Ref NoLDG/1/5/143
TitleUntitled [Aircraft and Shipyards Bill]
Date20 October 1976
Extent1 Cartoon
Creator NameGibbard; Leslie, David (1945-2010); cartoonist
DescriptionThis cartoon shows [Margaret Thatcher], an unknown male figure, and [James Callaghan]. They are standing below Big Ben, observing a giant spider labelled the 'general election', that has spun a large web over Big Ben which is slowly pulling it down. Caught in the spider's web is an aeroplane that is representing the 'aircraft and shipyards bill'.

It is possible that the image of Big Ben (as a part of the Houses of Parliament) being gradually dragged down by the looming 'general election' spider depicts how [Callaghan] was losing his grip on political power as Big Ben is moving towards [Thatcher]. The aeroplane that represented the 'aircraft and shipyards bill' appears to be encouraging the 'general election' to move closer to [Thatcher]; this may represent how the 1977 act to nationalise parts of the aerospace and shipbuilding industries, which was a part of the Labour Party manifesto, was met with opposition from the industries that it affected.
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