Ref NoLDG/1/1/139
TitleMonetarist Growth Stalk
Extent1 Cartoon
Creator NameGibbard; Leslie David (1945-2010); cartoonist
DescriptionA man [James Callaghan] stands in the centre of the image with his arms wide, saying 'You can't expect too much overnight - anyway it's heading in the right direction!' There is a plant that covers the breadth of the image that is labelled 'Monetarist Growth Stalk'. To the left of the image there are people tangled up in the plant, including a nurse, professor,a schoolchild and a [farmer]. There is a woman at the bottom left of the image [possibly Margaret Thatcher] who is shouting at the plant and pointing upwards to the man [James Callaghan]. To the right of the image, there is an older woman weeping, whilst dreaming about a cow labelled 'Economy of Compassion' that has a milk stool and pail next to it.

Context: In 1978 James Callaghan reduced public spending in order to encourage monetarist growth.
Access StatusOpen
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