and carrying small dog and cane walking along footpath (nd)
210. Man sitting on bench at railway station with jumper pulled up over his head (nd)
211. Man and woman with back to camera, man in white shirt and black cap pulling luggage, woman with cane - Waterloo Station (August 1989)
212. Man with dreadlocks, black shirt and loose light coloured pants walking next to man with white cowboy hat carrying plastic bag (nd)
213. Man in white hat and black suit standing next to a box on legs, with a ladder and clock nearby on grass (nd)
214. Man in hat carrying newspaper in right hand standing behind a metal chain-link curtain - Shopkeeper, Amalfi Coast, Italy [1954]**
215. Woman with afro, shawl and black boots leaning on railing near road (nd)
216. Group of people - woman in centre with black and white dress and matching headscarf - Reggae Sunsplash 'Pop' concerts - music - Selhurst Park (7 July 1984)
217. Two men dressed in black with rope tied around their upper bodies and masks and blindfolds over their faces - signs in background read in part - 'Abbas'; 'execution'; 'Iranian patriots' (nd)
218. Group of people listening to musicians play in a church or cathedral (nd)
219. 2x - Man in bowler hat eating icecream standing next to man in bowler hat and monocle eating a bar, standing in front of sign that reads 'Towry Law' - Royal Windsor Horse Show [1984]
220. Man with no shirt sitting in park next to bag, radio and bike (nd)
221. Man in black and white shirt and black jacket with arms raised and eyes closed standing in front of picture of Christ's Last Supper (nd)
222. 2x - Man in white cowboy hat walking down street carrying bag and pulling suitcase (nd)
223. Nurse in uniform of striped shirt, white apron collar and hat, looking down (nd)
224. Man in white turban carrying briefcase, woman in dress with hand raised to her hair, man with rolled up newspaper in right hand (nd [late 1970s]) (2 copies)***
225. Woman in white sleeveless top holding binoculars with arm over man in dark suit reading newspaper - Jehovah's Witnesses at their International Assembly, Wembley (July 1969)
226. Man in cloth cap and scarf carrying hot drink in right hand about to cross road (nd)
227. Woman in beret and coat carrying sign - 'Urgent Our Crown Right! Get Common Market Exposed in Our Law Courts' (nd)
228. Two old men in military uniforms and caps sitting on bench in front of tree with footbal field in background (nd)
229. Old man in cap with cane leaning over old woman sitting a table - sign reads 'Pensioners Heating Petition' - Albert and Lily Newman (pensioners) collecting petitions in the Portobello Road [17 October 1976]
230. Man in dark suit and hat with hands in pockets walking down footpath of terraced houses - Ashford Street [potteries] (nd)
231. Two men in suits, one holding hand of young girl, looking into gaps in wall - sign reads 'Satellite Communications a glimpse into the future' (nd)
232. Three men standing on a bridge with arms outstretched holding hands (nd)
233. Four young women in straw hats, centre one knitting (nd)
234. 2x - Man shaving (nd)
235. Woman sat at cafe, coat over shoulders, looking down, man in suit standing in doorway behind her (nd)
237. Two men sitting on a train, one reading a newspaper, one with a [cello] case [London Underground] (nd)
238. Man in suit and caped coat with cane walking up stairs, large pot plant on the left (nd)
239. Woman in dark hat with flower on it and smoking, sitting next to woman in jacket and long skirt (nd)
240. 2x - Camargue horses, France - one print shows four people one horse riding past a dwelling - one shows five people on horses riding through sand past two upright logs (nd)
241. 2x - Final exam Oxford - young woman in gown with rose on shirt, (nd)
242. Two old women and one old man sitting on bench with croquet mallets, (nd)
243. Mother's Union, woman holding banner reading Stalbridge with figure of Mary and Jesus on front, [early 1980s]
244. Woman in skirt sitting on the ground, two others walking past, one pointing at her (nd)
245. 2x - Old man kneeling on ground with record player and family photo, begging/busking (nd)
246. Man with net in field with pylons in background (nd)
247. Two City of Westminster Parking Attendants, one with clipboard in left hand [St James] (nd)
248. Orient Express - woman in black sleeveless dress and pearls sitting at dining table with waiter behind in doorway (May 1982)
249. Woman lying on ground resting on suitcase, man leaning against pillar holding white hat (nd)
250. Man in overcoat and motorcycle helmet standing next to woman in fur coat and loaded motorcycle (nd)
251. Man standing on top of engine - Traction Engine Railway (nd)
252. Two men sitting on bench, one in striped shirt, one in sunglasses with arms along back of bench (nd)
253. Woman in white head scarf carrying bucket walking up steps into doorway (nd)
254. Man and woman dressed in shorts leaning against sea wall backs to camera (nd)
255. 2x - Two men in grey suits with top hats walking across grass with two policemen in background - second copy has another photo stuck to the back with person in white shirt sitting with feet in water reading) (nd)
256. Man in cap walking through grain crop - Harvest Time (nd)
257. Two men sitting on riverbank with two dogs - Game Fair at Stratfield Saye (nd)
258. Woman in fur coat with black bag and white shoes standing on street (nd)
259. Bearded man wearing 'The Big Issue' cap (nd)
260. Woman in stitched hat with long hair - underneath photo logo of OZ which reads 'Oz Obscenity Trial Old Bailey London 1971 [1971]
261. Workman sitting next to hole in road with large wire loop - ntl: on back of vest (nd)
262. Two men in turbans sitting on white cloth on ground in park eating (nd)
263. Man in military uniform standing on a block next to a horse in front of high brick wall (nd)
264. Woman in dress sitting on bench next to papier mache head with top hat (nd)
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