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TitleSneak preview of forthcoming [Anti-Market TU] campaign
Extent1 cartoon
Creator NameGibbard; Leslie David (1945-2010); cartoonist
DescriptionA cartoon with nine panels. The first shows a man talking to a woman [Barbara Castle] holding a Union Jack. With Big Ben in the background between them, he says "Excuse me, madam, I see you've bought Empire". In the second panel, [Castle] points to the flag and says "Why yes! I wouldn't settle for anything else". Now holding a pile of boxes all labelled 'EEC' [European Economic Community], the man says "Well, I'll swap you six untrustworthy woggy products for your one Empire..." [Castle] refuses in the fourth, saying she is "stickin to my EMPIRE", to which another man in the fifth panel adds "That's right" We find seven out of ten housewives agree - It's Empire for me!" The sixth panel begins a song, where a woman with a Union jack shield proudly begins "There'll be two men in my life..." The next two panels show Edward Heath ("...To one I'll be a mother...") and [Georges Pompidou] ("To the other I'll be a wife..."), and then in the ninth the song concludes "And I'll feed them every day on Euro sugar beet"! In this panel, she sobs and she digs into the ground. Behind her is a sign which points to Paris.
Access StatusOpen
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