Ref NoLDG/1/1/103
TitleIn Search of Paradise
Extent1 cartoon
Creator NameGibbard; Leslie David (1945-2010); cartoonist
DescriptionIn a desert setting, Harold Wilson, Barbara Castle and a third man desperately search for paradise. All three are barefoot and their clothes appear in tatters. As we can see, the paradise they seek is very close by, where four men are shown playing and resting in a shallow pool of water surrounded by palm trees. In the foreground however, we see Harold Wilson and the other man arguing about the correct way to go. Wilson, who has arrived from the right with Castle, insists on continuing further left in the search. The other man, who has crossed their path having arrived from the top left of the cartoon frame, suggests the best way to go is back in the direction from which Wilson and Castle came. The latter is closer to reaching the correct conclusion, and yet the direction in which he is pointing is still likely to miss the paradise to which they are all so close.
Access StatusOpen
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