Ref NoLDG/1/5/142
Title"I take it you'd rather not know what I could throw at you if you vote no in the referendum..."
Date17 April 1975
Extent1 cartoon
Creator NameGibbard; Leslie, David (1945-2010); cartoonist
DescriptionThis cartoon shows [Denis Healey] threatening a 'consumer' in regards to the 1975 referendum. [Healey] is holding a basket of unknown items, however flies are hovering over the basket, which leads to the assumption that the items are unpleasant. The title of the cartoon suggests that this is what he will throw at the 'consumer' if he votes no in the referendum. The 'consumer' can be seen to be attached to the stocks, which are labelled as being the 'budget'.

The 1975 referendum was a vote on the United Kingdom's membership within the European Communities. As suggested by the title of the cartoon, politicians such as [Healey] supported the "Yes" campaign, wherein the UK would remain in Europe. The image could reflect that the 'consumer' felt forced to vote in a certain way in terms of what the national budget and the politicians dictated, and was left feeling dissatisfied with this, which can be seen by the facial expression of the 'consumer'.
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