Ref NoLDG/1/1/77
TitleI reject totally his sales technique
Extent1 cartoon
Creator NameGibbard; Leslie David (1945-2010); cartoonist
DescriptionCartoon showing two competing ice cream vendors with differing sale approaches. On the left hand side, a small 'Italia Free 'N' Easy Socialist Gelati' cart welcomes customers below a umbrella saying 'Happy Days'. The vendor, criticising the competition, says "I'd like to point out that although I sell a similar product, I reject totally his sales technique!" To the right stands a larger ice cream van, labelled 'Kremlin Krunch-Time Frozen Liberty Ices'. The front of the van says 'Mr. Whip' and lower down we can see a [red] star and two examples of the hammer and sickle communist symbol. Inside the van, three items are being sold: 'Bureaucratic Bombs', 'Lenin Lollies' and 'Marx Mallow Dip'. The vendor is not stationed near his products, but rather is marching four people, labelled 'Poland', 'Afghan', 'Czech' and 'Hungary etc' towards the van while threatening them with a gun.
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